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  1. Congratulations! #1 @Tiddy won 500 WP! #2 @Nadler won 350 WP! #3 @VETERAN won 150 WP! #4 @Annella won 100 WP! #5 @Lilypad won 50 WP!
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  2. Arrest I. II. III. IV. V.
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  3. I can't speak for anyone else but myself here, but I'll certainly be taking all this information onboard and applying it accordingly where appropriate. I feel its been a good discussion which will result in more fun and less frustrations overall and I appreciate all the feedback that's been given, my goal is always to constantly improve as an admin to the benefit of players and that won't ever change so long as I'm in the staff team. Hopefully going forward I can avoid these occurrences that are happening all too often and use better, now more experienced judgement when handling these type of situations.
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  4. Most of these servers started too late making a server fitted for Gtav. Meaning gtaw has a huge advantage of being around for years on. This server is comfortable for most people, it's familiar now and most of us got their rp going. Whereas with new once you've got to start from the bottom again. I do believe if a known server like Lsrp launches people will head over, check it out, feel the atmosphere. But they most likely will return to the people they've known on gtaw and their already, ready to go chars on gtaw where they put a lot of time in. It will bring GTAW competition, this is good for the community as it means they constantly and probably more frequently need to improve. I'm not concerned, been with gtaw since the launch and have seen the server improve beyond imagination. They've come a long way, from having only 100 players at peak to 7-800. From incredible desync where you could shoot someone with 3 clips and they still didn't take damage to actual being able to hit someone with one shot. So all this to me, is just more promise of a better gtaw.
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  5. Put-Ons / False Claiming High Chronicles / Shoreline
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  6. Roleplay top tier, they think it's scripted. Salude.
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  7. The server is facing a dilemma at the moment: cater to the whiny contingent of second life RPers who are never happy and use this place to replace a social life, or the people involved in the gang/OCG scenes who are actually interested in roleplaying. We'll see what the changes will be, but honestly what is most likely going to happen is most of the illegal community moves if there's safe-zones introduced/further changes to benefit the group of 'roleplayers' who really would just be happier ERPing in their discord groups than playing on the server. We all know the type, the snowflake character perpetual whiners who sit all day with their mentally ill Facebrowser model characters crying on the forums about that time they got robbed in Davis when they turned up on the block with their sports car.
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  8. Best way the server could avoid migration purely based on nostalgia of their old community is for Nervous to have acknowledged the development of these servers, and kept some big updates ready to counteract the hype with his own.
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  10. I play a traffic cop. About a quarter of my stops - usually the most heinous ones with the most potential for damage - the player immediately goes to /b and cites lag/desync/texture loss. While the RAGE MP client isn't perfect, it doesn't excuse people who are playing outside their means: If you're experiencing lag and it's not seeming like it's going to stop, try to get someone else to drive you where you need to go - call a cab, get a friend, hell just walk/bicycle where you need to go - because if you drive you will be a rubberbanding car on the road smashing into other vehicles and walls with every turn. Desync is mostly mitigated at this point, there was a instance of RAGE MP where you could slam on the brakes on your screen, but on the other guy's screen you still ram him at mach 3 before suddenly coming to a full stop. This isn't that RAGE MP anymore, most people who cite desync either mean that they're lagging or that they're lying and trying to get out of having to roleplay a crash. If you experience texture loss, pull over safely, /fixtextures or wait - stop driving immediately because you will plow into shit and people roleplaying. Likewise turn your textures to normal to help mitigate potential loss. The only thing that annoys me really is when I see a person who's driving around at 100 mph+ for no discernible reason. Usually when I see these people I myself am driving at a reasonable speed - or I'm parked. Our police cars are good but they aren't good enough to catch up to Elegy Retro Customs and what-not that are already gunning away. At one time I hear our Torrence was a lot better than it is now and actually allowed us to keep up with these kinds of people. As far as people who are saying it's a game ergo we shouldn't have to care - OK first of all, do you know what you're supposed to be doing in this game? You're supposed to be talking with other characters and also playing pretend with your own action figure, with shit like '/me sits.' and then /anim sit. If this is a game, this is the most boring game there ever was - so why is driving exempt from being boring? Also - in game San Andreas is small. It's roughly like eight miles tip to tip. Driving 'twenty minutes' is driving the whole round trip length of the island, under the speed limit.
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  11. Congratulations to us on achieving official faction status. The doors are open, come on in.
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