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  1. If no one else beats your offer within 24 hours send me an e-mail.
  2. FOR $ALE! 🌇ELGIN HOUSE - FLOOR 12, ROOM 1🌇 🖼️Pictures:🖼️ ((https://imgur.com/a/mJ53vgS)) ((OOC information:)) ((https://imgur.com/oGp1Ru2)) ☎️ Contact details: ☎️ Email: [email protected] ((forum PM)) Bidding information: 🛒Starting offer: $400,000 🔨Buyout price: $600,000
  3. Looking to purchase a bar/club/lounge in the city or a place to set one up. Please send me an e-mail to [email protected] ((PM)) with your offers. Best regards! ♥
  4. Looking to sell. But send me an e-mail with more information.
  5. Starting bid: $230,000Buyout: $380,000 ALBUM ((OOC INFO))
  6. I'm offering an Apartment in Spanish Avenue and I would add some cash on top for it.
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