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    Update 1.9.4a Additions Added /vehwindow (/vwindow) to open and close your windows. Driver can operate all the windows, passengers can only operate their own window. /low with closed windows will only be visible for people inside the vehicle when spoken inside, and only visible to people outside the vehicle when spoken outside. Normal speaking & /shout will also have a lowered range with closed windows. You can now enter your Tug' cabin by pressing Y next to the left door /accessories on/off to take of clothing accessories Fixes Fixed a bug where people who are not listening to devices (bugs) can receive messages.
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    When I opened this thread thinking it was another LEO complaint, and noticed : When I started reading the thread...
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    Monkey Business 원숭이 사업
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    Short description: Allow people to show notes to others instead of having to hand it to them. Detailed description: Allow people to show notes instead of having to do /inv then /giveitem and then they have to use /useitem Or even if pressing I, clicking the note and clicking give and then they have to click the item from their inventory and use it. It reduces clutter as notes are already quite buggy as far as I've noticed. It will help make it easier for people to show notes, menus, etc. Commands to add: /shownote [inv id] [targ] Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server?: Reduces clutter because notes are quite buggy. Additional information: N/A If this isn't possible, sorry then I guess.
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    I can't speak for everyone nor do I have the end-all solution but with the type of RP I'm involved with it's hard to say it's not needed. Being a pilot in the SD and having to follow vehicles evading on the ground can be remarkably difficult due to the limitations of sync draw distance, etc. Having to type while flying with both hands just simply isn't something I can do with any effectiveness at all. (Only during pursuits obviously, I'm happy to stop flying and type at any other point, which we're already required to do). It's currently against our department policy to use voice chat for anything outside of pursuits and even then using our in-game text based radio TAC channel is preferred if it's possible to do at the time. It's just one of those things that's been up for debate since I started RPing back in 2009.
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    Some thoughts about it: - Overall: I mean, it is a good concept and welcomed, that changes in the government are seen as necessary, and this is great, but: I see also, that if the Leadership is chosen, then he should have full responsibility in putting his team in place; also accepting members. Why? Quite easy - it should be RP-d, that you meet with people, get to know them, et cetera. Now - if you register yaself as a member and get it, you have no real opportunity to do that, as the Chairman. Why it is important? Easy - stupid takeovers by some people, who will group and say "We are not happy with your Leadership after one-two weeks, let us vote for new Leader. Our friend Max is good for it!" Yeah, it can always be limited, but when IC-ly it leads there, then -- that would be a problem. - When it comes to "who can vote", then let us be real - 90% of the player base is not from the US, so your logic is - we let the 10% vote? Most of the people play as immigrants, because they are not from the US. So - one player=one vote. That should not become an issue. BUT - what should be thought about: what about the felons and prisoners, who can not vote also in the US. I would go realistic there and would restrict that, but not who is a real American and who is not. It also leaves out the issue, that people will do alts (US citizens), who they only vote with. - When it comes to the two parties (Democrats/GOP), then this is a great idea. It was kinda stupid to make a Conservative Party in the US. When it comes to Green and Libertarian Party - NotBond mentioned that you can run individually as well later on, when elections come - then you can take the stances of those parties, which is cool. If we make four parties, it would just make it too colorful, imho, because there are people, who are interested in political RP really, but I am sure, that this number is clearly under 100, so we would have not a Green Party with 5 members - a Party should also have a bit of realistic amount of members, et cetera, not only the Chairman and five of his buddies. - The party system by NotBond and admins is also good, because: This leaves exactly out the possibility, that some popular Russian mobster (no personal attack intended) won´t take over the Government as a Mayor; or send his Puppet there. Because if people are gathered in two parties, there will be more responsibility for the Leader to listen, and work also towards the realistic goals, what the respective Party´s are all about. Not some "Middle Ground Party", what was planned to be created by some people - which was purely made for popularity reasons: taking the best ideas from the right and left. - COO was chosen and I think, that the person for the job got it. The LFM should also think, how they will look at corruption in the office: what is realistic and what is not. Nowadays, IT IS pretty UNREALISTIC, that some mobsters will blackmail the Mayor of Los Angeles, so-- this is something, which should be taken into account. I am pretty sure, that the mobs will try to do that, and this would be unrealistic (I mean, meeting him and making some threats, et cetera). Of course, when the Mayor will do something shady and someone IC-ly gets some pictures and proofs and tries to blackmail like that - this is cool. My worry is only about the mobsters trying to start to extort the Mayor out of nowhere, like the extort businesses, which are 15 meters from Police Departments. - One more thing: surely should be taken into account and looked at people, who have done political RP in the server, and they should be given also some bonus points. I used like 600 hours of my character development around Republican RP, making events, talking with businesses, meetings, et cetera and that is just a slap in the face to just delete it all as it was never part of the RP. I am not meaning that I should be Chairman, which I do not want, but surely, we deserve a fair shake, who have tried to do some political RP. We were kinda active, but after the news, that the Government will not change anyways (in February or so), it was kinda de-motivating for a couple of months. - LFM should also look realistically at the events, which will be taken by both parties during the election cycle. I would imagine, that it is not far-fetched to say, meaning it is GTA, that some members try to go to the mob and pay some money to get rid of the opponents. This should be NOT DONE, because you DO NOT see politicians being killed right and left during election cycles in the US. Getting opposition research by spying and trying to make scandals, smears, is fine, but trying to assassinate (I promise you all, if it is not controlled, even IF IT is a PK - meaning the PK person can not be part of politics again) opponents will come in play.
