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  1. Username: Lullabyeee Comment: Throwing stars around like confetti. The acrylics were gorgeous last time. But Sofia's working miracles with the lash extensions. 😍 Rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  2. Okay so there definitely are way too many people who say mate & lad & literally play themselves as British characters in LS. Or they let those words slip. BUT.. if you want people to be roleplay being bothered and shocked by being robbed, that's not gonna happen if they get robbed often, realistically it's another day in Juarez to them with the ridiculous crime rate. As far as women saying dude & bro & people speaking 'younger' and more casual than you think the character would be, that's not up to you chief, go touch grass. The west coast is full of people who don't grow up. And people who are 25-35 years old now have been saying dude/bro and half the other stuff long before some little 14 yr old gangbanger learned to speak.
  3. This community never ceases to amaze me. Realism 10/10. Happens all the time in a first world country. Should have been reported but they'd probably be given 5 warnings anyways before learning anything.
  4. Actual in-game interior design companies do rp out the contracts. Sometimes there's two mappers working on something and they might rp among themselves. But a lot of the work that you want to see roleplayed only makes sense to contract out to a construction/renovation crew and it's not something that the designer would do. Also, rping with yourself is not fun for anyone, specially if you are already pouring all your energy into the mapping itself. You are allowed to map oocly & get paid for it because it's heavily dependent on what character slot you buy donator/furniture slots on and NOT whether or not the character is an interior designer. It takes real money, energy, creativity, and some projects take countless hours, sometimes weeks, sometimes months. Comparing it to a script job people grind away at is actually ridiculous.
  5. Selling a beautiful, professionally renovated apartment in the southern half of Morningwood. Two bedrooms, one bathroom, spacious living room and kitchen. Washer/Dryer included. Sprawling floor to ceiling windows, marble accents, and more luxury to be experienced. Building has amenities such as a patio, pool, driveway, and garage. Exterior https://imgur.com/a/0QNF5I3 Interior https://imgur.com/a/VM6SENW (( )) Starting: 420k Bidding Increment: 10k Buyout: 820k All offers will be considered; seller holds rights to decline any sale.
  6. When's the funeral? We got a couple thousand seats? ..no it's not dying at all no matter how many times people have said it's dying. At worst, people are out catching up and living life as things open back up.
  7. Since the test server didn't have server data of pre-existing safes (or at least didn't let me tp to mine), I don't know how the update handled converting any cash people have already stashed in their safes, into the new physical cash. This could pose a problem if they had too much cash to properly fit in any remaining inventory space in the safe. but I did find this: /safedeposit & /safewithdraw are still commands, but they don't work though since you have to /spitem with the cash. Taking money from the safe via the menu only lets you remove 0 or 1, and 1 withdraws all of it but that could be intentional so you don't have to tap 10,000 times. The hourly paycheck printout only tells you the paycheck, how much it taxed you for it, the total, and nothing else. It didn't say if it taxed you for your overall assets or how much that is, like the current system that sums up your cars, property mp value (but not the furniture cost), any cash in properties, but not cash in safes. Will the new system only tax paycheck income and not count dirty cash?
  8. This, It's reasonable enough for them to be using fake IDs and cards to rent a car and then do something illegal in it. The server's problem is that the cars completely vanish and there's no consequence, nothing traceable, and no investigation into who rented the car from the rental company, no documents to inspect (the ones scanned and kept for record), and no CCTV of the person who walked in to rent that car. A good fix for this is to randomize all rental car plates and log character names with the specific car rented, as something PD/SD can access if they open an investigation into who rented the car. And then they can PM the person asking if they used fake names or their own picture in the falsified license. Obviously, they should keep the proof of the rp too.. I have to guess that 70% of the people using rentals for crime right now aren't doing anything more in depth than an emote about renting a car using a fake ID. And they probably don't have an actual fake ID item for it either.
