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  1. Redgie's RP on SA:MP about 11 years ago, god damned time just flies and flies
  2. You mean Portuguese....
  3. Linux

    FIFA 20

    It's the same story year after year, the game dies after TOTY is released and the holidays end ?
  4. I was going down to a garage today and I thought: "why not have specialized garages, instead of every garage being able to service anything from a Faggio to a top of the line super car?" I think this would also help combat the abuse of scripted features. Just an idea.
  5. There's quite a bit to do in order to improve mobility realism, in the sense that not everyone owns and or uses a private vehicle 24/7 in most major metropolitan areas, unlike LS in its current state, where everyone owns a sports car or two and buses were a mirage last seen in 2019. I think this would be a nice step towards changing the paradigm.
  6. To put it simply, yeah. Although this game is packed with a lot more features, modes and a different approach to swat 4's old fashioned gameplay (this one is a lot more streamlined and intuitive/responsive).
  7. Portuguese and spanish folk music @ a Tuna Académica over here, playing different types of percussion and singing baritone.
  8. Probably the only job that hasn't had its legs cut yet, fully supporting this.
  9. People, for the most part, seem to be following the Non Disclosure Agreement regarding the closed alpha, which is good to see, and hopefully means they respect the game enough to keep it unspoiled.
  10. Such is the case in most county jails throughout the US anyway. "The duties for deputy sheriffs vary by state but may include maintaining county jails, acting as security in courts, investigating crimes or accidents, and issuing warrants."
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