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    (Took me 4 hours to complete, and 235 layers, hope you enjoy.)
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    New York Mafia, Los Santos Invasion July 12, 2020 Bigwig Nicholas Casalo, according to several sources is set to be released on Monday this week after serving a ten-year sentence on extortion charges stemming from a 2010 FBI raid. The son of the late reputed former longtime mobster John Casalo also known as The Tesla Of Numbers, who the FBI one time accused of "running the show behind the curtains" on of the biggest mafia factions in northern New York. The man behind the notable real estate racket that made millions upon millions of dollars for the five families. A great mind for numbers that made him a powerhorse in the real estate racket until he was shot to death outside his home at Strong Road, New York in 1986. Nicholas Casalo or as some would call him, The Merciless Don would run errands for made men and capos in the Bulante crime family as early as his teens rose to power in the mid-eighties when a war broke out between the five factions in New York. When mob-boss Neil Bulante was sentenced to six years for several racketeering charges in 1988 while the war was still alert, he trusted Casalo to be the acting boss. The young Nicholas Casalo would go on to be the acting boss for years until Bulante was eventually released in 1994. But, Nicholas Casalo would now oppose Bulante's request to take back the reigns and a war would break out within the faction itself as a result. The war would go on until 1996 where Neil Bulante would eventually surrender after one of his sons were killed during the war. Nicholas Casalo would now be the formal mob boss of the Bulante crime family. During the famous 2010 mob sweep that got Casalo and several others indicted in New York, a federal tape with Casalo and reputed mobster Anthony Sulano present revealed how The Merciless Don was heard trying to extort a local club owner on tape, "You either pay us, or we burn this place to the ground with you and your entire fucking family inside." The federal tapes also revealed Casalo and co. conspiring arson and assault on others who refused to be extorted. Nicholas Casalo, including the several other mobsters in those tapes landed sentences ranging from five to fifteen years depending on their roles. In recent weeks, several reputed mobsters associated with Casalo in New York has touched down in Los Santos, and has been seen together with well-known mobsters in the Los Santos underworld. Is this an attempt at reviving what they once had in New York, in Los Santos now that Casalo is set to be released on Monday? Only time will tell.
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    Recently I noticed that the ban appeals has been changed for only admins and the player to see the topic. I would like to suggest the same for refund and asset transfer requests.
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    Security Firm I Security Firm II
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    You get banned if you have your own discord and talk to friends while you roleplay, meanwhile you have cops that sit together in the same car and don't speak a single IC word to each other IG and that's considered perfectly acceptable because they need it for pursuits.
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    Lumbini Tea House is a Nepali tea house. We strive to provide our customers with traditional Nepali food paired with a peaceful atmosphere to enjoy it in. We import many of our materials from Nepal. We sell comfort food and an extensive list of teas. For thos that are interested we also sell the very same tea leaves in boxes so you can make it yourself at home if you choose to do so! The restaurant is located on Hawick Avenue in Burton, Los Santos. Parking is available directly next to our building. Menu We offer a variety of Nepali comfort food and an extensive list of teas to choose from. If you have any questions about the items feel free to ask! Careers Thinking of joining the team? As a crew member your responsibilities will include: Operating kitchen appliances. Cooking orders that come in or preparing beverages. Keeping the tea house tidy. Providing quality customer service.
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    So then, changing the subject to something more relating to this. I really think people need to wait, speculation is in its own name. You are guessing, based on ever changing information and zero idea whats going on properly behind the scenes. If you'd stop arguing for a week and wait, I'm sure things will start to become clearer as to why things are like this. I have a semi decent idea of what they are going for as I'm quite privileged to know a guy. And I think everyone will seriously begin to realize all their bickering is entirely wrong and missing the point of what they want gov to be. Whilst clashing of ego's is indicative of most politicians, it serves no place on an OOC stage and only digs each of you a deeper hole. Just trust me, and have a little faith of what they're doing and you will begin to see the grass is greener in their ideas. So relax, head to the winchester, grab a pint and this will blow over and produce something decent.