  9. Most people end up voiding or blaming it on desync. And it's true, desync exists, streamer problems exist, lately I don't see some cars until they spontaneously appear down the block and FLY past me. Anyways, some people just don't know how to roleplay car crashes, injuries, and insurance. It's ridiculous but I've seen people get sued for money for the 'repair work' due to a car crash, when they had insurance. That is the exact reason an insurance company exists. If your car hits another person's car, your company covers the damages. But instead, some people demand money and I've seen some sue the other driver instead of rp passing their insurance details along accordingly (and no I don't mean actual insurance fraud schemes) And also, some people hate the hassle of medical roleplay if it was an intense accident. It ties into another problem - some of the RP the EMTs print out and the information they ask for is so in depth and precise that it leaves regular people wondering what the fuck is going on. Not everyone knows what your blood pressure, heart rate, and vitals would look like following certain injuries and accidents. Some people can make it interesting, some are just printing out information they were taught, that offers little value to anyone else at the scene. And then, not everyone knows that the force of a specific car accident would do to your car. Sometimes they argue about it ADAMANTLY even if they're wrong and a rear-end hit would not total both cars and result in everyone being blown into a coma. Basically, people suck, desync sucks, no one knows how insurance works, no one agrees on what the injuries/damages might be, most people don't know the in-depth details that the paramedics print out to us (or ask from us). It's no wonder people hate car accident rp.
  10. It's just a note. It's not even a warning, it's like a "hey this guy has been nicely told not to do this already so escalate it if they keep going." The only downside is that it used to be visible to you also, but it got hidden to admins only. More people would be careful about not breaking those rules again if they knew it was a flag on their history. Instead they take a slap on the wrist and go on thinking it's not there and they can get away with it a few more times. ...lol? Asking a company what they have saved of your personal data(name, location, etc) is not the same as asking a server to show you what your unofficial admin history is.
  11. People like options. It doesn't hurt to keep it around at all. We specifically asked to keep the old menu available..and we've been asking for the old hair salon menu instead of the CEF one forever also.
  12. Green/yellow means keep going. Red means stop like a stop sign. Some cops go off of outdated information and pull you over for going through a green. It's dumb but you can deal with it IC and clown them for not knowing their own traffic code. Lights used to be synced but I'm not sure if 1.1 changed it. The driving test we have already is wrong, outdated as hell, makes you drive up a parking garage for no reason, and no one's updated it for some reason.
  13. Absolutely necessary. I've seen plenty of people get completely demotivated and lose tons of hard work they put into their characters because of this. More recently, an active business that was opening, but some of the previous were employees kicked as it was handed to a different owner. And someone who was active and rp'd on their property but not specifically inside the house. In both cases, it was yanked without prior notice, and they did not get it back after reaching out. Another case, someone who was renting the property to ic friends, so the property was active but not by the owner. Again, yanked without prior notice. You need to push for activity or request an explanation before just yanking it. That's just decency. I'm not against the 2 week to 1 month inactivity timer, if you don't log in at all you're kind of accepting that. But the recent questionable property removals have all been manually done.
  14. We've changed sites like three times already and lost nearly all our data each time... And with every single change and update, the site's performance was great for about a month, and then slowly died. Guess we're here again. How do we make it so that an entire re-work like this wouldn't be an exact repeat and break down in a few months?
  15. Everything Alysssa's said is valid here. Stealing cards is not a get-rich-quick scheme and unlike being being robbed of cash, the card holder will likely get reimbursed for the money by their bank/credit card company the second they flag the card as stolen, IF your transactions go through at all. This even happens in the case of card skimmers: once you flag a withdrawal or charge as fraudulent, the bank's investigations start and the victim usually gets their money back within a day or two. Most banks instantly start calling/e-mailing/blocking charges over a few hundred dollars - not even CLOSE to $1k. Also in the event you do rob a debit card, you need the pin #. And if you don't have a way to make an instant transaction inside a store, the victim could give you the wrong pin. And if you steal a credit card, you might need the zip code, which they could lie about, as well. If you try to be sneaky and buy crypto with it and vanish, you'll have to fill out tons of info and verification measures (like selfies holding their license) and so that's not an option either.
