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  1. Hello everyone, As some of you may already know, we recently banned multiple players who were already given many chances and unbans due to rampant metagaming & toxicity with other members. Following this ban, a massive wave of doxxing, insults, death threats to multiple administrators of my team and myself happened, including regular players who used to be friends of this group. To show you how mentally ill they are, underaged women have been doxxed and their picture photoshoped with cum by these people. My own information are public, it is a risk I've always taken when running this community as we unfortunately always have to deal with players who are coming from everywhere in the world, every cultures, every issues. Some of you have difficult lives and GTAW is an escape of joy, some of you live in countries where paying games is considered a luxury and enjoy playing with us free of charge, some of you just enjoy playing GTAW and live a balanced life outside GTAW. Unfortunately, in the hundreds of thousands of different players we see each years, we always attract a few that are driven by hate, toxicity, anger & focus all their life on GTAW due to most likely their own real life problem, which leads to them doing their best to make others suffer through online communities they're part of. Having public information with these people is always a risk, as at any moment they can flip and release their massive anger at me or any other members of the community, leading to doxxing or worse. I have accepted the risk, my family has accepted the risk, but I do not allow my administrators or any other players to accept that risk by playing on GTAW. There is a red line that is never to be drawn for us and it's doxxing, doing so will obviously lead to a permanent ban without any chance to appeal. However, there are various red flags that leads to these mental breakdowns, and it's also our duty to make sure we can identify these red flags. I have personally failed multiple times in identifying these flags, as I always had faith that any player could change and grow up. I gave these players a second, a third chance thinking they would become better. Everytime I was betrayed and backstabbed, and I consider this my own failure to the members who were doxxed the past days. On GTAW, we never cared about reaching the highest amount of players, but I always did care about every single players and small issues, hence why my Discord Messages have been opened the past 4 years, despite 200+ messages per day, a kid, an IRL job, a wife, I am still here answering them everyday along with developping and doing my forum answers. I never had time to play on the server I created and I regret it very often. Since we never cared about reaching the highest amount of players, it also means that we're not affraid of banning content creators or players who own discords with 500+ members. We knew that when banning this group they would use their 500+ players discord to massively attack, spam and trashtalk us, and that it would result in a loss of players. But quality & making sure everyone in the community doesn't have to face toxic players matters more than everything else. We have banned more than 15 players part of that doxxing group the past days, and they all moved to communities which welcome'd them with open arms, let them massively attack everyone of GTAW and did not ban them when they shared doxxing pictures as many of you witnessed. These communities should be ashamed of themselves, but they have been running on our banned garden for years now while remaining non-launched failures & donation scams running from the hate of GTAW. I am personally honored to know that other servers focus more about GTAW than their own development as it shows how much our work the past 4 years led us to being the only community everyone speaks about. Starting from today, we'll now be applying a 0 tolerance policy on toxicity. It is a rampant issue that all games are facing, but I cannot accept it on our gaming community. GTAW is a niche made of passionate players who love a kind of roleplay that is extremely rare nowadays, and who value quality & immersion. This should all bring us together toward more positivity, and not negativity & toxicity. Ingame, forum, discord insults & harassment will now lead to quick permanent bans and I invite everyone to report toxic players using our common courtesy rule. All administrators will make sure that the toxic players are not welcome'd here anymore. This is not my job, this is not any administrator's job, and we do not need to come back home to toxicity or even worse. We may take a toll in our amount of players by being stricter with toxic players who do not necessarely break roleplay rules, but I dream of coming back everyday after work to a positive server where all players actually play together instead of playing against each others. And most days my dream is already fullfiled, thanks to the many supporting and thank you messages I & administrators receive, or just by seeing you all play and enjoying the server. But this is not enough, I did not do enough. This situation a wake-up call for me. After this message, we will be closing this chapter and we will not be mentioning these people ever again, nor the community hosting them. All of them deserve to be forgotten and will be forgotten very soon. Any players supporting their actions are free to leave immediately.
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  2. Hello everyone, I don't know if some of you remember me, I wasn't gone for that long, but I'm MrsHamster, long standing member of this amazing community, and today I need your help IRL, as a person, not a player. I have a niece in Russia named Viktoria, only 8 years old, and she was recently diagnosed with Syringomyelia, a rare development of a fluid-filled cyst (syrinx) within her spinal cord. Over time, the cyst can enlarge, damaging her spinal cord and causing pain, weakness, and stiffness, among other symptoms. Currently, the cyst prevents her right leg from growing and weakens her right side of the body. She walked on her tip toes short distances until last week, where she couldn't walk anymore and received a wheelchair. Soon, she won't be able to use it at all. Since she is growing now, the risk for further complications is growing too, which means we have to treat her as soon as possible before it's too late. The experts in Russia said the condition is rare (only 9 other cases in Russia) and they do not have the experience to treat it. The only solution is to undergo treatment and surgery in Israel. After a consultation with a pediatric neurosurgeon, Professor Jonathan Roth, it has been recommended to bring Victoria to Israel and treat her here, as soon as possible, in the tourist clinic at Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov). The entire treatment, including the surgery, will cost about 40,000$. She will arrive on February 16th and start treatment there, but we can't even dream to afford it. This is such a big and amazing community, I saw how much good we can do together over the years. The charity events, the welcoming spirit, the way we come together as a community when one of us needs help. I'm hopeful that this time we can help the girl as well. If you're skeptical, which I know in our times we all are regarding these things, I'll say that this post was approved by Nervous with all the documents checked. I wouldn't have risked my name here and my and my families' personal information just to pull a scam for a couple of bucks. I'm genuinely just trying to help my already struggling family to save my niece without absolutely crushing. Thank you for reading this far, and I hope that together we can help save a child's life. Edit (09/MAR/2022): The campaign is over. I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone! Thanks to your and good people's amazing help we were actually able to collect the entire sum. Only the GTA community donated almost 4k USD which is significant. My sister and niece arrived to Israel on February 17th. It was a huge hassle involving a lot of Covid related bureaucracy, loss of baggage, complication of medical condition and just a long trip. Despite it all, they managed to arrive well and begin the medical examination. So far the doctors are confused and curious. They never seen a case like that where the cyst in the spinal cord doesn't even explain the symptoms, no one knows why it's there and what causes the symptoms. We did a bunch of tests, including a genetic test, and now waiting for the results. If the test comes back negative, they'll perform and exploratory surgery to look inside and search for the cause. What we do know now is that the only way to recover and walk again is by another orthopedic surgery on her legs. Edit (01/APR/2022): The tests came back negative and the surgery took place yesterday. They performed an exploratory surgery to find the cause for her symptoms and found another cyst, that didn't show up on the MRI, that was pressing the spinal cord and was most likely the cause for everything. They removed it and she's slowly recovering now. Thank you all again, it wouldn't have been possible without your generosity. Here's Viktoria prior to the surgery, saying hello and thank you 🙂 I'll keep you people updated!