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    What? I clearly said my a lot of customers are not willing to wait. Some a very patient but a lot are not. I clearly said I feel pressured by the players who come to my dealership to speed up the process in some way. I've had customers leave and get frustrated after not getting attention in 3 minutes. I was really clearl about that. Plus IRL Government mandated stuff like inspections, insurance and other government mandated stuff is what prolongs the process IRL RP is streamlined and sped up for a reason. Ain't nobody tryna roleplay doing their taxes. A lot of the mundane aspects of life has been streamlined to provide an more enjoyable experience for the players. You don't make 200k in 40 hours irl.
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    Yeah trying to find RP can be hard because people are either indoor rats or they're simply too scared to roleplay outside of their houses. All thanks to some "bad apple" type beat criminal roleplayers who love to make LS look like we're in fucking Afghanistan. Fortunately though, even most criminal roleplayers RP being casual civilians when they're not doing business and they're open for interactions with people. People might also think that certain hoods/districts are there to segregate us players, but it's bullshit. If you come down to K-Town you're not gonna get robbed for being some white. If you go to the Davis LTD to get yourself a sandwich you're not gonna get killed by a bunch of black gangsters. If you go to little Armenia - same thing, it's not like criminal factions on this server hold down their turf like it's their fortress. Everyone wants people around them to have someone to RP with or even be a passive observer. I'd encourage people to socialize with anyone and kind of remind themselves that... yeah you might have seen some nicknames on the forum in the Factions section, but that doesn't mean these people are criminals 24/7. I've been roleplaying a mobster's girlfriend for about two weeks now and I never got caught in their shit, these guys are normal civilian roleplayers who do their dirty business behind closed doors in private when there's time to do business. I kinda feel like all of this must be clarified because people segregate each other way too much. I hope that after reading this reply, people are gonna chill out and go out to meet people. Don't be scared because we don't bite unless you come down to South LS to call people n-words or you come to K-Town to troll and call people chinks.
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    Got into mapping thanks to Havana, Skitail, and Adero and I'm completely addicted to it. The ability to put in bits and the little details to bring the place back to life just makes it so much more mesmerizing. Each thing I've done below were for my characters, and especially since I take my time doing these I do not map for other people (pls no more requests <3) The first one ever made, I had to get loads of help from Adero and Skitail. It was the first time I set foot into mapping something and this is the result. It's a house in Senora Desert, just behind Chianski 24/7. It's cute, it's small and I absolutely love it. I mapped it around my LSPD character. This is my second project. A 1-bedroom house in Mirror Park. It's small, it's cute and I was totally invested in this one. It's one of my favorite builds and I am going to miss it. Unfortunately, the bedroom is now gone, but I am glad I saved pictures of what it was like. The Bay Bar! One of my character's small-town bar. It's meant to portray that feel, and this is was the result. The little hallway, my favorite part of this whole thing, was made possible by Skitail after I cried and gave up 3-hours into my attempts of making it. Unfortunately can't hide the part over the hallway entrance (where it is naked) with the wooden wall as it clips through and causes my "OCD" to go nuts. Pied a Terre There was this little room just above a taco shop and I couldn't resist buying it because my character is a fat ass. Although it is very small, this property was very frigging annoying to map. It took me more than I'd like to admit to justify the fact that there was only one door to enter this property, yet it had three separate balconies as you can see in the first two screenshots. The only justification was that the door leads to a hallway and within said hallway were three rooms in a row. So, I went ahead and mapped this hallway and three doors, although only one of them actually functions (because I'm scared of Bjork). The other two are dummy doors that supposedly lead to those balconies you can see. All I have to say about this one is that I absolutely adore the view. The Journey interior was a fun project, half-way through I had to ask @Dashing for help since he's got an eye for making things look rundown or old. I love it, and it's a shame we were limited to how many items we could add ? 1256 Palomino Avenue Complex — a little apartment block in Little Seoul that's brought to life. It was fun to map, and with a lot of help from @jesscatXD And again with the help of @jesscatXD, we made 6458 Power Street Apartment Complex The Tug interior! (Again, a shared effort with @jesscatXD who made it all possible :)) edit marker
