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  1. Noted! Will be in touch soon hopefully. Buyout set to $200,000.
  2. Selling this penthouse apartment in Little Seoul Top floor one bedroom unit w/ large area for entertaining & modern kitchen & amenities. Everything pictured. Perfect for those who like to have parties, and who like to entertain large amounts of guests. Please post contact details/bids below if interested. Starting bid: $100,000 Buyout: $345,000
  3. no one id rather be in isolation with ❤️
  4. so fking sad. At least Brad is eating good noodles every day. Free dontez caldwells #1 homey
  5. didnt blur my # out smh. glooks JUSTIN!!!
  6. Selling my Declasse Burrito, it is a base model w/ below 350 miles. Perfect for any aspiring independent trucker! Buyout: $35,000 Call/sms 18983566!
  7. Nathan Macdonald


    wrong section))
  8. Looking to buy an apartment in The Tahitian
  9. i'd offer 150 today, if you still have this & if you'd be willing 18983566
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