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  1. LSPD officers block off the scene of a shooting that left two men dead, believed to be a hit carried out by Mieszkowski enforcers against a rival distribution group. By 2021 most of Simon Mieszkowski’s associates had gone underground. Many headquartered their operations in Los Santos neighborhoods long associated with organized crime—most prominently, Hawick Avenue. That’s not to say, however, that Mieszkowski lacks control elsewhere in the city; there are, for example, reports of his lieutenants setting up shop in Morningwood and South Central. The sudden growth in the organization’s operational territory, along with the recent arrests of some of the group's known associates and business partners, leads detectives to believe that Mieszkowski's gang has evolved into a bonafide organized crime group. San Andreas State Police display firearms seized from a suspected Mieszkowski associate, likely collected from multiple out of state strawmen. Though law enforcement officials believe that Mieszkowski is still calling the shots, sightings of the man have decreased significantly. His second in command, Ernest Mosley, handles much of the organization's day to day business. Hoping to avoid arousing suspicion with interstate travel, Mieszkowski sent a delegate from his operation to Nevada in early January to reconnect with an out of state crew primarily comprised of old school OC figures. The trip was a success; in the spring, Sebastian Tamayo returned to Los Santos with Nevada's support. This ushered the group into a new era—one that would make or break them. It was undeniable, though, that they had established a solid foothold in the West Coast's organized crime scene. LSPD officers search a suspected stash house allegedly linked to the Mieszkowski organization. Anthony Rudnik and his pornographic enterprise, Naughty Saints, represent Mieszkowski and his upper echelon's chief money laundering scheme. Rudnik’s arrival from the East Coast and apparent reconciliation with Mieszkowski granted him access to the funds he needed for his venture into the highly lucrative sex industry. Rumors of Rudnik’s promotion are prevalent in federal law enforcement circles, though hard evidence is scant. Courtroom artist's rendering of Mieszkowski's long time defense attorney, Aleksandra Maksimović, representing him in a grand larceny case in which he was later acquitted. The private legal practice of Aleksandra Maksimović has been the go-to for many of Los Santos' underworld figures for years. A talented young criminal defense attorney and political fixer, Maksimović was an easy choice for Mieszkowski, who—like any recidivist—frequently found himself wanting for the services of a dedicated legal professional. Maksimović's track record in court, along with her own connections to the underworld figures in Los Santos, made her an easy pick. The young organization is poised for success. Some say that the group won't be able to maintain its momentum, while others still suggest that diverse organizations like Mieszkowski's represent the future of organized crime in America. Everybody agrees, however, that they're worth keeping an eye on. Leadership reserves the right to character kill any aspiring characters or those currently involved with the faction. Screenshots must be approved by a member. Any questions or concerns can be directed to @metwad or @slick! via a forum PM. All disputes are to be kept off the thread.
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  2. This thread will follow the development of Rhett Kramer, the second youngest sibling of the Kramer Family, in his struggle to provide for his family just as much as his older brothers do, wanting to be seen as another man of the house rather than a boy. I have been roleplaying this character for a few months now. For screenshots of RP up to this point, you can check out: https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/61420-the-grapeseed-community/ For a summary:
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  3. Inb4 people are like "mah immersion we in california!" when we are not even based in California. Bring snow for a month, won't hurt in a long-term run.
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  4. I'm not saying you should be here OOC pissing and shidden and crying when you're CK'd or busting veins and turning tomato over IC confrontations but I'm not too sure why people think it's cool to act so apathetic about feeling at least something while playing. You're on a roleplay server DUDE, you're using GTA as a slice-of-life RP server. If anything it's more cringe seeing people assume they're cooler than other players within the same community for not feeling anything because they're pretend gangsters and criminals. You've got moobs bro, humble yourself.
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  5. 01 December 2021 — Supplier Program All current applications (drug, weapon specialist, tobacco) submitted before 30 November have been reviewed, acceptances have been sent out. If you applied and did not receive a response for your application, it means that you were denied. Device Scanners and NarcoChecks now have a lower chance of breaking. — Drugs Please see the follow chart for drug usage on GTA:W, now featuring November 2021. Due to the recent acceptances of new drug suppliers, we are hoping to see rises in pills and harder drugs.
