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  1. Supporting, currently, it seems as if it forces you to be either unconscious or dead, yet there are a few scenarios in which players would like to RP differently. On top of that, PLEASE remove the freezing camera, it literally has no use and it is so annoying to be in a situation without the option to look around you, personally, it ruins the fun and if I could I would have removed it ASAP.
  2. Exactly, it really depends and I think that this is a decision that the player needs to take, according to the situation. Removing this will drastically change the way that players are currently handling shootouts, I think that this is unnecessary as it will create awkward pauses mid-RP and it'll give a big advantage to the guy who started shooting first, we have to remember that in real life we don't use the keyboard in order to do things like grabbing a gun from the backseat, players here have a different variety of typing skills, you can't expect everyone to write in 90WPM, therefore, the removal of the command will create unfair advantages.
  3. Indeed, I would personally like to see more businesses and not just more casinos/bars/garages, the only problem is that most of the other businesses are not profitable, therefore we are seeing less and less unique business ideas because players are prioritizing money instead of roleplay. I think that the government should be investing in unique business ideas that would actually have an IC impact on the environment of the server, for example, a flight school or a private clinic, those businesses have a good impact on both the society and the environment, therefore, the government should be investing in such businesses and lowering their tax rate, since such companies are expected less income. That would enhance the unique roleplay around the server, which would also create a big variety of fun job options for the players, which I think would attract even more players to the server. I would recommend the administration team to take it seriously and do very thorough thinking about this subject and come to a mutual agreement that would push the server forward, both in the economic term and in the roleplay term.
  4. If this is authentic this must be one of the funniest threads I read here in a while. Anyhow, GTA World is a heavy RP server which uses the RageMP client, it's not a forum for GTA Online discussions, I would suggest you contact Rockstar on that note ?
  5. I do agree with the fact that there is an inflation of supercars/luxury cars around the server, it's a known issue that I face every time on the server and it does indeed loses the aspect of realism, although, I don't think that the solution you are offering above is the correct and logical one. Preventing a player from buying a specific car model because he's "not enough time on the server" or "works at X job" is just unrealistic and it'll instantly drop the quality of RP that this server is trying to push towards. The real issue here is a poor character development which isn't being overviewed nor punished by the administration team. The only solution I can think of is punishment for poor character development. Some may say that the problem is an economic problem, "they get paid enough so why shouldn't they buy a supercar?" Well, that is exactly a poor character development. Let's take for example a bar worker, he can get paid enough, on top of the starter money that he's getting, and go buy a fancy car, that's all before he even bought a house, this is exactly the issue that creates the problem, but I might be mistaken since I have no access to the money statistics of the server. I think that this should be statistically checked by the administration team and they should come up with some sort of a solution, that might be similar to the one I've suggested.
  6. Exactly, some sort of an off/on-duty system should be implemented, and specific taxi-meter price ranges should be set. I rarely use taxis but the one time I used it last week a taxi driver was charging me $1000 for a 3-minute ride, completely unrealistic and creates useless arguments that you'll never see in real life. The system that is suggested here would improve the taxi system, enhance realism and with a fair and realistic pricing system on top of that you've solved the whole thing.
  7. Limma is killin' it with the car videos. Thanks for sharing!
  8. I can see the logic behind your idea but it really won't change anything in my opinion, quite the opposite. If my memory serves me correctly, there was a long discussion about CK in connection to crime, also some sort of a "solution" but it was denied in the end. I really can't see any solution that could balance the amount of crime in the server but, that's what it is right now and to be honest, I don't think it needs a change, after all, it creates a lot of roleplay for both sides.
  9. SupSupreme


    Thank you very much for sharing!
  10. Supporting this big time. The dark web system that you are suggesting could add a very unique roleplay to the server, not only it will make it one of a kind but it'll also enhance the illegal roleplay in the server and it would be interesting to see it work. On top of that, the new supplier status can add really good roleplay to the server although there should be a certain way to spot these fakes, this shouldn't be too easy and not too hard, it needs a balance so both sides can enjoy a fair roleplay (law enforcement and the supplier/user).
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