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    INTRODUCTION Henry D'Amico is a figure in the American Mafia under the Conti Crime Family as a soldier or "made-man". Born August 17th, 1959 into a traditional Catholic, Italian-American family in New York City, Henry had been groomed for organized crime at an exceptionally young age. His father, Mark D'Amico was believed to be a prominent individual in the Lucchese Crime Family and involved in various illicit rackets such as illegal gambling, labor racketeering and drug trafficking. Mark's talent for these particular areas was certainly passed along to Henry as he matured. At the age of just thirteen, Henry was arrested for allegedly distributing cannabis to his local high school. Four years later, Henry graduated from cannabis onto cocaine and opioids, receiving another drug distribution charge. As the years went on, Mark eventually brought Henry under his own wing, introducing him to "La Cosa Nostra", known today as the American Mafia. It is not clear what his official status was within the crime family. THE CONTI CREW Little is known as to why Henry migrated from the New York metropolitan area to Los Santos. However, it is noted that he arrived in his early thirties and quickly became friends with Dominic Altomare, the current "underboss" of the Conti Crime Family. It is known they both started as construction workers at B&A Utilities and this is what is believed to have led to Henry's acquaintance with Joseph Campagna, the "consigliere" or advisor of the Conti Crime Family. Soon after that acquaintance was formed, Henry started to manage Giovanni's Trattoria, an Italian restaurant located in Del Perro. As manager, his relationship with the Conti Crew started to take root and develop. It is thought that he began to distribute various types and amounts of narcotics during his time at Giovanni's. It is also assumed he was involved in other sorts of contraband trafficking but the details are unknown. PRESENT DAY Within recent months, Henry experienced severe health complications leading him into a coma. He was hospitalized for approximately eight weeks and it has been claimed there was no contact with friends or family during his stay. After being released from the hospital, he briskly connected with Peter Conti, the current "boss" of the Conti Crime Family. Weeks later, Henry had registered a new business named, Los Santos Transit, a taxi and public transportation company. This company is suspected to a be a front for his current illegal operations which are at the time, unknown. Most recently, Victor Catalano, a cousin of D'Amico's has been sighted on numerous occasions with Henry around the Vinewood area. Officials speculate that the cousin is somehow involved with Henry's illicit activity. (( OOC -- This is a very late thread... but it will follow the current events of Henry's life via screenshots and updates to the above text. ))
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    First Picture - Looks familiar? See the word "Text" and then the second word "Based" on there? I mean - it is quite simple: why should some have voice, others not?! You can always use common courtesy and RP takes time, when people are writing, that is the point of it. Making your life "easier", but the counterpart still has to do it by the... Second picture - ...by the rules, which are clearly stated on there, taken from In Game Rules - 3) Metagaming. Should be easy to understand?
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    I think you made it personal. I never mentioned nobody by name xD Answer to first - Yes, they can be voted off. Did I mention, that they should be like Rockford was - that should happen after some deep RP, if the Chairman makes bad decisions, not just, because some group of people think, that they want to rule the party. Answer to second - https://www.boundless.com/immigration-resources/how-long-does-it-take-to-get-citizenship-after-applying/#:~:text=The national average processing time,steps and a longer timeline. Here - how long are the people, who are there, around? Most come from Europe and other countries, so most of them are not citizens. How you going to check that? Think realistic. Answer to third - He also mentioned, that you can run as an independent (especially in district elections). You can do as an independent whatever you want, I do not care. No, actually, five people party´s do not exist - please bring me some examples (DM please though - bring me examples of Party´s which exist with five people are in power). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_party - here, a the simplest and easiest source for you: the leadership of a party usually consists of four people - so you telling me that you will have a party consisting of the Leadership + One member. Answer to fourth - Oligarchs in the US? And about the middle ground party aka IHI/Italian Party - you keep bringing up realism in other answers, but then, when it suits you, you are talking about some middle ground party, which is non-existent in the US. Funny, how ya suit yourself. Answer to fifth - Well, like Detectives in the PD can not be corrupt, also it is good, that LFM looks over the Government, or it will be run over by people like there are now: who just take the paychecks, and do nothing. This should change and hopefully does. Answer to sixth - I would be bashing you as well, who was sleeping six months ago in BITE (homeless and still studying in the university), and now is some local politician + star psychologist half a year later. So, do not come at me with that. Answer to seventh - Well, it is a risk. So if you feel insulted by it, then you are actually feeling the danger. OVERALL: Stop making it personal Yaself, and DM if you have any problems, Miss Lumiere.
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    // retracting this offer, kriss can have it, honoring the buyout.
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    The issue isn't dealerships, it's the player base. People are switching cars almost daily with absolutely no realistic reason besides "I want a new car". It creates an absolutely inflated cash flow each week for dealerships. Quality management needs to crack down on peoples assets. There's a guy who lives in my faction apartment building (Each apartment is 45k so even less the a lot of south central) that has probably 4-6 cars including SUV's, sedans and sports cars. When you realize that this is the case for a large chunk of the server's "legal" player base you figure out pretty quick why the economics around dealerships and cars in general are so fucked.
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