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  8. Los Santos Reliable Network - The information you need, when you don't need anything. Some shooting at some club BY SAMUEL SUNG Los Santos, SA - On 30th November 2021, the Los Santos Police Department had to intervene, after some shooting happened at some club. Some people were injured and some dead, in yet another of the many such incidents that surround the LS night life. Some picture of some place It was supposed to be a joyful evening of relaxation, it became a moment of pain and fear. Yesterday evening, some club was caught in some dispute, that led to some shooting. The culprits, who fled the scene mere minutes before the LSPD arrived, fought over some shit and decided to start a brawl over it. After words and punches were thrown, one of them decided to escalate and pull a firearm - one that he was of course not allowed to carry. According to the LSPD detectives, the alleged shooters are some guys who belong to some gang. Already involved in some shady shit, they had proven their propension for violence in a few similar occurrences, such as brawls at the Blue Lion MMA Gym. The owner of the club, some rich guy, mentioned that security was far from lacking - but that criminals can be hard to spot. They had only started the evening with sexist and homophobic remarks, which definitely isn't a giveaway, had some gang tags, which doesn't indicate any belonging to a gang, followed by attempting to not pay for their drinks, which was clearly not a bad sign. Following this incident, going to a club was escalated to the 3rd most dangerous activity in the United States, after licking power sockets and helicocktering in front of an MC clubhouse. It is indeed the 91st time some shooting happens at some club in San Andreas this week, many denizens of the state now deciding against going out to dance and preferring safer activities - such as chess, beetle fighting, or meth. We will make sure to keep you updated on the latest shooting as soon as the next one occurs - we're told the Zodiac is opening tonight, which should make it the 92nd shooting of the week. The Los Santos Reliable Network (LSRN) is a dubious network of suspicious people, providing you with the most less reliable information around. Our articles are should be taken as seriously as the LSFD lifeguards. Comment on FaceBrowser: https://face.gta.world/posts/193119 Comment on our website: > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
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  9. I'm going to re-iterate Utopia here, as a member of the medical roleplay community, which is famous for people trying to ignore it as much as possible, I just have to say, this is spot on. No one likes MVA's, not the cops, not the fire department, not the hospital those victims have to go to, and especially not the victims involved. When I was in the LSFD, out of the HUNDREDS of MVA calls I went to, I enjoyed two. TWO. The rest were longated boring experiences where I had to force someone to waste their precious time and it didn't even add to their character, say what you will about gunshot wounds and such. At least those are interesting, you got shot and are dying. Thats far more fun than getting slammed by a 110 mph car which would normally kill everyone involved, it completely fucks up the flow of everyone's roleplay. And no one, and I mean no one enjoys it. You might think you enjoy it to be a contrarian here, but you don't, not really. People don't get into car accidents on purpose unless to create a dramatic death for their character story, and even those on purpose crashes have the bare minimum of interesting roleplay. Even drunk drivers, actually, those don't exist on this server, disregard that. While exceptions exist, you need a pretty large group of exceptions to make car accidents a viable scene in roleplay. EDIT: But for the love of god people if you do have to roleplay a car accident, stop slamming your forehead into the fucking steering wheel, your cars, have airbags. Your cars, have airbags. The majority of car accidents do not lead to unconsciousness unless you have a serious brain bleed or you were decapitated. Stop going unconscious, stop slamming into car wheels.
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  10. I play in PD and half of the scenes we go to get voided. It's honestly tiring. I dont see why the server couldn't change to pausing the scene, talking to the players, and then letting it progress. When there's tons of people logging in/investing their time into a situation, it's so demotivating to have to just skip it all. Any thoughts as to how this could be fixed/changed?
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  11. Eight ARMENIANS arrested in alleged car insurance fraud scheme Eight people from Glendale and Burbank were arrested on suspicion of insurance fraud after allegedly staging two car accidents and reporting fraudulent vandalism that, taken together, swindled multiple insurers out of USD 82,000, officials announced Monday, Burbank Leader reports. Investigators were tipped off roughly two years ago by reports that Suren Grigorian, 45, allegedly filed a fraudulent insurance claim for vandalism to his 2007 Mercedes sedan that was parked at his Burbank home, according to the California Department of Insurance. An informant alleged that Grigorian damaged his own car, reportedly scamming the insurer of roughly USD 20,000, officials said. Further investigation revealed that seven other suspects — family members and close associates of Grigorian — were allegedly involved in staging two car accidents in 2008, defrauding multiple insurers of USD 62,000. In addition to Grigorian, the suspects — Aida Akopian, 36; Seda Markarian, 62; Mamikon Hakobyan, 74; Masis Galstyan, 49; Rosa Galstyan, 42; Roza Issayan, 41; and Setik Patatanian, 49 — were arrested on Jan. 10, said Dave Althausen, spokesman for the state Department of Insurance. All of them — except for Setik Patatanian and Masis Galstyan, both of Glendale — are Burbank residents, Althausen said. If convicted, they each face up to five years in prison and fines of up to USD 50,000, officials said.
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  12. Sad to say goodbye. Raymond was a great character. Nothing but love to all of the homies who I roleplayed with on him. Take solace in the fact that Ray is reunited with Blaine in Valhalla like he always wanted. Rest in Power.
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