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  1. Proudly Supplied By Fruit of the Vine Wine & Thin Blue Line Brewing Co. - Find us on FaceBrowser! @BringTheHeat - Business Inquiries E-mail: [email protected] Phone: 1204223 Hiring Bartenders & Security https://forms.gle/a9Ne8eRekXXvzK817 Need a job? Fill out this easy form & get in touch. HEAT™ Bar & Lounge is licensed in the state of San Andreas. Business ID #85/2019-01 Comments disabled.
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  2. The problem is that whilst it may be idealistic to have an application phase where we can trust people to actually be honest about being fluent English speakers and a high standard of roleplay quality, it is somewhat unrealistic in reality. Experience in this field comes from our past as a server; we tried to make the application process as easy as possible in the past and we received an influx of problem after problem from abysmal roleplay standards. The admin team isn’t really responsible for playing a cat and mouse game with bad roleplayers and poor English speakers unfortunately. You and I came from a server where decent role players were only within a certain clique. You’d have to more or less fit into their little group to solidify your chances of having a decent interaction otherwise you were going to encounter a demotivating scenario which will most likely push you into leaving or taking a break. We have learnt from the past in regards to quality and quantity. We now and will in the future be favouring quality over quantity and if players are unwilling to dedicate their time (it takes about 15 minutes, if that) to fill out the application process then that already screams out alarm bells that there’s a high chance that they’re lazy roleplayers too. EDIT: We understand that the players may feel that the admin team is here to ensure that people are being quality roleplayers but realistically, we are also here to roleplay. We don’t have enough time in the day to be sat here day after day and expected to monitor players because they “should be learning how to roleplay.” That would just make those in the admin team lose out on any chances of roleplay in their free time too. @PandaGaming
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  3. Bureau of Licensing shuts down The Vanilla Unicorn Published: 7th of January, 2019. In the late hours of the 5th of January the Los Santos City Government descended on the Vanilla Unicorn in Strawberry over licensing issues. The LSPD were called in to assist with the situation, which spurred tension between the establishment's staff and its legal representation against the LSPD. Los Santos City Government officials in attendance, led by Mayor Vincent Rockford (center background). An unidentified police officer is seen speaking to Leon French. Managing the Unicorn was Peta Fitzhugh, who provides her account of the night. Her staff of 7 were midway through a successful opening when the bartender informed her that a representative from the government had requested her attention. The representative identified himself as Leon French and stated the club lacked a liquor license as it had never applied for one, which Fitzhugh could “scarcely believe”. The conversation was broken up with sporadic comments from the Unicorn staff, French was “quick to hurry off” when questioned regarding the license itself. The situation was complicated as the current lease owner of the Unicorn, Holly Hatch, was not available at the time to provide the required information. The aforementioned government representatives later returned with the LSPD. Fitzhugh was informed by her staff members of their arrival. Fitzhugh contacted Cynthia Vasquez, a named partner of the Vasquez & Cross law firm. Unicorn staff were ordered to continue working in the meantime. Upon her arrival Vasquez requested that the government and police refer them to the law that states the government is able to enter a business and close it down. The request was refused. Fitzhugh elaborated: “we threw it on trespassing because we no longer wanted to welcome them in our fine establishment and told them to wait outside. Once the Mayor arrived we went to talk with him”. Incumbent Mayor Vincent Rockford was pitched the same questions, however according to Fitzhugh they were not answered. Arriving past 11PM on an Elgin Avenue crammed with vehicles, a verbal standoff between Vasquez and the police was underway. Vasquez questioned LSPD Lieutenant Hector Dimakos on the subject of lawful entry and the general legality surrounding private property. The tone was set with Vasquez responding to the LSPD's compliance demands with: “I’m only legally required to follow legal orders”. An LSPD Sergeant (far right) looks on from the entrance to the Vanilla Unicorn as Cynthia Vasquez (second from right) demands information from the LSPD. Peta Fitzhugh (center, in pink) also looks on. Vasquez’ questions of whether the LSPD present were aware of the laws they were enforcing on behalf of the government and if said laws were written at the time of the incident (referencing the Rule of Law) went unanswered. Dimakos claimed the staff were obstructing, to which the Unicorn’s staff and Vasquez reaffirmed that they were not and that the LSPD could walk past them. Cynthia Vasquez (far left) detained in handcuffs. Officer Macintosh stands to her left, with Lieutenant Dimakos reciting orders on the far right. Vasquez was initially assumed to be an owner or manager of the club. Upon asking for the