  16. Yes please. We lost a few hairstyles like that one with the bangs, and the neat bun and sidebraid. But don't overwrite all of those other hairs listed. You only need to replace a few, like the female cornrow variants that are rarely used. Also, several of the new hairs are duplicated. The dupes could be replaced with the extra styles.
  17. This sounds great in theory but also could could cause a lot of imbalance. Yeah, it sounds like another tool for detectives and more fun rp for forensics. But for the rest, it could be damning. There are plenty of times that you could end up accused of something because you get shot in a crossfire, or get forced to shoot someone because they drew on you first and escalated something like a psycho. Now what? Your character catches a case/prison because they defended themselves from someone who makes throwaway DM characters back to back. The same problem exists now, if you get seen or caught with a gun matching the bullets/casings of a shootout. But it’ll be a lot more common if blood is added.
  18. Short description: Undo the recent update that makes the server save your health even after a relog or /changechar. Detailed description: Just undoing this feature, because it ignores several bugs and problems that can lower your health. It's also bugged (affects other characters) Commands to add: N/A Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server? Undoes this recent change. Honestly, the game itself is too prone to random damage like tripping over props, falling due to disappearing furniture, and misclicks, for this feature to be useful in any way. People who exploit /changechar to fix their health after a shooting are already breaking rules and I've heard this damage is logged and visible to admins anyway. Additional information: One of the last updates pushed this: "Health will now save on your character, if you relog or use /changechar you will spawn back with the same health" Now, this sounds great. I understand, people abuse /changechar to reset their damage after a fight or getting shot. It's exploitable. But this change completely overlooks the following: Misclicks. How many times do people get punched out of nowhere? You can't even keep count. Cars. Using /vget or /fixveh sometimes LITERALLY brings your car down on top of you. Sometimes the driver opens the door and the game physics decide that door will fling you 10 feet for no reason. Tripping over placed furniture causes damage sometimes. Like jumping over that one annoying chair might ragdoll you and make you take damage. Furniture disappears while you're furnishing. Sometimes even after the furniture is done, the interior reloads. You may spontaneously fall anywhere from 5ft to 20 stories depending on the interior's location. Sure, you can use /fixrevive if it kills you, but sometimes it just injures you. You'll be chugging water bottles. On a side note: it's bugged. I tripped over a prop and took some damage earlier. I swapped to a different character, and it took damage upon logging in. Changed character to another one, it ALSO took the same amount of damage upon logging in.
  19. It's way too cold currently. I understand that it's desert weather and much colder at night, which is why it dips to the 40's, but it feels excessive. During the summer there were only a few days I recall it hitting above 90 during the daytime. And the rain definitely shouldn't be 20 minutes here and there. If it rains, let it rain for the whole day/weekend. It's not like Florida where it'll rain every day for a little while, it's not the UK. Rain comes in waves or not at all. Minor things to pick at but if there's any changes to be made, that'd be a start.
  20. Kanjos and the cars with the anime liveries bug me to death. It's totally realistic for randomly souped up cars to exist in LA or anywhere else, even in the poor parts of the hood where they DO spend all their extra money at the "is this potentially stolen or made in China?" auto shop. Trust me, even the neons aren't outrageous, they sell the kits and other stupid modification kits at the same stores. I've seen butterfly doors on a 2004 Ford Explorer. People will take nice cars, classic cars, even basic looking cars and absolutely destroy them with gaudy modifications. It's realistic and terrible.
  21. I think you're forgetting how many things still take money from on-hand instead of your bank. Pay-G phones, Ammunation, gas, convenience stores, clothing shops, furnishing, and some parts of the mechanic modding menu (locks & paint used to take on-hand cash while everything came from the bank) Literally everything that most people would use cards for now, we're forced to use cash instead. Giving cash physical weight isn't a solution, it's just a reminder that we still have to pay on-hand cash for stupid things. And robberies would absolutely go out of control, like they're not already. People try to rp one in 20 seconds with 1-2 emotes and cry about stalling.
  22. Yes please. Sound would help. Also there's currently no way to /bell or /knock on a multi-interior door as far as I know, and that'd be a good addition.
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