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  1. Very much interested, are payments acceptable?
  2. @FearnR will be taking control of the Cartel Icly from here on out.
  3. Hello all, Denturius here. I wanted to put some effort in for someone who may be the most relaxed person I know, yet while being so relaxed he still works to no end. I am of course speaking about @Ikechukwu. Hands down, he is by far one of my favorite admins, and that does pain me to say because I love a lot of the admins here. Ikechukwu however is always right on the spot as soon as an admin is needed, and gives up much of his roleplay time to help the community. And, as someone who has never gotten to meet him ICly because of this, it's a real shame and the best thing. I'd love to give this man the RP he deserves, but at this moment I cannot. What I can do is say this, he's great. I mean, look at this scenario alone, my boat was flipped over by a small error on our part, my friend was in the front, did an anim, and next thing we knew we were face in the water, feet on the ground. He came to the rescue, helped us out, then proceeded to doggy paddle his way to shore to answer forum reports, complaints, and requests. Thus the next issue occurred, I spawned my boat and it got stuck. Guess who was there! None other than @Ikechukwu, my hero in our time of need. We had fun, and it was mostly due to his presence. My main purpose in this is to give a good thank you to a great admin, so thank you Ikechukwu, your name makes us smile even though we can't pronounce it. 10/10 this man deserves a promotion Enjoy your night, and keep doing what you do. :)
  4. The initiation of Tayvion, the new bar: Baratas! And Carson's new toy! https://imgur.com/a/avFD4 Due to the lack of love for the imgur posts, we will be switching back to the original way, one picture, then a reveal content for the rest! My apologies for being indecisive as of late!
  5. A very big thank you to The Mafia Crips for becoming our newest ally! Hope you all enjoy the content! https://imgur.com/gallery/saHt5
  6. Will be starting a new formatting for the posts we make, we will be using Imgur from now on to prevent spam. Albums/galleries or whatever they are called will now be based and titled as they day/week they happened. If they have enough we will make a private collection for events that happen. Including the creation of the Syndicate!
  7. Due to my lack of ability to take screenshots, I will be posting on behalf of Mercedes Bayers AKA @Warshock. As well as some additions from Lincoln Logs (Lincoln Johnson) AKA @N9ne. A large thank you to them for providing these: The Induction of Treyvon Kingston The Man... The Myth... The-- Obese?
  8. I will try to fix it when I get home, thank you for pointing it out to me! :)
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