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  3. Let me preface this by saying what I really shouldn't need to say; With that disclaimer out of the way though, let me get into the meat and potatoes. There's a very huge issue with balance that is being completely ignored in favor of a harmful mentality of cops versus robbers roleplay over realism in general. I do not speak for myself on this matter, I am writing this as a consensus for a very large group of friends and fellow players who have grown jaded and completely disillusioned with how utterly one-sided this server has become, and is continuing to become. Nearly every update is for the benefit of either Law Enforcement or Criminal roleplayers, with those QoL updates for the neutral side of things such as the Economy Update coming with some sort of price-tag. I have played on GTA:W since July of 2019, in all forms of RP: Illegal, LEO, Security, corporate - I have a character that directly benefits from the crime rate as a journalist. I am not speaking from inexperience when I say that the server, as of right now, is the worst it has ever been for anyone who is not roleplaying as a law enforcement officer, gangster, or a member of an organized crime group. The sole exception to this are those who log in solely to go to a nightclub, dance for a few hours, then bounce to the next. Those with blinders on don't count, as they're not the demographic on the server here to roleplay neutral characters that have actual development put into them. But for everyone else: We're out of luck, in every sense of the phrase. Make no mistake: This is not me shitting on illegal roleplay as a whole. I desperately want to see a GTA: World with an overwhelming abundance of good criminal roleplay. Those of you who are good criminal roleplayers know who you are. Your characters have development, feelings, they feel fear and shame for their actions, and they co-exist among the populace just fine. Many factions fit this bill, and the character stories section is full of these fantastic examples, yet the community is becoming more and more marginalized and split, even on an OOC level. Discussions such as these turn into shit-flinging competitions because it would "negatively impact" one side or the other, without consideration that there should be no sides. It's become almost entirely impossible to realistically portray a normal civilian doing normal civilian day to day things. You can't hang out in public unless you're in a big group, or you'll get kidnapped or robbed. You can't really open your business without a security guard of some shade present or some sort of dubiously legal muscle, as there's become a higher probability of being mobbed upon by a street gang for questionable reasons and having it written off as 'realistic behavior'. Squads of fearless fourteen-year-old warriors prowl the streets in blacked-out sedans with automatic firearms, waiting to jump out on the first unwitting individuals they find trying to go for a walk. Street performers don't exist because they'd get mugged every time they try to set up. Believe me, I have tried. The only place you're even remotely safe from any of this is across from the bank in Pillbox Hill, and even that's a toss-up recently. How are we meant to portray our characters, then, other than becoming shut-ins and living in fear of the third-world levels of street crime that have absolutely no end? Law Enforcement can't really do anything to stop it, and aren't always on to begin with. If a neutral character attempts to run away from MASK_1234_ABC, it's considered poor fear roleplay. If a neutral character uses their CCW to defend themselves, it's considered poor portrayal, because they should have just 'gone through with it'. But after the eleventh robbery or time being chased down by a gunboat- who wouldn't? How exactly are we meant to have our characters treat the abhorrent crime rate? Ignore it and move on? When even LSFD are overwhelmed with how bad it is, how are we as civilian roleplayers meant to treat it? Taken directly from the IFM census: The suggestion is always to 'take it IC and get your law enforcement to step it up', but LEO factions get so cucked with what they can do and swamped with work that that's a non-suggestion. I've been in one for a year, and have now left because I couldn't justify continuing to roleplay a police officer in a place with more deaths per capita than an active warzone. Crackdowns can't happen (Yes I know about the Chamberlain raid, first one in months), because it would be 'unfair', even if they're warranted and the parties being raided were being reckless enough to warrant it. Districts don't seem to matter in the slightest in regards to how horrible the crime has become in Los Santos. Rockford Hills is just as bad as Strawberry, the only difference is how far the Buffalo full of MASKs needs to travel to get there. There's no such thing as robbery-free zones; when a suggestion was made to IFM to propose one be established along Portola Drive and at Legion Square, it was shot down with the response that it was "realistic" for there to be this much crime anywhere on the game-map whatsoever, with articles linked to about the sparse robbery occurring on Rodeo Drive or in Echo Park as justification. Crime-free zones are basically ignored in entirety anymore. Ever since this ruling from IFM, robberies and kidnappings have gotten to a point to where there is little reason to exit one's home anymore, go for a walk - or do anything in public, for that matter. Quality has gone down, while quantity has skyrocketed at an alarming rate. "If a criminal perceives that the risk of robbing a target is too high, then they will not conduct a robbery" is wishful thinking at best, and geography absolutely does play a part in crime- but this was a decision made out of the hands of the community. The fact of the matter is, while being robbed does not take very long, it provides the party being robbed next to no development and is so over-saturated it's become tedious. This is why you don't see many businesses stay in business that aren't either fronted by law enforcement in some manner or somehow connected to an illegal faction- It's simply not worth the trouble anymore. While I hate to agree with ThatDutchPerson on anything, they were completely correct with this prediction in May. It's the new-year and that's exactly what happened. The majority of those who actually care who are caught in the middle are completely unhappy with how the server's going and has been going for at least the past year. Punishments for intentional bad roleplay, metagame, and powergame are light-handed as we're on a "learning server". Not long ago, my character was chased down and attempted to be killed with carbine rifles over stopping at a red light, because the gun-boat that saw them do it thought they were opposition for getting too close to the car they'd just shot to pieces five minutes earlier. The tail smashed their car into a concrete wall, was brake-checked and spun out, and promptly /vparked and /vg'd their vehicle (video enclosed), only to be handed a warning for this malicious behavior. Cases of looting dead bodies are so common, some don't even know it's against the rules. Fistfights escalate straight into gunfights when one side or the other starts to lose. What's the end of all of this, exactly, other than those who aren't involved with the ceaseless street-wars becoming uncomfortable with playing their characters, as many already are? The crime is so bad it's become a meme, both IC and OOC. Los Angeles is not a homogeneous place, it's a veritable city-state. There are differences in districts, every district is distinct- to the point that some districts are considered completely separate cities within the city. Realism should not be pick-and-choose dependent on how it best effects the 'cops vs. criminals' meta - and unrealism in crime impacts everyone, even and especially other criminal roleplayers who get grouped up with those who play the server like an RPG with civilian NPCs. There's another group that keeps getting either left out or ignored in these discussions, though: the monkeys in the middle, those who have noone advocating for them whatsoever. I patiently await this thread being locked after being bombed with toxicity, but it doesn't matter anyway. GTA: World is very unlikely to change for the better for everyone until something is actually done to come to compromise. EDIT: 19 hours in and we get our first few here who didn't bother to read OP and assumed this thread was unfairly targeting illegal RP. Thanks to everyone who have contributed to the thread so far, it's been much more successful this time around than any time before- and it's owed to productive discussion. Hopefully something's done about it for the sake of those who have been here a while, but especially newer players who will get bad first impressions. EDIT 2: It has been 24 hours since the posting of this thread. We have: 183 replies 6,451 views 69 positive reactions to the OP Had numerous great ideas crop up through discussion Had roleplayers from "both sides of the fence" agree there is an issue Had numerous staff members and retired staff members agree there is an issue Great progress has been made, but progress isn't progress unless there is a solution. I anxiously await an official ruling and I hope it's favorable for everyone. This isn't just a neutral roleplayer issue, as much as the thread's about it. Bad crime roleplay/crimegrinding negatively impacts illegal RP just as much, if not more- because it forces an 'us versus them' mentality upon those who are sick of it and assume all criminal roleplay is like this. Make no mistake: that was me a few months ago, until I left PD and tried it out myself. I then realized this wasn't a criminal roleplay problem, this was a shit roleplay problem. Please - for the sake of the future of GTA: W, start handing out harsher punishments for intentional rulebreaks and give us some low-crime or robbery/kidnap-free areas we can RP in. EDIT 3: Response from IFM. Good work everyone, we'll see how it goes!
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  4. Update 2.8.2 Additions @Strobe Added a new system to attach components to weapons : you can use it directly using the "Inspect" option from the new inventory UI by selecting a weapon in your inventory or your equipped weapons (use the magnifying glass), or with /inspect to use it on your currently equipped weapon @Oggy Added new weapons Remington and beanbag shotgun Shrewsbury Stamped Rifle Hawk & Little Navy Carbine Vom Feuer Combat Rifle Smith & Wessons 15 @St3fan[NL] Container system (link feature documentation) Added Container and Safe inventory hotkeys to the Interaction Menu (X wheel) Added show item functionality, you can now show a specific item to another player Improved the inventory UI to be more dynamic Illegally supplied drugs or weapons can now be supplied through crates, zipbags... @Vassilios When shot inside a vehicle, you'll now remain inside it if wounded / dead. https://streamable.com/m7hlz2 Commands to address someone when talking to them. (/to, /lowto, /shoutto) Shooting from within a vehicle now drops casings to the ground (every vehicles except motorcycles has a lower chance of dropping casings than normal shooting) @Rothschild Added the new PD road blocks under the Public Utility tab. Added /asearchf for Admin Object Spawning. [ADMINS] @Nervous Added a new death UI Changes @Exodus Modified /gangsign anims using @.mikey modpack @St3fan[NL] Safes inventories will now no longer load on server start but only once someone is near a safe, this results in a faster server startup. Hover color changes on the Inventory UI to make it more dynamic and make you aware where you are with your cursor. Inventory UI item action menu (yellow options dropdown) now closes once another one opens. Modified meth and cocaine icons. @Nervous Modified the amount of components restocked when delivering trucking components to non player owned businesses in order to create more activities for truckers Modified the mechanic job position There is now a 5% chance for K9 dogs to fail at detecting guns or drugs when sniffing around @Price LEO can now despawn their duty vehicles with /vp Fixes @Rothschild Fixed /gps it now works for Hotel and Multi-Interior properties. Fixed Vehicle Spawning with Vehicle Name Variations. Fixed Ragdoll positioning to mitigate risk of abuse. Fixed /plant checks for weed seeds. Fixed boombox, it now returns to the users inventory on disconnect / crash. @St3fan[NL] Fixed outfit ID errors for uniforms Dimension bug on giving items window via Inventory UI where you would see people in the same interior but different dimension @Vassilios Examining corpses now will show the real name if it's wearing a mask. @BadassBaboon Fixed Utopia Garden houses shining white during night times Fixed Victor Taxi's over bright emissive sign lights for graphics mod users Optimized and fixed textures for the following vehicles, they each now also have around %30 reduction in file size: alamo, bcat, buffalosx, coroner, landstalkerleoxl, leoyosemite, lsfdambulance, torrence, victor and vtbuffaloscpol @Vassilios Fixed a bug where hairdressing slider was zooming and zoom was sliding Increased the range for smart TP entrances for easier access
