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  1. Why not make a system in the phone as a application that you need to open to see Ad's like Selling vehicles ETC maybe make subcategories. For places like restaurants and clubs another app like What to do in LS or something similar I absolutely hate my screen being green most of the times during roleplay missing people's Me's or voice lines I don't think we need a green text popping on our screens every three minutes. If person is looking to buy a certain car he could like search for it in the app on the phone or type in keywords also...it could save ads that are active. For example I post an ad about selling Sultan and until I log off that ad could be in the database like so you don't have to spam your ads just post it once who needs it will find it. Or something similar.
  2. Isn't it possible to add a wheel shop? and add new model rims like new cars? Just a thought.
  3. Here is a stock buffalo without the big obnoxious bumpers. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/stock-bravado-buffalo
  4. Anyways back on topic I found this gem aswell from GTAIV https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/bravado-feroci-custom-add-on-tuning-liveries
  5. The Honda NSX, marketed in North America as the Acura NSX, is a two-seat, mid-engine sports car manufactured by Honda. ... Honda committed to the project, with the intention of meeting or exceeding the performance of the then V8 engined Ferrari range, while offering reliability and a lower price point.
  6. Here's another find Dinka Nexus like Infernus from GTA SA https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/dinka-nexus
  7. Also some cars are missing the pictures I've noticed.
  8. Coupes Vapid Uranus (ADDED) I have not managed to find this in any dealership in game you got any insight on where this is sold?
  9. Nagasaki V-RS Same as Nagasaki carbon RS only with option to colour it. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/nagasaki-v-rs-add-on
  10. I really like this suggestion if it's not focused on 1 language. I in real life speak 3 languages used to speak in 4 I don't think that there should be limit what your character can or can't do in realistic margins of course. So I think if I want to speak 4 languages I can. I had a lot of people saying I power-gamed my character knowing Russian but in fact I actually role-played learning Russian in course of 4 months and on wards. It started with my character saying "[Russian] No license no Brum yes?" to more adequate sentences like "[Russian] Can't drive with no license" and still the character is learning Russian language as my character is Italian American knowing Italian, English and Spanish <- Cause Police work in Alderney state. I speak in real life in these languages freely. Russian. Latvian. English German - Don't speak anymore but still can understand some of it.
  11. Short description: Make commands /reportstolen and /reportfound PD only commands. Detailed description: I believe these commands should be restricted to the police or sheriff only as in it will increase the role play between police and civilians. So civilian would call in 911 about a stolen vehicle and police unit would come to the civilian taking all details in account getting description of the vehicle possible thief description. It will be more immersive if a police unit show up to take statement report vehicle being stolen and report it on their database. Maybe add a MDC slot of stolen vehicles where all /reportstolen vehicles reported by the police would be shown and who reported it stolen. Commands to add: Move the /reportstolen and /reportfound to Police/ Sheriff commands. Items to add: . Maybe add a MDC tab so you can easily view over the stolen vehicles all at one with color, plate, make and model. How would your suggestion improve the server? It will be easier to track down stolen vehicles, people can't evade police in masks and say someone stole their car if they haven't reported it stolen themselves by the owner. Avoiding evading charges on terms that their vehicle was stolen since they can do /reportstolen themselves. Additional information: Over all I think it's a simple suggestion that will make the server feel more lively with more interactions between different classes of civilians and goverment.
  12. Please yes! This is I don't know why this has not been revamped yet. Like We have new dealership system why we can't have a moding system that's not from GTMP
  13. Archix

    License Plates

    I would suggest the actually Cannon places of Rockstar universe like Vice City, Liberty City, Alderney. etc.
  14. Archix

    License Plates

    I would love to see this added to replace 50+ plates that are the same as first 5 If I would make a character from Liberty City I could have Liberty Plates on my car. Tho I think that Insurance should be universal so no one has idea of making his car use Liberty Plates and drive without insurance.
  15. Please yes I want a watch since GTMP ? But if you could make it not gender specific that would be awesome cause I want some black Tactical divers some more manly watches. cause female ones are too boring. https://wiki.rage.mp/index.php?title=File:Prop_M_6_20.jpg https://wiki.rage.mp/index.php?title=File:Prop_M_6_3.jpg
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