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  1. "Welcome home" "There was nothing attractive about those years in prison. I take pride only in that I never ratted on anyone." "Day one" "We can never have too much — but most often there's just not enough" "Day two" ‘‘Been a long time since I looked at a menu,’’
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  3. UPDATED IDEA WORK IN PROGRESS - ALARM/BURGLARY SCRIPT V2 UTILIZING ZAXER'S IDEAS @zaXer.'s contribution to the thread has contributed greatly - we should incorporate security entities into this script, and it has a chance to create a new line of roleplay for in-game companies like Gruppe 6 or other private security firms. Zaxer's idea for a new alarm system is as below: False Positives Occasionally, IFM may trigger false positives. In real life, alarm systems are not 100% reliable - much the same way that current fires work, we will trip alarms to keep law enforcement on their feet and react realistically to alarm systems. At the moment, any house alarm brings an entire combat force. If we trip many false positives, a more realistic number of officers will respond. Usually, only one officer is sent to a house alarm in real life. The command to trip a false-positive alarm shall be /falsepositivealarm. See @zaXer.'s idea on this below: Houses With No Alarms (same as before) Houses with no alarms will be commonplace, but probably less so than usual. On entry into a house with no alarms, a player receives the following notice. "There is no alarm panel. The occupants of the house have taken minimal effort to reinforce the house's security. However, neighbors may note the presence of intruders dependent upon the proximity of the house to other buildings, so caution is always advised." Alarm Fees A security company must install the alarm package. Purchasing an alarm automatically signs you up for a contract with a security company of your choosing. This will be presented to you at the "alarm spot." The alarm company will contact you in-game to settle the issue. Personally, my idea for this is based off of one of Zaxer's comments: the cost of your alarm fee per paycheck shall be based on who you have linked your contract to. You can link your contract to a security company for cheaper, so that organizations like Gruppe 6 respond to the alarm. OR you can link it to the Police, but this will be considerably more expensive since false positives may become more common with this script. Or, perhaps with both, a combination of charges. However, Zaxer wants to have alarm fees be purely an IC issue and allow alarm companies to set contracts and handle them on their own terms. Zaxer proposes that an alarm company utilize two commands when the contract begins: /enableresponse [address] for when the contract has begun. If the terms of the contract are not met, /disableresponse [address] shall be used. See @zaXer.'s idea on these here: Basic Alarm Box Basic alarms are for cheap houses and apartments. You will buy one of these if you're protecting goods inside of your apartment. A jammer will foil this alarm if it is jammed before the 30 second timer has ended. An envisioned contract (per paycheck) IF WE DO NOT USE ZAXER'S SYSTEM Basic Alarm (Security Company Response Only) - 500 per paycheck Basic Alarm (Police Response) - 1000 per paycheck Basic Alarm (All Respond) - 1500 per paycheck On entry into a house with a basic alarm, a player receives the following notice. (The alarm will appear ACTIVE if it has been tripped.) "There is an alarm panel on the wall. The current status of the alarm is [ACTIVE/INACTIVE]. The house's windows have hard security measures making it slightly harder to break in to, such as bars. The locks to the external doors are also harder to lockpick. One to two rooms in the house require a key or must be lockpicked." Basically, anyone entering the house, including the owner, MUST enter a code into the alarm box here. By default, the alarm box is NOT armed. The home owner must arm the alarm box if they want it to work, but in doing so must remember their passcode. This alarm wouldn't activate if someone broke through a window, it only activates if a door opens. An intruder can enter the house and move around without worry. Basic Alarm Upgrades - Alarm Motion Sensor and Vibration Sensor (bundled) Basically, a more technically advanced version of the basic alarm. This activates if any movement is detected in the house (with a 30 second grace period) or IMMEDIATELY if glass has broken. A jammer can be used to stifle an alarm once activated, but the initial signal was still sent. An envisioned contract (per paycheck) IF WE DO NOT USE ZAXER'S SYSTEM Basic Alarm Upgraded (Security Company Response Only) - 700 per paycheck Basic Alarm Upgraded (Police Response) - 1300 per paycheck Basic Alarm Upgraded (All Respond) - 1800 per paycheck Advanced Alarm Boxes Technical alarms are for high-end apartments and houses in expensive parts of the city. You will buy one of these if you're protecting more than just run of the mill goods or you care about your personal security. @zaXer. envisions this as still being able to be jammed, but it would emit a "no signal" status every 60 seconds until the jammer is removed, alerting police or security about the status of the alarm. An envisioned contract (per paycheck) IF WE DO NOT USE ZAXER'S SYSTEM Advanced Alarm (Security Company Response Only) - 1000 per paycheck Advanced Alarm (Police Response) - 2000 per paycheck Advanced Alarm (All Respond) - 3000 per paycheck On entry into a house with a technical alarm, a player receives the following notice. "There is an alarm panel on the wall. The status is unknown, the alarm appears to be advanced. Any burglar would do well to be cautious in this house, as there are signs the windows are shatter-proof from most blunt weapons and the locks are advanced. There may be cameras in the house recording your movement (if mapped in.)" High Security Alarms and Hard Security Property management should be able to equip certain buildings, such as businesses, with alarms that activate immediately and solely inform police if they're broken into. This would apply for government buildings, high-end businesses, and other areas. Alarm Jammers (work in progress) Alarm jammers are electronic items that will catch the signal emitted by an alarm. Some alarms, such as advanced alarms, will emit a "NO SIGNAL" alert. An alarm jammer can be used prior to the alarm's activation to delay the alarm's activation. An alarm jammer can be used DURING an alarm's activation to remove the alarm's signal from GPS on the map and it will stop the actual blaring inside and outside, although in a police officer or security guard's message box they will still have a message saying "Property alarm detected at X address." If it's an advanced alarm, they will instead receive a "NO SIGNAL DETECTED from X ADDRESS" with a GPS notification. The jammer will stop the alarm's siren at all times. More advanced jammers will trigger alarms at several houses (idk how this functionality could be scripted in). Improvised Jammers ($20,000) - jams a basic alarm completely if done before the alarm goes off, jams any other alarm for 2 minutes Basic Jammers ($50,000) - same as before r.e. basic alarms, jams any other alarm for 5 minutes Industrial Jammer ($100,000) - same, jams an alarm for 10 minutes
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  4. It'd be nice to have a section dedicated to just faction projects ideas, so people who don't have enough manpower / 2-3 people to start their faction with, can just publish their idea and allow people who like it get on board. It's just an easier way of doing things, this'd enable roleplay immensely, especially for new players, players who haven't really been in the faction ambient and are trying to get started, or just people like me who have been away from the community for a long time and simply don't know anyone in the community with whom to start their project.
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  5. Lady Syko's Family Background: Samiya McNair a/k/a Lady Syko Ru a/k/a Yaya 300 (Tree Top Piru, 300 Block) Samiya is a born & raised Los Santos native from the Strawberry district of South Central Los Santos. She grew up in a hood controlled by a Piru Bloods street gang set known as the W/S Tree Top Pirus. The neighborhood politics weighed heavily on the way she grew because of how prominent the Piru gang ties was in her family. Samiya is a 3rd generation gang member, she comes from a long line of Pirus & Crips. Reputation: Samiya is known in her hood to be a rough neck, she gets into arguments and fights often at school, on the block and in public. In her hood, she's known to be claiming Tree Top Piru ever since she was young, elementary school days type stuff. This was mainly because all of her older siblings were Tree Top Piru members who were put on as teenagers. It was expected of her to say the least. She wasn't put on the set, but is still accepted due to her deep family ties to the Pirus. Samiya got the persona Lady Syko created for herself after she was released from youth authority following a 2 month stint on drug related charges. She's known to stab males & females without a thread of regret. And as a solid homegirl, she also holds down guns & drugs for homies when it gets hot to keep them from catching cases by the police. Affiliation: Westside Chamberlain Tree Top Piru - gang 300 Block - clique SAMIYA MCNAIR AKA YAYA 300 AKA LADY SYKO (PSYCHO RU) - https://face.gta.world/dswebb The Story (Current): Samiya has been eager to follow in her older brothers' footsteps into the Tree Top Piru street gang, she began putting in work by going to Rollin 90s Neighborhood Crip territory and spraying over some of their tag. She normally began adding herself onto the tension between her homeland's gang and their rivals by staying as an active face in the set. Valentino "Hoody Ru" Gurley, Mustafa "Ousama 300" Charles, Samuel "Baby Rambo" Puntos, Alonzo "Red Dot" Tate and Dedrick "Murda" Mills were her main notable influences in the hood that encouraged her to keep going down the path she was headed. Initially, Samiya began to make a name for herself in the set by getting aggressive with males that the hood weren't too fond of or had knowledge about. She stabbed a snitch who called the police on the homies, she also began to hold onto drugs & guns for other reputable TTP members in an effort to keep them from getting locked up in jail. Naturally, her actions became noticed by enough sponsors in the set and she was considered an official Pirulette after the heads of her clique gratified her with this status. The recognition had gone to her head, she felt there was no need