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  5. long story short but my character fucked on this bad bitch at some nightclub and a week later she started saying that she was about to give birth to my kid... when i asked ooc about it she said she dont have to rp 9 months coz its a game but the fuck i didnt ask for this??? anyone know if this is agianst the rules or smthing coz this shit retarded
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  6. RESULT: MARTORANO PYRRHIC VICTORY You have won, but at what cost? The gargantuan struggle between organized crime giants Gezalian, Manjikian, and Martorano has come to a conclusion with a whimper. With no crescendo, no final blow, and no absolute winner, both sides limp back to their corners to survey the ring. The war was long and bloody - launched a month ago, it has claimed the lives of thirty-seven underworld figures in the city of Los Santos. Gezalian and Manjikian launched the conflict with the hopes of wiping out their rebellious Jovanovic vassal, but Jovanovic's trick was their long-term business partners in the Los Santos Cosa Nostra, or at least those that pledge fealty to Martorano. In fighting Martorano, Wuying Meng of Chinatown took immediate interest - he had little to lose and much to gain in taking the Italians down a peg. The beginnings of the conflict saw both Gezalian and Manjikian away on business in their homeland Armenia while their vassals in Abramov pulled the trigger too soon. A botched burglary attempt alerted Martorano to the intentions of their Eurasian rival - three dead hitmen by the police, snitched on by the vaunted Ronald Ganisa. Omerta was certainly dead if it came to saving yourself from death, but Ganisa would meet his fate by a Fukien hitman while leaving Pillbox Hospital. If not by them, then likely in prison. The offensive party immediately lost the momentum. Now, it was Martorano's turn to strike. Martorano's first strike in the war came against their own. A scout on a rooftop was shot by mistake. These two events would set the trend for the month of violence. Senseless killing in the underworld of Los Santos was nothing new, but this was not just senseless. The trend would soon show recklessness. Gezalian had every intention of speeding back to the United States, or so the Eurasian organized crime circles say. Armenian news noted his capture by law enforcement authorities when he landed in France, some say it was related to an Interpol investigation into money laundering or arms trafficking. Whatever the case was, Gezalian was indisposed. Manjikian, knowing the war had begun and his partner-in-crime had just been seized chose to remain in Armenia, giving temporary command of the troops to the infamous Itay Waknine. Itay, however, soon came to be a lethargic commander. The Eurasian strategy was not unified, intelligence was sparse, and they had operated under the assumption that their success in the war fought only months earlier would lead to further success here. Rallying allies to their cause, they came into the conflict overconfident. However, their allies, promised firearms and intelligence, soon realized neither was forthcoming in the absence of Gezalian and Manjikian. Most chose to withdraw from the conflict. Soon, all that was left was their vassals. Their independent ally in Wuying Meng soon proved to be unreliable when a failed attempt on Wuying Meng's life forced him to flee the states. The offensive party was largely directionless. Martorano's strategy was simple: permit their associates to fight independently in crews while promoting fighting by the Serbs. Later on, the Albanians joined the fray on Martorano's side, much to the chagrin of the Eurasians, who had killed off two such crews in the past. The Albanians, ever resilient, chose to align themselves with Martorano and their Balkan enemy. To them, the Eurasians were a greater threat. The Eurasian vassals operated independently, much like chivalrous knights rallying to a crusade. Fighting piecemeal, each laid individual strikes against Martorano and Jovanovic. Martorano was not content to sit defensive at the beginning of the conflict, taking many kills for themselves. The beginnings of the war was slow, hit-for-hit, with some group killings interspersed. Infamous names soon were laid to rest on each side. The conflict's senseless brutality was illustrated in the Pacific Bluffs shootout, one of the largest organized-crime related shootings in the United States in recent memory. Harkening back to the gang shootouts of Prohibition, two hunting parties stumbled into combat. Spurred on by Meng's intelligence and a set-up, Mizrahi hitmen set upon Martorano. Soon, only one man escaped alive. Eleven dead, and within a week the lone survivor was killed in a drive-by. A large Martorano hunting party composed of button men lay dead, and the two Mizrahi brothers from Israel. Having pledged fealty to the Eurasians, Mizrahi served as a suicidal hit-squad with unmatched tenacity. They paid the ultimate price and will certainly be remembered in Eurasian organized crime circles. Law enforcement attention soon fell on the battles, but with little Eurasians hitmen left, most attention fell on the Serbs. The crosshairs of law enforcement extinguished any momentum either side had, save for a group-hit on Martorano hitmen. After that, once more, piecemeal hits were traded. Perhaps the most daring was conducted by one cunning Serb, lying in wait for three days in the den of the Chinese gangsters, killing an apartment manager with links to organized crime. His target had been Fang, Wuying's wife, but the target was wrong. Soon enough, war began to take a toll on business. Both sides traded arsons, burning down lucrative rackets. Both sides took deep hits to their wallets. Undeniably, their bottom lines were beginning to suffer. Both sides traded equal casualties, both sides lost important lynchpins. Neither side was winning anything. What was the point of all of this? If it was for wealth, their income was tanking. If it was for conquest, both sides lost more territory than they gained. In truth, the war was for status. Both sides viewed the war as a struggle for dominance over Los Santos. But neither side recognized that in their brutality, in their struggle, their vassals wriggled out from under them and began to assert themselves. In the shadows, other organized crime groups began to prosper while famous Martorano or Eurasian clubs were closed because of arsons. Now, new names were being whispered. While they bled, their invisible rivals grew fat off of riches. The winds in the underworld of Los Santos were decisively changing. At the end of the day, organized crime fundamentally boils down to making money. The war reduced both side's ability to make money. But it was undeniable, in combat, that the Eurasians were bested - they had the offensive responsibility, and failed to capitalize. The Serbs maintained independence and Martorano was not dealt a decisive blow. But at the same time, Martorano did not capitalize on their momentum and finish the Eurasians off. Martorano's numbers dwindled, and now they are nothing more than a glorified crew. Much rebuilding must be done as a result of the war. Thus, the war ends with a tactical Martorano victory, but strategically neither side has clearly bested the other. Both sides have come to this realization on their own terms and will certainly not settle it any further in the streets, for doing so would mean certain arrest and RICO trials. Rumors already swirl of indictments. OOC CONCLUSION This was a very hectic and turbulent time period for IFM, and I take full responsibility for the disorganization of the conflict at the very beginning. Nobody steps into this role and knows how to manage a 100 vs 100 player deathmatch. Over time, with the help of IFM, we reigned the conflict in and set strict rules. There's plenty of things we're going to ensure we do if we ever permit another CK war. I won't go into specific details, but obviously... no mask use, strictly no metagaming, and more uniform enforcement of rules. I undertook waaaay too much responsibility in moderating the war alone at the beginning. I thought preparing a huge spreadsheet and detailed CK war rules would be enough for factions to self-moderate, but that soon spiraled out of control. Then, I got help from IFM members @harrison, @honey. and @Naeno, and thank God I did. Both sides engaged in plenty of slapfights with us in IFM, but some of the toxicity I witnessed by some of the illegal roleplayers involved reinforced that we need to clean up this community from play-to-win players. Some of the results below reflect that. I am out of patience with some of the players involved. I have no sympathy if you are upset with the ultimate outcome of the war. The conduct of some of the players involved has led IFM to our conclusions. I was absolutely disgusted by some of the comments made to members of the team helping to moderate this conflict. The people you were insulting are the same people who determined this outcome. You have nobody but yourselves to blame. I understand this is just a minority, though, and the vast majority of the people involved are willing to accept the outcome and were here to have fun. In total... ETOC is reduced to the Gezalian-Manjikian Organization and is in group status. ETOC and their vassals lose supplier status (there was more than one faction with supplier status). Their vassals are now independent and any CK permissions they had are now revoked on their vassals. Martorano retains official but may not refer to themselves as a crime family on an OOC basis until IFM determines suitable rebuilding has been done on an IC level - given the level of casualties they are in a rump, rebuilding state - IFM has set their OOC name to "Martorano Connection" but this may change dependent upon their request The Serbians are reduced to group status due to inactivity and arrests in addition to OOC punishments (only five members had an acceptable activity + numerous other internal IFM reasons communicated to leadership) Meng Shetou retains status as official but exits the war wounded due to the attempt on Wuying Meng, cannot demand concessions The Meng schismatics declare independence and any CK permissions Meng Shetou held on them are revoked Nothing changes for the Albanians - they escape relatively unscathed Neither side shall engage in a war or conflict of any type with the other side for a period of one year. Neither side shall be permitted to align themselves with parties in active opposition to a former enemy. This conclusion reflects the joint committee decision of IFM, approved by management. This ruling shall not be amended. This ruling cannot be disputed with the parties who issued it, and should be forwarded to @Nervous and @Shanks if there are disagreements. Regards, IFM
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  7. thank you, see you guys in the next project.
