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  1. Username: MenAce95 Comment: what a dumbass. "the state should not have the right to kill human beings." its what the state does lol. even without the death penalty, they gonna keep killin ppl thru other means. she should stick to cookin.
  2. Potentially there can be a surge in beach RP, I've been seeing more events at the beaches, which is delighting to see. Apart from that, I'd also would like to see more marine RP. Both can give a boost to tourism RP.
  3. Username: 50_cent Comment: its hella hard when you are a racist redneck. #fuckcliffordhunter **The IP can be tracked back to Miami.**
  4. You can try relogging. That fixes the problem for me.
  5. Username: NightRider Comment: look at deez racist and sexist ass republicans. they bought votes lmao.
  6. Support. I haven't been a fan of using forum PMs or even Discord as ways to send to IC e-mails.
  7. Username: JaySon Comment: democrat puppet lmao
  8. Username: Rollin Donation Amount: 3000$ Comment: wish you all da best
  9. Username: Brownie Comment: fuck dat racist mf clifford hunter. redneck looking ass bum. his company sucks dick.
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