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  1. It was one hell of a ride playing Derrick for the past year and a half. I thank my friends in White Car and the Illegal Community around me whom interacted with me and this character for this long. S/[email protected][email protected]@[email protected]@Gaius and many others whom I call good homies, love y'all.
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  2. “Et tu, Brute?” It's been an honour.
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  3. Like this post if your character has been attacked by Julio the Puerto Rican midget.
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  5. Right now, meth and meth suppliers are absolutely busted in my opinion. Meth is a drug in high demand due to the lucrative 30HP boost from using 100% pure meth, which is sought after by illegal RPers looking to fight. Those with the strawman IFM meth supplier positions receive up to and over 1000, 100% pure meth every month for a small fee. They don't have to do any RP whatsoever to my knowledge, and simply request it be spawned after paying a fee. The only entry requirement is passing the app process, other than that? That's it. Methamphetamine production schemes, on the other hand, require setting up a lab (mapping), IC acquisition of sudafed and other precursor or smurf ingredients plus the production RP itself added onto an application. They start out at 20% purity no matter what the context or history of the character(s) in question are, and increase by 2% purity every 2 weeks you do it. Meaning, to get from 20% purity to 40% purity, which is roughly a 14 or so HP boost, you need to cook 10 times for 20 weeks. You also have to pay for it. You also receive very small quantities of it. Is this not a problem that only I am seeing? I speak from the perspective of someone who has been doing a meth scheme for almost 8 weeks now. It's ridiculous to me that someone receives almost 6 times the amount I can produce with a quarter of the effort, and at 100% purity. Would it not be a better solution to make suppliers provide 50-70% purity meth, but give schemes a higher purity ceiling at the very least? Because right now, I feel like dropping the scheme and not bothering. The effort required for any actual reward is abysmal. Thoughts? " Methamphetamine Schemes This scheme is for players to start up a methamphetamine production line and allows a request to be made every 14 days. Schemes typically start around 100 methamphetamine at low purities, this will build over time. The maximum purity of methamphetamine schemes is currently 75%." quoted from here.
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  6. Hello everyone, In an effort to streamline the screenshot editing process I've created a simple 3 step process with the aid of https://chatlog.gta.world/. Step 1: Navigate to -> https://chatlog.gta.world/ Paste your roleplay text. Step 2: Click -> Step 3: Open the downloaded file in Photoshop and drag it onto your screenshot. Outcome: Should hopefully save you valuable time with formating, removing the background colors on the text, etc. Any suggestions, don't hesitate to reach out. Credits: lexch - GTAW France chocomint - GTAW France Exodus
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  7. Short Description PK war's are pointless and disrupt the flow of RP for both Legal and Illegal characters, all wars should be CK wars and wars should be an absolute last resort for factions to settle their quarrels. Detailed Description The current status of PK wars on the server is not to provide any sort of RP for anyone illegal or legal, they are merely for the creation of DM videos (whoever gets the most views is the real winner), much to the degree of a clan war on Roblox or a Minecraft Factions Server. This is even proven in the fact that there is no true 'real or loser' in a PK war as its something that factions usually decide among themselves and neither side typically wants to admit to losing (much like those Roblox clan wars, UCR 20 wins 3 draws 0 losses btw) and the only thing that ends up being lost is time to actually RP and develop characters and a few guns a lot of factions probably have about 60 laying around somewhere anyway). As of right now PK wars cause nothing but confusion and don't provide an environment that you can properly roleplay in, so much so that a large portion of players almost entirely ignore places such as South-LS as it's closer to a round of Battlefield than the roleplay experience that players are typically looking for. I don't really understand why we allow this to happen as it may isolate a portion of the player-base(d?) that actually wants to roleplay within South-LS properly but can't due to the sheer fact they'll see Hoover Side Blood-Crips Task Force 141 ambush the Liverpool Street Mafia every 5 minutes. As for where the confusion comes from: You watch your friend get riddled with bullets 500+ times, you know this was your friend you RP this being your friend around the authorities etc crying and such and then suddenly they accept their respawn and it instantly becomes 'some random kid who hung about' like what is the actual point? This is more of a dig at PK's in general but PK war's seriously amplify this as you can't even get angry at said dude for killing your friend, because it wasn't said friend it was just a random local. More