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  8. i am proposing that we make it easier to recognize british characters so that they can be avoided and we can maintain a realistic LA-inspired atmosphere for those who prefer it. this kind of identification means that these players will eventually gravitate towards eachother due to being ignored by the large number of GTAW players who are tired of seeing these characters on the streets. please be civil and do not flame others for their opinion as i just want to see the server improve thank you. now that it has been made clear that we will not outright ban british characters, the optimal solution is that they are forced underground due to being neglected by the rest of the server. perhaps we can revamp the Los Santos sewers into Little London so that these people can roleplay underground, in peace, without ruining my immersion it could look like this:
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  9. Feature Showcase: Twin Tower Correctional Facility - Rework General Information: Albeit sometimes quiet, the Los Santos Sheriff's Department Custody Division has been working diligently to bring you all a much awaited update. The new Twin Towers Correctional Facilities is based on the real life equivalent of the facility, and we worked alongside the inmates council to propel this project. We would like to thank all those involved in the project, particularly with regards to the remap, including @L I C E and @tired!, for the mapping itself, and @MomoIsHere and @rasbruu, for leading the remap from an administrative standpoint, without which we would not be able to complete such a feat, alongside everyone else that put in innumerable hours into this. We would also like to thank all the players for creating such a unique and enjoyable roleplay atmosphere within the Twin Towers Correctional Facilities, the work and effort that you all put in has massively changed the experience for the illegal community. Any questions or suggestions are to be directed to @Stephen. Within the project, the following suggestions have been implemented: - Double housing in isolation - A new Protective Custody Housing (PC) - More detailed cellrooms. - Segregate minors (will be sent to PC) - Trustee System: a working and scripted trustee system revolving around inmate jobs - Gang Units Investigating Gang Affiliation In Jail - Programs for inmates in the facility - Health Check-ups (contract with PHMC) - More strictness on prison uniforms/clothing (Volume in the CMD for deputies) - A new library - A new mess hall - An entirely new pod area + seperate yards for A and B Pod. - More guard bubbles and staff-areas near inmate housing for CO's to occupy. - A very small workshop room in each pod until the actual workshop is finished being mapped. More things will be slowly added to this new and improved version of the prison in the future, such as a labor workshop, a new version of the showers and a new sally port. The goal is to improve the still existing bits and pieces from the old version of TTCF that made it into this new version. I also want to thank you all for waiting patiently for this long awaited rework. With that said, here is the finished product and also it's IRL equivalent below. Remap: IRL Equivalent:
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  10. Too Long; Didn't Read Additions 80+ new species of fish have been added for you to catch and discover. You are now able to use a tugboat in order to fish through a net. Hourly hot-spots which have a higher chance for rarer fish. More selling spots around the state. Changes You can now fish anywhere with water (except from Los Santos). Removals The current fish will be uncatchable from now on. However, they should still be sellable. Author's Note It is no secret that the current fishing script is dated and not used by many. With the continuous input of certain community members as well as the staff team I have created a new fishing script which will be placed on the live server soon. I believe that it is a good stepping stone for an improvement in marine, as well as county, roleplay and through further feedback from anybody that tries it out it can be improved upon. As you may know; fishing could only be done in a few spots and the fish could be sold in fewer. With this update we are introducing a way for you to fish almost anywhere in the state. More selling spots have also been scattered across the state so you are not geographically locked. On top of that; if you feel like fishing with a rod is not the job for you, you can purchase a tug boat and use its net for bigger returns. However, make sure your papers and licenses are in order as the San Andreas Park Rangers will be out there patrolling and penalties may be issued! (Note: Rod fishing can be done on any boat.) Furthermore, I have received several complaints about the variety of the currently existing fish and how it doesn't make sense for them to exist within San Andreas. By consulting several wildlife websites; I have chosen a couple dozen fish that should realistically be native to San Andreas. Different fish can be found in different parts of the ocean so take your friends with you on a boat and explore! Fish prices change every single day so every single fish is worth keeping around. Command Overview /fish • Allows you to cast your rod, if you are in a suitable location. /stopfishing • If you are currently fishing, it will make you stop. You can also use /sa as an alternative. /castnet • If you are in the driver's seat of a tug, you will lower the nets to begin net fishing. /catch • If a fish is tugging on your rod, /catch will begin the minigame. /myfish • Displays the fish you have on your person and their prices. /sellfish • Displays a random selling location on the map. If you're on the location it will sell your fish. Fishing Methods By Rod: This is the traditional method that currently exists on the server. You type /fish and after a small delay, you have the ability to /catch and attempt to add another fish to your collection! What has changed is that now in order to successfuly capture the fish you have to play a small mini-game. The minigame is quite simple. The fish will move left to right inside the bar, all you have to do is press the SPACEBAR when it is inside the green part and you got the fish! By Tug: You are now able to cast a net while in the driver's seat of a tug boat. Type /castnet and you will receive a confirmation. You can now do whatever you like and after around six minutes you will receive a notification that the net is ready. All you have to do is re-enter the boat and type the same command! All the fish found will be deposited in the boat's inventory. There's no minigame here but after a few net casts, it'll prompt you to move the boat. Note: When you are fishing inside the upper part of the map you get better fish than being on the lower part. Hot-Spots In order to prevent people hiding far away into the sea away from the eyes of the Park Rangers, four hotspots have been designated which can be seen in the map below. Inside these spots you have higher chances of getting fish which sell for a lot more than normal! The spots rotate once an hour and once you enter the current hot-spot you will receive a chat message saying so. Map
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  11. On May 2, I announced internally in the faction Discord that the faction would archive in the near future. This was the result of many simultaneous happenings, including Richard Castellani's CK and the waning motivation of faction leadership/numerous soldiers to continue pursuing the concept. For a time, this was delayed on paper to allow those who wish to continue the concept and/or their characters ample time to prepare. I have had a great time in the faction for about ten months, as have many others for as long as three years. Thanks to all of you who contributed to making Conti what it was, including all 276 pages of history and lore recorded on this thread. @Ohngesicht
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  12. Hey. I've recently taken over leading Illegal Faction Management, and as per tradition, I'll give the regime rhetoric that comes with a new captain of the ship. Bospy remains within the team in as senior IFM to continue to contribute his invaluable knowledge. If you've been here a while you might know about my personal takes in regards to IFM, despite what changes have been pushed, and how there is variations there. I'll keep it "short" and sweet and just get to the point. Transparency / IFM Response / Gatekeeping Transparency as a whole has been historically shit, alongside a long history of gatekeeping and extended delays with responses. In the last few months this (transparency) has been attempted to be bridged, more so than it ever has been before, but we still have a long road ahead of us and mountains will not move overnight. IFM — Noticeboard has been a large step in this, and it is something I plan to keep actively using in order to spread what illegal changes are going to be happening, or happen, or just general information. In regards to supplier applications, yes, I am very much aware that responses and criticisms for reasons of denial are more productive than being aired out. I agree and I always have and it was not my decision to adjust this until now. This will not be something that changes immediately but it will be something that is changed when IFM is able to handle it and when quality as a whole is managed more efficiently. IFM deals with a lot of things, not to discredit any other sub-team as this is due to our own shortcomings rather than reflective of any other degree of work, but we do see a large turn around of work that ends up on our desk which needs to be handled more efficiently than we currently do. Agreeably, half of this is unnecessary work that has been brought upon by ourselves due to restrictions and red tape. I'll be working forwards to start cutting said red tape, as recently seen with removing some restrictions on shanks, fires, etc... We are a small team but we are constantly looking at ways to better and expand, inexperienced hands in the kitchen is how shit burns so we continue to provide internal information wherever possible. Contact me directly via forums if you don't receive a response from something from us, I'll get back to you, my door is open just walk in and state your case. I am working with Web Development to get UCP support so we can streamline all processes and make it less paperwork for illegal roleplayers to exist. That being said, gatekeeping plays a large part in why we have so much extra to deal with. I am not sure where I will start in terms of this, but you can expect to see less being put forward behind barriers in the coming future and previous barriers being broken down. Faction System / Supplier System How factions as a whole work is being discussed within Nervous' "The Great Debate" Discord, this is something you can expect changes around for the benefit of illegal factions. I am not a fan of beneficial NPC welfare in order to appease those who are not here to develop their characters and would rather free handouts and sacrificing roleplay. I am aware this was a large part of the infamous tier system proposed by community members, and posted by myself for feedback, but that is something you can expect to see more of in terms of displaying ideas that are brought up privately. No massive shadow decisions being pushed, discussions, involvement. "Transparency". I will be pleading the case for melee items to be less gatekept within Faction Management. We also want to just increase the amount of buck ass guns on the server, pocket pistols and the sorts. This is currently on ice as we wait for RAGEMP to fix the issue with modded weaponry. Factions will be treated more as individuals for their concept. Unofficial Groups are due to reopen extremely soon, we're just waiting on the conclusion of a discussion via the debate Discord. Drug statistics between June 2021 - January 2022 IFM Requests / Properties / Modding Our IFM — Requests Board is an area for creativity and roleplay that is not possible within the script itself, or to enhance your own roleplay to be pitched. Fraud schemes, theft schemes, drug production schemes, metal schemes, bike production schemes, exporting schemes, and many more. These are open to everyone, we have had complaints in the past regarding these being gatekept also, but I am a firm advocate for unique roleplay, or roleplay that promotes development. IFM Properties will not be gatekept as heavily anymore, factions are free to submit requests for properties that fit their concept if they benefit the faction. We will not be overtaking PM on this however, some referrals still may be made. There will not be a limit (within reason) to how many we will give to a faction. For example, a faction may require multiple mini-shacks spread out for a farm, or an MC with multiple chapters has more requirements than an MC with just the one. The thread is likely to be revamped soon also. Factions will be treated as individuals for their concept and their development in all aspects, not just properties, as much as possible. Modding is my secondary sub-team and thankfully Oggy, Head of Modding, is absolutely on board with bettering the scene for illegal roleplayers. I am working directly with him on the upcoming clothing pack, primarily focusing on adding clothes that will benefit the gang scene but also clothes that can be meshed well with our server-side mods we have for MCs so they have more variations. tl;dr there is a lot of work to be done, a lot of goals to be met and in general obstacles to overcome. I have always been a proactive rather than reactive member of IFM and the team as a whole will take on this approach in due time also. I do not plan on this changing any time soon. My door is open, hit me up via the forums When "The Great Debate" has concluded, there will be a more solid "action plan", for now this is where I'm at and this is what you can expect to see. Illegals on this server will always be my priority along with IFM's, making everyone happy is a pipe dream but concerns will always be valid and considered along with constructive criticism. There is a lot that needs to change. — honey.