to put her foot on the brake pedal, she took it even further when she stabbed a rival female gang member named Orena Talley from the Grape Street Crips. This set off the already brewing war with the Eastside Crip gang, there multiple shootings that landed the Tree Top Pirus the leaders in the "scoreboard" of the streets. This was the 1st ever gang war that Samiya took part in, she followed her big homies' example, but wasn't ready to commit murder. She was often on homeland defense throughout the war, but saw the horrors that urban warfare brings. However, she remained solid and kept representing her hood, she wanted to let others know that she was 100% with the gang she grew up with. Her hunger for attention and reputation was natural for a female her age. The attention she wanted wasn't always good, this was evident when she posted the stabbing of Orena Talley on Facebrowser. Little did Samiya know, the gang division of the local Sheriff's Department were doing a crackdown on the street gangs of Chamberlain Hills, and this put her and the Tree Top Pirus in their crosshairs. (See Pages 1-6) Samiya ends up going to adult jail for attempted murder on a female Grape Street Criplette. It later gets dropped down to assault with a deadly weapon via plea deal, however she's still housed with grown women in Twin Towers Correctional Facility. She would end up taking street politics to jail, which is highly unlikely for female inmates but she does it to maintain her street cred within her gang. McNair's mother, who is also a Tree Top Piru gang member was arrested on other charges following the raid and is convicted and sent to prison for 3-5 years. This leaves Samiya with little to no outside family contact other than her grandmother who hails from Chamberlain Hills. Samiya's conviction would lead to her serving her longest stint yet, which is 1 year and 4 months with parole. Throughout her stay in Twin Towers this time, she discovers how to get in touch with her emotions. This is something that she's neglected since she's been aligning herself with many of the "frontline" gangsters from 300 Block and 400 Block Tree Top Piru. These members are often at times male gangsters that she tries to model herself after. Along her journey through jail, she meets an older Rulette (female Piru gang member) from a rival set known as the Chamberlain Neighborhood Pirus, they end up befriending one another despite being from enemy gangs on the street. The older female, Kizzie "Lady Knockout#1" Clay from NHP is convicted on life without parole after murdering 2 individuals on the street. Clay being the older more experienced Rulette trickles her wisdom down onto the Tree Top Pirulette that is Samiya "Lady Syko#1" McNair. Her life advice along with regularly scheduled life skills program & gang prevention program changes Samiya's point of view on life. She started to plan on focusing more on raising her "little homegirls" back in her hood and becoming more about money than gangbanging. On the flip side of the token, she cannot seem to let go of her quickfire temper that led to her getting put in jail in the first place. (See Pages 7-8) (pictured to the left: 300 Block Tree Top Piru & 400 Block Tree Top Piru) 300 Block Tree Top Piru breed the most militant and also extravagantly aggressive gang members. Due to their positioning. with the Tree Top Piru's main enemies being right in front of their porch, The Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats 13, the 300 Block Tree Top Piru, or 30Ø BLK (300 Block, O's are crossed out due to the gang's rivalry with the Rollin 0's Crips), have been responsible for numerous crimes throughout the past few decades, with it's origins dating all the way back to the mid-90s when some of the core members of 400 Block decided to split off from main-street Chamberlain in order to further expand their borders and drug distribution enterprise. The first documented gang related attack executed by the 300 Block Tree Top Piru was recorded in 1991. Currently 300 Block's breaking homicide records, managing to push Chamberlain up the homicide charts, 2021 being Forum Drive's worst year, with the crime indices range upping an all-time high of 56.8 when compared to Vespucci's 29.3 & Davis' 49.9 on the scale. 400 Block Tree Top Piru are the most notorious and renown Tree Top Piru clique due to their mainstream presence thanks to artists that managed to break through the industry, stretching out all the way from the late 90s and early 2000s with DJ Quik, to the 2014 boom of Slim400 and his partner YG, who's currently breaking charts as one of the most notorious modern Blood gang-related rapper & artist, having hits with other artists who also originate from Chamberlain such as Kendrick Lamar & others. Located on the eastern divide of the Forum Drive railway-tracks the infamous Tree Top Piru station themselves all the way from the 500th block of Carson Avenue to the 300th block of Strawberry Avenue. How To Identify A Tree Top Piru Gang Member: (/anim ok not /anim dock) Samiya Riding With Some Reputable Tree Top Piru Members (Instagram Video): TREE TOP PIRU THREAD: This character is loosely based on the lifestyle of a female gangbanger in an urban setting based on South Central Los Angeles & Compton. A lot of what is posted on the thread is dramatized to emphasize the development of Samiya "Lady Syko" McNair.
