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  1. How selling house on grove for 1m+ is perfect? Same w houses in Sandy, etc. It makes absolutely no sense from IC point of view.
  2. Just remove these: 0 days to 2 weeks : You cannot sell the house. 2 weeks to 1 month : You may sell the house up to 1x MP + furniture price. 1 month to 3 months : You may sell the house up to 3x MP + furniture price. (Ex. MP = 150,000 FP = 55,633, SP = 50,000 - Highest buyout = $555,633) 3 months to 6 months : You may sell the house up to 5x MP + furniture price. 6 months + : You can sell the house at any price you want. Allow people to sell houses for 1x MP + furniture price, max. This’ll stop people from flipping property and you won’t see any crazy unrealistic prices anymore.
  3. Nobody cares about your DM/shooting montage videos in a faction thread. People would rather see roleplay than a video like that. Oh, and also factions, who spend half of their time making menyoos, usually are terrible at rp and portrayal of their concept. Just my unpopular opinion.
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