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  1. No fucking way. I'm Duncan Steel.
  2. Very cool, Sidar. You continue to raise the bar.
  3. no problem . looking really good !
  4. Thread

    Character emails?

    You just make one up.
  5. Then I'd agree. I just think roleplay, no matter how "serious" it is, extends to other mediums just beyond text.
  6. To call voice-based servers not roleplay servers is some pretty weird gatekeeping. It might not be your vision of what a roleplay server is, but others disagree.
  7. greytide worldwide
  8. These people will never have to go apartment hunting ever again because of how rent free they live in some of your heads. I agree with what you're saying, but holy fuck.
  9. Duncan Steel on NGRP. Thread/Threadstrong on LSRP.
  10. It's not an easy game. Play as an assistant for a while before you jump in any other role. You'll never master the game, so just pick a role/job you want to learn and focus on that.
  11. Come on. Really? This is what you're going to say? She doesn't understand how serious of an offense prostitution is because she's a beat cop?
  12. Stop being bitter that you likely won't see any snow in-game.
  13. Just sell drugs like any other modern American entrepreneur.
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