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  1. Name: ANON142943 Comment: Yeah you guys are full of shit. Fuck off guys. Clearly staged. **IP Would be traced to the Los Santos library**
  2. congretuletions everyjuan haf fun
  3. Rest in peace Pat. I remember back in oG, we both met in FD, and you really got me into that RP, which brought me to where we are today. Thank you so much man for everything, fly high bro. I'll miss ya.

  4. (M)'s riding bikes asking around if you wanna buy drugs, almost even to cops.
  5. We are full! No more need of staff. ((L&A))
  6. The brand new fine dining restaurant CREED is looking for experienced and well-inspired kitchen staff! If you feel you got the experience, and want to work with us, please send me an E-Mail, ((Forum PM)) or give me a call at #5867! We hope to hear from you!
  7. Username: ANON12369 Comment: Bro fr theres a reason why cops are being more brutal than they should be. Y'all assholes should get a life man, stop staying in their way.
  8. I'm up for renting it. Please send me a message.
  9. I am interested. Please send me a private message.
  10. Someone that has been really special to me for a good while. And fucking memer. Yooo wassuup!
  11. There should be a way if you could share assets like apartment or cars without the second part needing to be online. Would be working much better for couples and such, or best friends so you can spawn it yourself. I know it might be buggy, but it's a suggestion.
  12. Trucker robberies happen alot here aswell. Ask our employees m8. I say +1 for this.
  13. You might want to update it...
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