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  1. I like this. Not only does it give a tad to the legal side, but also the illegal as fronts for operations, money laundering and so on. I have always been a fan of things that will give to both sides, and not just one. +1
  2. KC.

    Objects [GAME 4/5]

    Would make some interesting RP both for the legal and illegal side +1
  3. /rpm /qr both are really good - +1
  4. I support the silencers. Extendo, never been a fan.
  5. Doctor. Vadim Khrushchev Russian-Chechen 40-50 year old psychologist
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  7. KC.

    Movladi Noukhayev

    SHOOTING IN HAWICK SUBURB By Chris Hamilton | Octorber 10, 2017 Early Sunday morning was the residents of Hawick waken up by multiple gunshots from a Semi-Automatic. The shooting occurred in front of block number 813. The chief of police mentioned that on a CCTV could see that a masked individual was shooting into the house of Mario Abramovich a well known drug dealer in the neighborhood. The house was investigated, and one kilo of heroin were later confiscated from the Abramovich household. The residents in the area is shocked by the event which occurred in their small comunity. We managed to talk to one of the nearby residents who's name is being concealed for her own good. The elderly women told me that these types of events never, and that she hopes it will be the last.
  8. As MalteseWolf said your tone is not good. But it doesn't take away the actual suggestion, and I'm supporting this.
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