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  13. Fighting the housing drought Major changes to the housing market In order to bring back to life the housing market economy, we've decided to apply the following changes to properties: House requests will now be opened for all houses on the map once a month, following a calendar released 3 months ahead for now. We're revamping the property sale limitations for houses (not multi-interior apartments) to avoid punishing players who used their house as their main home for a long time. The new rule will now be : 0 days to 2 weeks : You cannot sell the house. 2 weeks to 1 month : You may sell the house up to 1x MP + furniture price. 1 month to 3 months : You may sell the house up to 3x MP + furniture price. 3 months to 6 months : You may sell the house up to 5x MP + furniture price. 6 months + : You can sell the house at any price you want. We believe that such system will prevent property flipping while allowing long time house owners to sell the house at the value they seem fit. The map.gta.world 4sale function will not show houses for sale anymore, only apartments The inactivity timer will soon also ensure that you've played at least 5 hours on that character in the past 2 weeks (or 1 month for donators) to prevent characters who are just logging in few minutes every 2 weeks to avoid losing their house : We've evaluated that this will free a lot of houses for everyone too without punishing active players. Apartments inactivity timer remains the same as the original : you'll not be required to play 5 hours every 2 weeks to avoid losing it. Everyone will be granted 1 vacation token per year, using /vacation you'll be able to set your account as "on vacation" for 3 weeks, protecting you against inactivity kicks during that period. (You may still contact PM for other issues / longer time, this is just an automated way to do it) House requests will lead to hundreds of new houses being available to everyone, while driving down the prices of existing houses in expensive areas. The property sale limit removal after 6 months will allow lot of houses to be put on the market with their real value in our economy, preventing the current "house trades" that we currently see due to the existing limit, while also preventing players to make easy money from the real estate market as 6 months will be required. House requests calendar for the next 3 months Process First week: House requests will open up and everyone will be submitting their applications. There will be more than one request for a specific house, we've anticipated that a lot of people will request the same house. Second week: House requests will close and we will not accept anymore requests but during the second week we will start our discussions. Third week: Discussions should have finished and you should be receiving some sort of final response. Fourth week: In certain cases where your request has to be discussed further whether there are complications or things that need to be done first before we give that final response. You could be waiting at least 5 weeks before receiving news regarding your house request. Rushing the process, or complaining about it will simply get your request denied instantly. This includes messaging any admin about it. **Waiting long time does not mean you're guaranteed to be accepted. Appeals can also take over a month. You will not receive an estimate or price evaluation. Warning Please do not get discouraged if you get denied and something along the lines of "Someone else has received this property.". We will be going through hundreds of requests and hundreds of background checks including assets, admin history and so on. We will obviously immediately deny those that are not eligible to receive a house via house requests. Eligibility Here are the requirements to be able to go through house requests without any OOC issues unless you're a certain case. Must not have any admin interaction for 3 months. This includes admin jails, bans. Kicks & warnings can be considered if they are serve.(AFK kicks don't count) You need at least 100 hours of ingame activity on your account Read and understand our property rules is a must. Must be active prior to the house request. Your activity, character's criminal activity, assets, roleplay history, past admin interactions and so on will be evaluated. Be ready to justify everything in your request, and if you are denied for failing to do so, then that's on you and we can't do anything about it this phase. You will not be able to sell the property. If you do not want the property back within the first three months of receiving it, you will get 50% back. If you wish to receive it after actively utilizing it past three months, or wish to change the character/concept - you get 75% back. Furniture worth in full. You're requesting it for the character you're on. You won't be able to give it to a friend, a family member, or keep it when you name change/CK. Some admin punishments could mean your house is revoked, especially if it's an RP or asset concern. And finally what you've all been waiting for! Calendar This will show a three month ahead of time and will be in text format for the time being. House Requests open on : August 28th, 2021 House Requests close on : September 4th, 2021 House Requests open on : October 9th, 2021 House Requests close on : October 16th, 2021 House Requests open on : November 20th, 2021 House Requests close on : November 27th, 2021 Calendar dates are subject to change announcements will be made if changes are done.
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  14. Many of you are already aware that we closed Rancho and banned all the leaders. We've been made aware that Rancho leaders (whose faction was closed not long ago) are spreading a Google document to claim that we "hacked" their Discord because we got access to their private conversation with all leaders containing all the metagaming, admin abuses & other rulebreakings. Most of the document contains the evidence for their bans, however they still haven't found who leaked it. @Shanks & I have promised the leaker that we would protect his identity, and this false narrative pushed by the banned leaders is done to force us to release the name of the one who leaked it. Their goal is also to push fear to the administrators & our team by spreading false rumors and doxxing us. It is the second time in less than 3 months that we have to ban a large faction and end up with a wave of false rumors & doxxing happening for weeks after, potentially risking my and some administrators' live by their actions. I usually try to not answer any of these attacks publicly, but since they're massively sharing their propaganda and some of you are falling for the trap, here are few screenshots to show how it went with @Shanks and that we never hacked Captain, so we can put this fake story aside and keep going on to rebuild a new faction with innocent members : @Shanks & I are contacted about a potential admin leak: We then create a group with Shanks, the leaker and another player reporting it with the leaker : We initially don't buy the story since it doesn't contain enough evidence. We are then shared all the evidence you can see in the Google document made by captain, one of the evidence that isn't in the Google Document contains a proof that Captain was never hacked, since we have a screenshot of him actively writing & typing in the conversation while we obviously aren't typing : As for the whole "Rexsmithy" fake story, here is the full context of the screen that was shared. He contacted me the 16/NOV about a youtube video and asked me if I saw it, then congratulated us about closing Rancho : He proceeds to ask me about Sleek, which I answer : I'll be personally filing a police report under my own name for the false claims against Captain, I hope this announcement closes any issues without putting into danger the leaker and that it'll stop so many of you giving credits to rulebreakers who are now left with doxxing as only weapon. I gave my word that I would protect the informant of their metaming group and I would rather be doxxed & having false rumors like this spread against me than seeing his name given to these criminals, this is also why we pushed the initial narrative to them that Sleek leaked it as he was their leader, and we were trying to push the doubts in their minds to protect the informant.
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  15. It's been a blast playing in the faction, after over 2 years of being in it I couldn't have envisioned roleplaying with any other group. It's been a pleasure to be part of the longest lasting illegal faction on the server. Thanks to everyone that played and everyone still playing. Best of luck to @pogoyo leading the faction in the future, great things to come.
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  16. Hello everyone, We've been working a lot recently to deliver a new major update coming next week! 1) Weapons revamp @Nervous In order to make the gun market a bit more dynamic and add more realism to weapons, we've developed a durability system along with the requirement to clean your gun on a regular basis. All guns will now have a specific durability value which will decrease based on your usage : shooting with the gun, failure to clean the gun when needed, dying with the gun on you will all decrease the durability. Once the minimum durability is reached, you'll need to repair your weapon at a weapon specialist. This job will now be available for legal roleplayers who work in an ammunation (still based on requests to IFM). While we add more weapon specialists on the server, everyone will be able to repair a gun for 1-2 months with a gun repair kit which will be removed in the future. Cleaning your weapon just requires a gun cleaning kit that you can buy in an ammunation or any hardware store, when equipping a gun you'll be informed if your weapon requires lot of cleaning or not. If you do not clean your weapon, it might regularly jam during a gunfight. Regarding your weapon's durability, the less durability the worse your recoil will be with that weapon. The update was prepared with the IFM council but we'll be balancing it / making changes based on your feedbacks in the next weeks, the goal is to add more depth to the weapon system & associated roleplay, not to force an annoying system. 2) Recoil script @Static We've developed a custom recoil script that is dynamic based on the weapon you use, your character's age (if you are 14 years old you'll obviously have way more recoil than an adult), and based on your weapon's durability. https://gyazo.com/f9d1e2c471a3c6957720b1e9eba6a034 The recoil values may be balanced in the next weeks following the update. 3) Nametag changes @Nervous Minor characters will now have a (M) next to their nametag to indicate that they are a minor character, as it should be something everyone is able to physically see directly when interacting with your character. 4) Drug purity & metagaming changes @Nervous We've identified a bug which led to all drugs having a purity of 100% when used despite being cut, this issue is now fixed so it'll change quite a lot of effects related to drugs 🙂 We've also fixed a bug which used to show Cocaine (Cocaine) in the drug's name after cutting it instead of showing just the name Cocaine, as some players were using it to metagame cut drugs. 5) Economy update deployment @Strobe As previously announced, we'll be switching to a realistic usage of cash money soon : no more robbery limit of cash money, but it'll also be way less used / valuable than bank money. You'll carry the money directly on you : And each business / players will have a bank account similar to the IBAN system: The testing phase is now over and we'll attempt to deploy it next Wednesday. This update includes a major revamp of our core financial functions which will allow advanced financial scripts related to businesses & related activities in a near future. Remember to put all your cash money in your bank before Wednesday if you want to avoid being flagged later when you'll deposit the money. 6) Dog update @Vassilios We're releasing a major update to the pet script for pets owners, with new additions : Your pet can now sit in the vehicle with you! You are able to display roleplay lines as your pet. K-9s are now able to chase and hold down players. This update also includes various bug fixes related to pets, a full feature showcase will be released soon. 7) Criminal points system changes & evading impacts The current criminal points system blocks long term illegal characters from being able to fully develop their roleplay at some point, whereas bad roleplayers just make new characters every 2 weeks to evade the point system. Our goal with this system wasn't to punish good roleplayers who chosed to stick to their character story for a year or more, thus we'll be pushing a change to the system. Every months you'll now lose automatically 5 criminal points on your character if your points did not increase during that month. However, to fight players evading with racing cars with no impacts - we'll be updating the evading charge to include an incremental time of vehicle seizure if you're charged for evading 2, 3, 4 times (7, 14, 21 days) and cops will be able to request a full seizure to a judge after the 4th time.
