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  1. Leave me your phone number and I'll contact you during the day.
  2. Noted, will be sold to you tonight if no other bids, unless a person who offered buyout contacts me.
  3. Noted, leave your phone number and I will contact you in approximately one hour.
  4. Professional designed interior in Alta, 206 Occupation Avenue Apartment has one bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom. Parking space is included. (NO GARAGE) Market price: $105,000 Furniture cost: $60,000 Starting bid: $200,000 Current bid: $0 BUYOUT: $350,000 Offers below $200,000 will be ignored Minimum bid raise is $10,000 Viewings are possible, send an e-mail to request viewing. Pictures:
  5. Beatrix


  6. I agree on paying tax, but not high enough to make people grind. Also there should be a way to avoid tax somehow for illegal roleplayers.
  7. I'm trading nicely decorated small trailer in Sandy Shores for a house or nice apartment located in Los Santos, other properties will be looked into as well, send your offers via e-mail or comment down below. I'm not looking to sell it for now. INTERIOR PHOTOS:
  8. I understand that, just saying that having max price on 500k doesn't mean it's worth 500k, while another property is worth that much.
  9. This doesnt make sense if you're trading something with the same market price, but different value. For example max value of apartment is 500k (100K MP and 200k furn) and max value of another apartment is 350k (100k MP and 50k furn), this doesnt mean that apartments are worth that much though, its just a limit. Maybe apartment for 350k is worth and the one for 500k is not worth that much, or the location is not the best and so on.
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