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  1. Username: One_Eye Comment: Word? Watch your mouth before you get wopped on yourself homie, where you from?
  2. Definitely in support of removal if it's truly a rule, we have a forum section for a reason, so any cross character metagame is easily punishable.
  3. Username: DownAssSkin Comment: homie's gonna hit the tier head first after the comrades throw him off the top floor. slime brain style.
  4. shoutout @Netsrac for the cover image
  5. Edgar "Cyclops" Boon is a former Hawick Satanic Skin, now a member of PEN1 (Public Enemy Number One), who was recently released from Twin Towers Correctional Facility after charges brought against him and his associates (Kyle Brock, Weston Stigers, and Ian Whitaker) were dropped. Edgar Boon is commonly seen associating with high ranking members of the various Skinhead and Peckerwood gangs found around Vespucci Beach. During his time in TTCF, Edgar Boon was a "Shotcaller" for Pod A, participating in race riots, targeted car removals, and the sale of contraband. After his release, he's moved up in the hierarchy, with the Satanic Skins falling under the purview of PEN1, expanding the abilities for recruitment into one of Los Santos' most prevalent and dangerous prison/street gangs.
  6. username: getwithit comment: oink oink piggies, have fun mopping up your friends
  7. Torpedo is on deck ready to roll.
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