confusion: You are PK'd in the war but are hanging around with your friends when suddenly they are attacked, but instead of fighting back you just watch because you are already dead in this war and you have no place here anymore! Making wars a serious matter, as of right now I've seen wars played out for extremely petty reasons which honestly shouldn't be the case and most likely wouldn't be the case if all wars were CK wars as people are more likely to care about their characters and their factions in general. I mean aren't war's meant to be an uncommon and major occurrence? But due to the low-risk of them people throw them pretty much whenever they want. Now, I know there's people who have characters purely for war related purposes, and this will be an issue if all wars are CK wars as you may have instances of Generic-DM char with 20ish hours kills someone's main character who they've developed for months. Well I've got a simple fix for this: don't allow characters who don't have a specific amount of recent hours to actively participate in wars (E.G if they are RPing in their hood and get attacked they can fight back, but they can't actively hunt down the other faction, I'm aware this method isn't bulletproof but neither are PK wars). Now I don't have the most experience as an illegal rper, though I usually base all my RP around the illegal side I typically end up playing the local character who is aware of what is going on but isn't necessarily involved in any of the actual crime going on (basically I'm a bitch who works in a local business and has many evil-criminal friends). So due to this I'd happily like to hear any thoughts on the matter. Handy graph showing RP generation during PK and CK wars: TLDR: CK wars are like early-wipe Tarkov where you care about dying because you pretty much lose everything you have. PK wars are like late-wipe Tarkov where you really don't care about dying because gear is replaced as quickly as you lost it. Positives and Negatives? + Reduces amount of meaningless wars. + Reduces amount of meaningless killings in general. + Removes confusion surrounding dead people being alive. + In the event of wars people may more properly RP fear. + May increase RP in war heavy places. - Less sick DM clips.
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  8. Update 2.8.9 by @valelele Additions Added the option to make photos if you have a smartphone via /camera. Added the option to open the business menu from X wheel if an employee is near it. Added a command for administrators to see the nearby smart teleports (/stpnearby). Added efficient logs when a player dies. Added the option to have the vehicle details from /vdetails on garage UI. By clicking on the info icon it will display them. Added the option to mute or unmute radio slots via /muteradio [slot] & /unmuteradio [slot]. Added Frequency Name System, which means that each frequency can have or not a custom name, this being set by an FM member and which automatically updates for everyone who is in the game and uses the radio commands (/r, /r1 etcetera). Changes Now the business menu will load before opening and it'll hide the options unavailable for that business. /inmates will now display if there are none in Jail. Now on /setslot you will be able to switch slot via frequency's custom name if you have one with that name setted (e.g: /setslot BASE). Now on /setfrequency you will be able to join via it's custom name if this exists and complies with the conditions of privacy (e.g: /setfrequency 1 BASE). Now /part will display the custom name of the frequency if does exist. Fixes Fixed when on the new business menu UI all items created were with type "Goods". Fixed some admin messages that pops up even the chat was disabled. Fixed flatbed bug that could duplicate personal vehicles and on garage UI. Fixed /onduty that didn't count the number of people with mechanic jobs right. Fixed when the on duty guards stopped showing up on /onduty even your jail time expires. Fixed /vunfaction when it showed a succesfull message even you do not have the permission to do this. Fixed when some commands not showing up in autofill under the chat. Fixed multiple typos in some commands / outputs.
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  10. The first batch is of characters I play on GTA World, specifically my mains that I have put time into. These are not all the art for them. Chevy ‘SUMO’ Choi - This is my newest main, and the newest piece of art I have done at this time. Affiliated with Seoul Park Boyz, a massive Korean - Samoan brawler and good vibes fella. His tattoos are an influence of Samoan Tatau, Gang tattoos, and Korean iconography. The one eyed Fu Dog on his abdomen. ‘Uncle’ Kai Lo - My first character on GTA World and Chinatown pillar of the community. This was drawn in his earlier years, when he was middle aged and thick into the criminal world of the Meng Shetou, rising to own of it’s leading figures before it’s disbandment. Now he’s an old ass dude driving cool cars. Vittorio ‘Pugno’ DiTufaro - Once a champion boxer and dual belt holder before retiring his titles and challenging the world. Accumulated damage stopped his career short, and now he lives trying to find the same joy the sport brought him. Referee, Boxing instructor, and personal trainer. Pictures here with his lady Nora.
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