reason for her detainment, she was dismissed and Dimakos promptly walked away. Officer MacIntosh, the detaining officer, was unable to explain the cause for the detainment and plainly stated he was following orders from his superior. Meanwhile a team of 3 LSPD officers led by Sergeant Harrelson breached entry into the establishment by means of firing at the entrance door with an issued shotgun. This was implied to have happened without prior warning to those nearby, causing a member of staff to suffer an anxiety attack following the departure of the LSPD. A staff member also recorded the occurrence on their cell phone. City Official Spencer Jameson (far left) standing near his government colleagues. Captain Charles Hughes (center, in plainclothes) stands among his officers as their Scene Commander. Captain Charles Hughes eventually approached to clear up the issue; Vasquez had been detained for officer safety and interrupting “the flow of the crime scene”. Captain Hughes also had the following to say of the situation: “We were mandated by Mayor Rockford to close down this business, Miss Russo.” Spencer Jameson of the Department of Finance explained: “The scope of our authority as the Department of Finance is laid out in the City Charter. The business here registered [The Vanilla Unicorn] with the city government but never filed a request for a liquor license. It was elongated, seemingly deliberate violation of city code. We didn’t want an ordeal, we just wanted them to shut operations until they were properly licensed.” The City Charter is currently unavailable for unknown reasons. In the early hours of the 6th of January; The Los Santos Government made the Business Licensing & Municipal Accountability Act public knowledge. The Act details the Bureau's authority in Chapter II, Section 201. Warrants were allegedly filed for the night, however the staff at the Vanilla Unicorn claim they were not shown a warrant throughout the night. The warrant itself was allegedly approved by a judge to facilitate the seizure of the alcohol within, which was returned less than an hour later. The Vanilla Unicorn has since applied for a Liquor License. Staff at the Vanilla Unicorn boarding up their damaged entrance. R&R is an independent news source operating from Los Santos, with coverage across the city and its associated counties. R&R operates freely under Article I, Section 2 of the San Andreas Constitution.
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  4. Place Your Order Today! The Del Perro Brewing Company is pleased to offer ONLINE ordering! Click below to place your online order, FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED! ORDER NOW DISCLAIMER: Thin Blue Line Brewing Company dba. Del Perro Brewing Company is a registered trademark. All employees are licensed brewers through the State of San Andreas. Business License #61/2018-11 COMMENTS ENABLED.
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  5. The Mihailovic Klan also known as The Mesars is an Serbian organized crime group operating All over Los Santos. Named after the Serbian word for The Butcher, the criminal organization is made up of Eastern European immigrants living in the middle-low class neighborhoods of Los. The members usually come from; Serbian, Croatia and Macedonia. I.Mandaric (left-alive) G.Mihailovic (middle-unknown) R.Mihailovic (middle-deceased) B.Mihailovic (right-alive) The criminal organization was officially formed in the summer of 2005 by Serbian immigrants living in the post-Balkan immigrant communities of Vespucci Beach, though many of their members have been criminally active elsewhere since the late 1990s. Over the course of the late 2000s and early 2010s, the criminal organization moved into territory occupied by skinhead street gangs, ragtag groups of Sureno affiliated cliques. The criminal organization earned their place in Vespucci by engaging in drug dealing, sales of stolen firearms, selling stolen property and through extorting local small businesses.The criminal organization operates out of Vespucci, where they are extremely selective when recruiting new associates and full members. Aspiring associates and members are put to the test by being made to sell drugs, stolen firearms, robbed property and through aiding in local extortion schemes. Sometimes, the hijacking of long-haul trucking shipments which are brought into the Westside of the city by truckers from elsewhere in San Andreas and outside of the state is perpetrated by up and coming members in order to prove their worth.The organized crime group is very small and remains out of public eye as a result. The Los Santos Police Department are pretty much unaware of their existence, even though some of their members have spent time in the Twin Towers Correctional Facility and the Men's Central Jail over the years for misdemeanor convictions. Almost all residents of the Vespucci suburban neighborhood can freely and willingly ignore the existence of the organized crime group without any sort of consequences whatsoever.
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  6. Would love to see this, along with a few other phone options like group texts. Makes it so you don't have to message through facebrowser ^
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  7. I like what you've got going on here, awesome idea, good luck!
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  8. @Chef is killing it! Can't wait to see more of Roy
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