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  1. this char too crazy for the gang scene on hold for now.
  2. ok miggs but where da thread at
  3. with all due respect, I don't see how you can suggest something for the illegal rp scene if you have no experience in it. we have enough OOC drama with PK wars as it is, CK wars will only make it worse and a lot more illegal factions will disappear and refuse to play. no.
  4. RufioCas

    S/S Playboys 13

    s/o centi yall keep going hard
  5. I dont play anymore but I know my boy miggs got this on lock best of luck
  6. Bold to claim other factions have less standard than urs, "standards" is subjective not objective if u can structure this thread in a way that its less assaulting and more constructive maybe ppl can take it a little more serious
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