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  17. It was one hell of a ride playing Derrick for the past year and a half. I thank my friends in White Car and the Illegal Community around me whom interacted with me and this character for this long. S/[email protected][email protected]@[email protected]@Gaius and many others whom I call good homies, love y'all.
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  18. No Crime Zones & Muggings — Overhaul It's no secret that exteriors are getting less enjoyable for the general population to roleplay within; this has been displayed upon countless threads where we've had to discuss this. For example, the following threads: https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/61801-making-the-city-exteriors-safe-again-for-general-players/ https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/58120-restricting-robberies/ https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/66887-neutral-characters-and-the-crime-rate-whats-the-point/ Rule 12, Crime-free Areas and Rule 10, Robbing & Scamming are the primary rules that influence this massive overbearing increase we have seen in poorly roleplay muggings. By combining ideas from all the above threads, despite not agreeing with them 100% myself, new rule changes have been written. These changes do not benefit illegal or legal role-players, this is to benefit the overall quality of the server currently. Red marks a removal. Green marks an addition. 12) Anti-Crime Zones 10) Robbing & Scamming Black & White Versions: (no colors) Thanks to the staff team & all the players who suggested & reported issues with robberies.
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  19. 8 MONTHS OF THE TRIAD We are very pleased to be celebrating 8 months of the Los Santos Triad. With the Los Santos Triads expanding in numbers we'd like to open our doors to anyone who might be interested in roleplaying within our faction. Anyone interested in joining would have to be willing to portray a serious character and focus on developing said character over time, the character will also need to fit our faction's background. Our faction is open to both legal and illegal characters, or simply a mix of both. We are also accepting characters of a Southeast Asian ethnicity background at this time. Examples of those are Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Cambodian, Filipino, Malaysian, Singaporean, and Indonesian. Please add Gamble#3316 or Bassguri#4856 for more information if you are interested in joining, we hope to see you roleplaying with us soon!
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  20. The Red Devils Background Ninety-nine percent of motorcycle enthusiasts and the clubs they belong to are law-abiding. According to the American Motorcyclist Association. The other one percent consists of hard-partying, outlaw motorcycle clubs such as the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, who claim that law-enforcement officials changed the meaning of "one-percenter" in the 1980s so that the term referred to members of criminal gangs. It no longer referred to only those who refused to live by the rules of society. The Hells Angels still proudly wear their one-percenter patches and claim that they are a law-abiding organization whose members share a commitment to biking and brotherhood. In today's criminal landscape; it has been common practice for the larger one-percenter clubs to hide behind 'puppet' clubs. While it is common for these clubs to butt heads with their overseeing club and switch allegiances regularly; some clubs have completely rolled over to survive. One such club is the Red Devils. In 2014; several chapters of the Red Devils Motorcycle Club were shut down in an overarching operation against Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs. History in Los Santos In 2019, reports from the public and police have pointed towards a resurgence in activity from members of the club. On December 11th, 2019, a known Hells Angels affiliate, Rodney Werner, was arrested on charges of Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Carrying an Unlicensed Firearm, and Reckless Driving. Werner was alleged to have threatened two individuals with a firearm, an unregistered firearm was found on Werner's person upon being searched by the arresting officer. On December 19th, 2019, the charges filed by the District Attorney's Office were dropped. Towards the beginning of 2020, members of the public and followers of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs pages took note of individuals riding around wearing Red Devils colors in and around Paleto Bay and across Vinewood Boulevard. Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow It has been alleged that through 2020 - 2022, the Red Devils have been operating underground due to long-standing tensions between the Mongols Motorcycle Club and their 'leading' club, the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. The Red Devils; further working towards establishing a foothold and criminal network for the Hells Angels in Los Santos. OOC Information The Red Devils will now be actively accepting inquiries to join our faction, we invite you to tell us about the character you are keen on developing by reaching out to @Ohngesicht. The Red Devils does not function as a typical Outlaw Motorcycle Gang, it will be developing in character from where it left off; more so acting as a criminal. Our goals, motivations, and aspirations will be shaped by real-life history/club politics, and mainly; our in character development. You may not post screenshots on this thread without direct permission from faction leadership. Although posting screenshots tends to be indicative of a faction member's activity, I will not be enforcing nor pushing for forum thread activity. By becoming associated with our faction, you give faction leadership the right to character kill your character. (In-game faction or posting on the thread) If there are any questions or concerns regarding the faction, feel free to reach out to @UTOPIA via forum PM.
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  21. Name: Andre Thompson Rank: Lieutenant Assignment: Operation Safe Streets Employer: Los Santos County Sheriff's Department Ethnicity: African-American Height: 6'1" Weight: 185 lbs IQ: 93 Streets: Safe?
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  22. Hey guys, You all know me as the former assistant head of IFM. Recently, I was put in charge of illegal faction management. I appreciate the trust that management is placing in me in this new position. I have plenty of ideas, many of which have been requested for some time. Here's a list of my priorities, this list is not exhaustive. There is no timeline for these changes. Some of these changes have already been executed in practice. Flesh out faction requests I think faction requests are one of our more interesting opportunities here on GTAW. No other server has allowed this degree of creativity before. With this in mind, I want to promote long-term use of faction requests by groups that are creative in their methods. We'll be standardizing rules for faction requests, as obviously we need some sort of in-game illegal action to represent money making. No illegal faction will inherently be forbidden from making numerous illegal scheme requests, HOWEVER, we will develop a format for each faction to make. Each faction will submit a central "hub" thread with their faction's name and then deliver a new application through that thread. The main post shall have a tracker to record each scheme. With the expansion of the faction requests system, we will develop internal roadblocks for "off-map" schemes. This would probably involve a random number generator. Certain schemes that rely on an off-map source of income could result in law enforcement attention, and one of the inherent risks we'd offer is an off-map regulatory agency informing local police. This is all contextual, of course. Reform suppliers Given the value supplied by cigarettes and weapon specialists, IFM doesn't see the need to restrict these applications to a quarterly application system. Therefore, we will be opening these applications on a rolling basis. In addition, our new idea for gun supplier will be to open many small "minor" supplier routes as opposed to giving each new gun supplier a default of 40 guns to start with. This is to better saturate the economy across the board as opposed to having numerous big players deciding where all of the weapons go. Conventional 60-gun suppliers will exist, and a "minor" gun supplier will eventually be upgraded to a "major" gun supplier. Historically, supplier has been abused by people arranging OOC deals. I will say outright I have a zero tolerance policy for our suppliers breaking any rules. From hereon, any violation of rules, up to an including an ajail, will result in a loss of the supplier status. This is a very important and critical role for the server. A supplier wields massive power in who they choose to sell to and who they associate with. Suppliers must set a positive example for the server. With the updated drug script, certain drugs are very powerful in use. Certain drugs, for instance, has many effects other drugs don't have. In order to avoid establishing a "meta" drug, we're limiting the supply of these drugs internally. In addition, we will be pushing to roleplay actual supply drops again. Reform IFM Council The IFM Council has existed for some time but mainly as a vestigial entity that is occasionally used for advice on implementing new systems. I want to see this function expanded. The IFM Council should be formalized on the forums as a neighborhood watch. IFM has always been very much a regulatory body as opposed to a proactive enforcement body. By formalizing the council on the forums, this gives us a great component to help IFM run smoothly. Listed Concepts IFM will likely develop a list of guidelines for newly submitted factions on concepts we will never approve, in this way we won't waste anyone's time. Obviously, for some time we have forbidden the creation of Yakuza or Norteno factions.