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  6. Howdy team, Your friendly pal Goonbag here hoping to open up some friendly discussion! What does GTA World think about the current culture of reporting within the community? Do you think that some people need to learn to chillax and let some things slide, or do you think that we need to report anything and everything in order to maintain a high level of roleplay within the server? Personally, I will only report if the situation creates a significant loss for myself or my faction. I find it unnecessary to report players for trivial things, such as accidentally running into a stop sign, but I’ve noticed some members of the community get extremely hung up on those sorts of things. For example, if someone assaults your character, and you DON’T lose anything, is it really necessary to report that player? Random assaults occur in real life, could you not just go along with your day and roleplay it that way? A lot of these small and subjectively trivial reports are clogging up the forum reports section and taking up a lot of the admins time. I also feel like they are taking the attention away from reports in which (subjective again) quite large losses have taken place because they are a lot easier to administrate. It’s much easier for an admin to make a decision on a report regarding someone not roleplaying the effect of the withdrawal script making you fall over than it is to make a decision on a scam involving 9 people, 300k worth of guns and resulting in 4 dead people. BUT, the first instance is victimless, the second has a number of victims (is that the right word? 👀) tl:dr If you have not suffered any loss, do you REALLY need to take the time to write a nine paragraph essay forum report for something that will likely just end in a voided situation and a “wArNiNg” or are you just wasting everyone’s time?
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  7. This topic portrays the lives of a group of friends trying to fit into an MC while living their lives with their own problems. Life in Los Santos is not easy for the poor and especially for minorities, people in this group belong to both categories.
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  8. Fatal Officer Involved Shooting Los Santos: LSPD Officers assigned to Mission Row Patrol Division got involved in a shootout.On Tuesday, December 14, 2021, at approximately 10:00 p.m., LSPD Officers assigned to Mission Row Patrol Division were conducting field duties at Grove Street in Davis by providing scene security when they witnessed a shootout going on in their nearby area. An officer on-scene alerted nearby units initiating an immediate response.During the incident, officers began to return fire on several shooters leading to their retreat inside a compound where they continued to engage civilians and LSPD officers. The initiating unit was subsequently wounded in an attempt to neutralize the active threat as well as guide responding officers towards the incident. The result was an officer-involved shooting.It fills our Department with the deepest sorrow that an officer was declared deceased by on-scene medical responders. The next of kin have been informed and Los Santos Police Department is supporting family and friends during this tragic circumstance.Over the next several months the Los Santos Police Department will conduct a thorough investigation of the officer-involved incident and the Force Investigation Section will investigate in close coordination with District Attorney's Office. Information will be released to the public where needed in relation to this incident that unfortunately led to this outcome. Public Communications Division Media Relations Section
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  9. LOS SANTOS COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT Sheriff's Information Bureau Official Statement [OS-0013] Bomb squad deployed for suspected package at LS Transit Date Published: 20/DEC/2021 Point of Contact: Melissa Rhodes At around 18:30 on the 17th of December, the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department received calls for service regarding a suspect package at the LS Bus Terminal at Integrity Way, followed by internal government pagers regarding a suspect package requesting Transit Service Bureau and Special Enforcement Bureau to respond. Deputies responded to the incident immediately and discussed the incident with representatives of the Government who posted the original pager. Special Enforcement Bureau Special Weapons Teams and Canine Services Detail along with department supervisors arrived on the scene after the deputies began discussions with the Government representatives. A perimeter was established around the area while Explosive Ordinance Disposal trained deputies were requested. Following this, detectives from the Detective Bureau arrived on the scene to lend assistance and worked as liaison officers on our behalf within the Joint Terrorism Task Force to keep our federal partners informed of the ongoing situation, while the outer perimeter was extended for public safety. Credits: Special Enforcement Bureau Our LSSD Mobile Command Centre arrived at the scene to assume command and to allow better coordination of units on the scene and is declared the main command post. EOD techs arrived on the scene with the Mobile Command Centre and began to suit up in protective equipment, also known as the bomb suit. Following a detailed analysis of the suspected package, it was confirmed the package in question was a dud with the intention to appear like a real explosive device. The scene was declared safe by the incident commander and all evidence was collected and bagged for further investigation. Units were dismissed from the scene at 21:00. The Los Santos County Sheriff's Department reminds people to be vigilant of suspected or suspicious packages that they may see. If in doubt, do not approach the package and call 911 immediately.
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  10. Later... A long, quiet drive out to the county later... On the way back to the city...
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  12. where’s my money i know u don’t want any problems from the feet man 😡
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