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  23. Feature Showcase: Activity Rewards Overview In order to reward your activity on the server and to allow players who cannot purchase items in the shop to still enjoy it freely! You are receiving 5 Panda Points per hours spent ingame, limited to 50 per day. Using 300 Panda Points you can purchase a Pandabox which will contain the following items : 24 hours / 7 days / 14 days / 30 days business blip access ; 3 days / 1 week / 1 month cat - dog access ; 3 days / 1 week / 1 month walking styles ; Permanent outfit slots ; Permanent furniture slots ; Exterior kits ; Name / Phone / Plate changes... & much more ideas that'll be added through the time! Golden Panda (SUPER RARE! If you loot one, contact Nervous immediately) Silver Panda (Very rare too, contact Nervous immediately if you loot one!) Commands Open the I menu, then go in "Activity Rewards" : you'll be able to open a pandabox from here or list your current rewards to activate. All rewards can either be actived or traded for panda points, except name change / phone change / plate change tokens. Marketplace You can receive World Points from other players by selling your panda points on the marketplace : https://ucp.gta.world/vc-market
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  24. LSPD officers block off the scene of a shooting that left two men dead, believed to be a hit carried out by Mieszkowski enforcers against a rival distribution group. By 2021 most of Simon Mieszkowski’s associates had gone underground. Many headquartered their operations in Los Santos neighborhoods long associated with organized crime—most prominently, Hawick Avenue. That’s not to say, however, that Mieszkowski lacks control elsewhere in the city; there are, for example, reports of his lieutenants setting up shop in Morningwood and South Central. The sudden growth in the organization’s operational territory, along with the recent arrests of some of the group's known associates and business partners, leads detectives to believe that Mieszkowski's gang has evolved into a bonafide organized crime group. San Andreas State Police display firearms seized from a suspected Mieszkowski associate, likely collected from multiple out of state strawmen. Though law enforcement officials believe that Mieszkowski is still calling the shots, sightings of the man have decreased significantly. His second in command, Ernest Mosley, handles much of the organization's day to day business. Hoping to avoid arousing suspicion with interstate travel, Mieszkowski sent a delegate from his operation to Nevada in early January to reconnect with an out of state crew primarily comprised of old school OC figures. The trip was a success; in the spring, Sebastian Tamayo returned to Los Santos with Nevada's support. This ushered the group into a new era—one that would make or break them. It was undeniable, though, that they had established a solid foothold in the West Coast's organized crime scene. LSPD officers search a suspected stash house allegedly linked to the Mieszkowski organization. Anthony Rudnik and his pornographic enterprise, Naughty Saints, represent Mieszkowski and his upper echelon's chief money laundering scheme. Rudnik’s arrival from the East Coast and apparent reconciliation with Mieszkowski granted him access to the funds he needed for his venture into the highly lucrative sex industry. Rumors of Rudnik’s promotion are prevalent in federal law enforcement circles, though hard evidence is scant. Courtroom artist's rendering of Mieszkowski's long time defense attorney, Aleksandra Maksimović, representing him in a grand larceny case in which he was later acquitted. The private legal practice of Aleksandra Maksimović has been the go-to for many of Los Santos' underworld figures for years. A talented young criminal defense attorney and political fixer, Maksimović was an easy choice for Mieszkowski, who—like any recidivist—frequently found himself wanting for the services of a dedicated legal professional. Maksimović's track record in court, along with her own connections to the underworld figures in Los Santos, made her an easy pick. The young organization is poised for success. Some say that the group won't be able to maintain its momentum, while others still suggest that diverse organizations like Mieszkowski's represent the future of organized crime in America. Everybody agrees, however, that they're worth keeping an eye on. Leadership reserves the right to character kill any aspiring characters or those currently involved with the faction. Screenshots must be approved by a member. Any questions or concerns can be directed to @metwad or @slick! via a forum PM. All disputes are to be kept off the thread.
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  25. PAIN KILLER “Do not go gentle into that good night,Old age should burn and rave at close of day;Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”― Dylan Thomas
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  26. @metwad Appreciate all the roleplay you've provided and effort you put into the faction man.
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  28. This thread follows the life and times of a group of skinbyrds who work closely with Public Enemy Number 1 (PENI). The best way to join us is by finding us in game and "partying" with the group. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to shoot a message to @meremaid or @Nani mo Iranai
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  29. The Black Car The historical mass incarceration of African Americans was a result of several factors dating back hundreds of years within the united states, from Jim Crow laws and segragationto poverty and racial bias. The Black Guerilla Family, otherwise known as BGF/The Black Vanguard, was an African American prison/street gang founded in 1966 by George Jackson, a passionate activist and Black Panther member. The Black Guerilla family had a clear goal, to promote black power and unity within the United States prison system, they held a self-proclaimed characterization of a Marxist-Lennist ideology, and were a highly organized and militaristic group. The Black Guerilla Family didn't begin as a criminal group, but overtime grew to be one of the most powerful and influential African-American prison gangs in the United States. BGF began to decline in control by the 1980's as various Crip and Blood affiliated gangs began to gain in authority within US prison and jail systems. Although still present to some degree in modern day, by the 90's the Black Guerilla Family was no longer the leading power in many San Andreas correctional facilities, instead being replaced by individual cards. San Andreas holds some of the highest African-American incarceration rates in the United States. In San Andreas state, African Americans make up 28.3% of all prisoners, and 20% of the overall jail population, a number only surpassed by Hispanic prisoners at 44.1%. The 'Black Car' refers to the population of African American prisoners seperated into 'Cards', which are based on affiliation to various streetgangs within San Andreas. In the early 70's, most Crip gangs were allied & striving together making their main opponent the Bloods, which was until the late 70's when a fight broke out with a member from the Rollin 60s and a member from the Eight Tray Gangsters. The fist fight was nothing serious at first being that the 60s & ETGs were close at the time, but the Eight Tray Gangster Crip member had other plans; he pulled out a .9mm firearm and discharged it at the 60s member. Various Rollin 60s members drove into ETG territory asking them to give up the shooter; the ETG member recently hood-hopped so the ETGs were unfamiliar with his face, the 60s took it as they were trying to hide the shooter to protect him, this caused the ETGs and 60s to establish a large feud. This feud being the longest & most vicious Crip-on-Crip war that's still on-going till this day. The feud caused every Crip gang on the Westside to choose a side being the 2x Crips (Deuces/Neighborhood Crips) or 3x (Trays/Gangster Crips) which sparked and established various other Crip-on-Crip feuds in LS. With these 'cards' being established, when Crips hit TTCF they're associated with each 'card' - • The 2X/Neighborhood Crips: The 2X Crips (Deuces) are a long-standing Crip card that's represented by dozens of Crip gangs, being they're 2X Crips they beef with the majority of 3X Crip gangs (Trays) aside from the 4 Pacc Gangster Crips located on the E/S (Aka Low Bottoms). Active Crips who fall under the 2X Crips are, Neighborhood Crips/Rollers (All sets, 20's-100's), West Boulevard Crips, East Coast Blocc Crips, Shoreline Crips, West Coast Crips (Vespucci Beach) Blocc Crips & a handful of others. • The 3X/Gangster Crips: The 3X Crips (Trays) are a long-standing Crip card that's represented by dozens of Crip gangs, being they're 3X Crips they beef with the majority of 2X Crip gangs (Deuces). Active Crip gangs that fall under the 3X Crip Card are, Eight Tray Gangster Crips, Playboy Gangster Crips, Insane Crip Gang (Vespucci Beach), Avalon Gangster Crips, Hoover Gangster Crips, etc. The Gangster Crips are the most spread out Crip card having various Gangster Crip sets throughout all of the US. • The 4X Crips: The 4X Crip card is a less popular Crip card, the 4X Crip Card is oriented outside of LS in places like Vespucci Beach, Paleto Bay, etc. The 4X Crips have no direct enemies that target the 4X card specifically, every gang under the 4X Crip card has their own politics. The most popular Crip gang under the 4X card are the Blacc Bandit Crips located on the East Side of Vespucci Beach. • The Mafia Crips: The Mafia Crips is another large card consisting of several notorious individual street gangs, that originated throughout South Los Santos (South Central). The Mafia Crips can be found in different regions such as South Central, Rancho, and Vespucci. One of the most notorious Mafia Crip gangs are The Main Street Mafia Crips in South Central. • The Hub & Dub: The Hub and Dub card is a close alliance made up from the Carson Crips and West Rancho Crips that dates back to the 1980's. It was formed for gangs under that card to fight along side each other against their rival enemies in the Los Santos County Jails. Some gangs that fall under The Hub & Dub card are Santana Blocc Carson Crips, Poccet Hood Carson Crips, Atlantic Drive Carson Crips, and the Grape Street Rancho Crips. African-American gang members typically retain their outside gang affiliations once admitted into a correctional facility, and associate themselves with one of the various black prison cards. In Modern day, the 'Black Car' doesn't operate like a militaristic prison group such as the Black Guerilla Family, but instead refers to a system of street-gang cards, which have their own card-to-card politics and rivalries. Each card has their own shot caller which dictates to the street gangs under it, and upon incarceration, members of African-American street gangs typically align with one of the Crip cards, or other various cards. • The Bloods: The Bloods card is a bit more complicated and differentiates from the Crip politics, when a Damu hits TTCF they're to choose Kutt or No Kutt meaning if they choose Kuttz they'll have to go under the United Blood Nation (UBN) and drop their original set they were banging outside of TTCF which is heavily frowned upon by other Damu's. If a Damu goes with No Kutt they'll continue to bang the set they've always banged (Piru, Blood, Black P. Stone, etc.) • The Groove-Line: The Groove-line card also known as the Hoover card is a card dedicated to the Hoover Criminal Gang, a large African-American street gang oriented in South Los Santos. This being the Hoover Criminal Gang dropped from their Crip identity pushing the term EBK (Everybody Killer) therefore they claim cK (Crip Killer) & bK (Blood Killer) although they're friendly to various 3x Gangster Crip sets. OOC INFORMATION This faction will be a continuation of previous black prison roleplay in TTCF under 'The Black Car'. All recruitment is done strictly in-character, to join we recommend you align with one of the various black street-gangs on the server. All members of the faction reserve their CK rights for Black Car leadership, and any groups that wish to fall under The Black Car also reserve the CK perms of their members to the card-leaders under The Black Car. Any questions or concerns can be directed to: @MrGoGetta @getmoney @RichRollin9ine0we
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  30. Pearl Mansion House is located on 2057 Vespucci Boulevard, Little Seoul. The complex has been renovated by the Suey Sing Association as a solution to soaring housing and rental prices. There are a total of fifteen rooms for rent, along with amenities such as laundry, entertainment and the Suey Sing Association on the fourth floor. The building itself as above Ji-Ok, a notorious and popular nightclub located in Little Seoul. IC INFORMATION Pearl Mansion House, or Pearl Mansions, has been a staple of the Little Seoul community for many years, unassumingly located on the tangent of Koreatown’s Kowloon Corner; directly in front of the Arirang shopping complex. Originally constructed to service the burgeoning amount of Korean immigrants arriving in the neighbourhood in the 1920s and 30s, the 1948 Supreme Court prohibition of racially restrictive housing policies drove many of its residents to homes in Lindsay Circus and to what is now known as Dream Tower. The building stood largely unoccupied - only populated by squatters and layabouts - until in and around the time of the passage of the Immigration and Nationality Act, 1965. This drove a huge upsurge in immigration from Southeast and East Asia, prominently Chinese, Filipinos and Vietnamese. Around this time the building came into the possession of the Suey Sing Association, who renovated the property, facilitated the mass flow of immigrants whilst clandestinely encouraging and nurturing local youths to commit crime on its behalf. Pearl Mansion House would eventually grow infamous for being the scene of several violent gangland confrontations, though this would do little to stop the tide of Hongkongese and later economic migrants from Mainland China and afterward Mongolia, post-1989. - The L.S. Riots of 1992 also prominently involved Pearl Mansion House, as shown in several newsreels and footage after the fact. In a symbolic display of unity between the Korean business community and the largely Chinese Suey Sing, locals stood guard atop the roof, armed and entrenched. While the building was safe during the course of the riots, it served as a watershed moment for Korean-American and Chinese community relations. Following several high profile indictments upon the turn of the millennium and subsequent recession, the Suey Sing Association gradually faded out of the public eye as the now prospering immigrants decided to relocate to brighter, more attractive pastures - Ginger Street, Lindsay Avenue, Palomino, and even to the reaches of Mission Row’s New Chinatown. As a result, Pearl Mansion House fell into disrepair, with the rump Suey Sing closing its Los Santos office to focus on activities in San Fierro. However, with the ascension of David Wu to the position of Suey Sing Association Chairman for Los Santos, the building was given a new lease of life - renovated, with a new office perched on the top floor of the complex. It has now opened its doors for letting, with the Suey Sing hoping to revitalise and rejuvenate what it calls Kowloon Corner. Suey Sing Association Website: OOC INFORMATION The Pearl Mansions Project is an application-based apartment complex situated in the center of Little Seoul. The complex features a large multi interior lobby along with a common room, maintenance room, laundry room, and a full Pan-Asian association on the fourth floor. Our aim is to bring a more hands on approach to housing in Little Seoul and provide roleplay to civilians and gang members alike, across a large range of Asian-specific nationalities. Although ethnicity does not bar you from attempting to apply here, it simply means the area is predominantly Asian-American and catered towards that demographic. Players wishing to roleplay in the Pearl Mansions complex should note that this complex is aimed at characters who work under or reach the poverty line, along with criminal characters, youth, and first time renters. The complex is aimed at housing Asian-Americans and locals around the Little Seoul area. Our application process is simple, As for the application process, there is no format as a judge of competence and character, but we will afford applicants simple requirements; All applications are to be sent to @tired! in a forum PM and will be judged on quality, not quantity in a round-based style, meaning we will be opening and closing applications as openings come, and it is not first come, first serve but based on the quality of your application and how your character fits this project. We reserve the right to accept or deny anyone based on our standards of quality, complaints about denial sent to Property Management or us will result in barring from future applications, depending on circumstances. For more information or any questions, please feel free to join our discord for the project, which will hold guides and in the case of acceptance, local events and IC details in the confines of the Projects; https://discord.gg/JCMTr3FQQk
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  32. “Et tu, Brute?” It's been an honour.
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  34. Update 2.3.5 Additions Added 47 new vehicles to dealerships, prices & dealerships are detailed below https://imgur.com/a/p0jgHOI (album) Added 3 legal faction vehicles Added SAPR livery to LFMaverick Added Public Works livery to Flatbed3 Added Firewatch lookout towers in Raton canyon, Galileo Observatory and Mount Chiliad dealership_id dealership_name 1 Noun's motors 2 Sea Seagull 3 Fly'Out Helicopters 4 Utilities vehicles sales 5 High End Autos 6 Downtown Autos 7 Bicycles Shop 8 Premium Motorsport 9 LS Airport Aircraft 10 Sanders Motorcycles 11 Sandy Shores Aircraft 12 Downtown General Motors 13 Freight Sales 14 Bilgeco Industrial Vehicles 15 Mirror Park Dealership 16 Mechanic Dealership 17 Taxi Dealership 18 Airport Leases dsv_id dsv_friendly_name dsv_vehicle_model dsv_price dsv_category dsv_dealership_id 440 Bravado Buffalo A/C Buffaloac 104000 1 8 441 Bravado Buffalo Hellhound Buffaloh 182000 1 8 442 Bravado Gauntlet A/C Gauntletac 125000 3 8 443 Bravado Gauntlet V6 Gauntletv6 67000 3 8 444 Classique Tahoma Tahoma 32000 1 12 445 Declasse Alamo Retro Alamo2 40000 2 4 446 Declasse 550SS Ss550 32000 9 4 447 Dewbauchee Vesper Vesper 220000 3 5 448 Dinka Millennial Millennial 48000 1 12 449 Karin Ariant Ariant 88000 1 5 450 Karin Patriot Classic Patriotc 64000 2 5 451 Karin Raider Raider 36800 2 4 452 Karin Rebel SWB Rebel4 40000 9 4 453 Karin Rebel 4x4 Rebel5 41600 9 4 454 Karin Rebel City Rebel6 36800 9 4 455 Karin Sultan Sultan2a 112000 1 15 456 Maibatsu Mule 4x4 Nmule 81600 20 14 457 MTL Tanker Mtanker2 129600 20 13 458 Pfister Comet Ccomet 160000 3 5 459 Schyster Champion Champion 108000 1 15 460 Ubermacht Kampfer Kampfer 56000 8 10 461 Ubermacht Sentinel 2013 Coupe Sentinelp 72000 3 8 462 Ubermacht Sentinel 2013 Sedan Sentinelp1 72000 1 8 463 Ubermacht Sentinel SG3 Coupe Sentinelsg32 96000 3 8 464 Ubermacht Sentinel SG3 Sedan Sentinelsg3a2 88000 1 8 465 Ubermacht Sentinel SG3 Convertible Sentinelsg3b2 96000 3 8 466 Ubermacht Sentinel SG3 Wagon Sentinelsg3c2 88000 1 8 467 Ubermacht Sentinel SG4 Sentinelsg4 120000 3 8 468 Ubermacht Vorstand Vorstand 160000 3 15 469 Vapid Contender Classic Contender3 41600 9 4 470 Vapid Riata Classic Riata3 44000 2 4 471 Vapid Riata Retro Riata4 44000 2 4 472 Vapid Sandking XL Sandking3 56000 9 12 473 Vapid Sandking SWB Sandkingswb 52000 9 12 474 Vapid Sandroamer RV Sandroamer 108800 12 4 475 Vapid Yosemite Ramptruck Yosemitexl 44000 20 16 476 Willard Idaho Idaho 48000 3 6 477 Vapid Sandking Utility Crew Cab Sandkingut 56000 20 4 478 Vapid Sandking Utility Single Cab Sandkingut2 52000 20 4 479 Vapid Sandking Utility SWB Sandkingut3 49600 20 4 480 Vapid Sandking RV Sandkingrv 130400 12 4 481 Vapid Guardian RV Guardianrv 156800 12 4 482 Benefactor Scharmann Scharmann 83200 1 15 483 Annis ZR250 Zr250 136000 3 8 484 Benefactor Scheisser Scheisser 87200 1 15
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