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  1. Following the death of Jo, his godfather and uncle Yuudai Suraisu came to the country to see his nephew burried.. however with his arrival Cu is confused as to what his uncles' plans really are. Yuudai Suraisu, the elder brother of Tanchi Suraisu a man of tradition and conservatism. Godfather to Jo and uncle of Cu & Shuai. He's a self made millionaire who doesn't take no for an answer, vintage age with great experience in the underground. A boss in a Yakuza branch; he put his right hand in charge while he has to handle "family business" in Los Santos. * Black Dragon arrives at the compound as a vehicle follows in after them * After a couple of days in Los Santos, Yuudai began to settle in: with his vast knowledge in the underground he found his way around the syndicate faster than anybody expected. His initiation happened the night he arrived in the city - his reputation proceeded his plans. * After a day, the date for the funeral has been announced and the reception has been prepared. Yuudai began to wonder of what words would bring significance to the funeral of his Godson. * Jo was the eldest of his generation of the Suraisus. He brought his brother and then cousin to San Andreas to make a better living. The boys.. Jo and Cu had lost their father and mother to prison at the age of adolescence. Shuais' mother has taken them in as their own, they were in a new home.. in America. Then as adults they craved their own way.. here in San Andreas. Jo, as the eldest has made sure that if he was to go that his legacy would remain. Therefore we pay our respects, for the achievements of Jo and his sacrafice to what he believed in. Jo lives in the memory of his family. 継続は力なり (continuation is power)
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  2. the current maximum price is basically inviting people to abuse it better save the trouble and reduce the maximum to something that people won't misuse whether intentional or not. $5k rent = bad idk what a normal rent price is tbh. $500? basically any maximum that people won't get banned for, if they rent their property out to alts
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  4. Great video mate! LEGIT!
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  5. Cool thread, good development! Keep it up.
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  6. Hi everyone! This topic is an update of the first January Staff Update (HERE), you all most likely noticed that staff applications were closed recently and now, as promised, we're going to induct several members into GTA World's staff team and also we have some Admin Training graduates. Without further ado, I will now move on and announce our staff promotions: Admin Promotions Everett -> Game Administrator Lvl.1 OhSoFly -> Game Administrator Lvl.1 Taunky -> Game Administrator Lvl.1 DagoMike415 -> Game Administrator Lvl.1 Kota -> Game Administrator Lvl.2 Congratulations! You've all quickly learned and achieved excellent work! Tester Promotions Mecovy Serower kilerbite Bonestorm JimmyCZ Baconlove96 Apache norrig Orcaninja Rozi Mik3NL Congratulations and welcome in the team! Staff Reinstatements We also have a couple of staff members reinstating into our team Denturius Warshock Stefan Welcome back! Once again I'd like to congratulate everyone who made it into staff team this month, or got promoted. I'm sure you all will fit right in!
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  7. Name: Isabella “Izzy” Rhodes Age: 21 Date of Birth: 30/10/1996 Hometown: Westdyke, Alderney Location: 2330 Jamestown Street, Rancho. Vehicle: Vapid Guardian, painted a garish mustard shade. Noted by Rhodes to look like ‘a Tonka truck.’ Occupation: None, spends time floating between various jobs. Appearance: Rhodes is twenty-one years old. Decent-looking if one is alright with a strong nose and jaw, with pale grey eyes, freckles and—most obviously—fairly vivid red hair. 5’9” and somewhat skinny, but relatively fit. She has some light burn scars on her torso and arms that are mostly covered by tattoos, and has heavier burn scars on her legs that have yet to be covered. Rhodes often wears cheap, grungy clothes or ones that she found second-hand, although usually put together with enough thought to look somewhat fashionable. Often, however, her clothes are somewhat geared to wherever she’s trying to fit in. She possesses a strong Alderney accent, and usually speaks rather coarsely, although she’s not above affecting a more polite demeanor if she thinks it’ll help the situation. Biography Between two e-mails, roughly two months ago: To: [email protected] From: [email protected] Norton, Your fucking daughter stole a lot of money from me, and I want it back plus interest. If I don’t get both my money and your daughter delivered to my front step, I’m going to make life very difficult for you. To: [email protected] From: [email protected] Carmine, My daughter was disowned the moment she started embarrassing the family. That was long before she got involved with you. If you think I know or care where she is, then you are severely mistaken. However, I'm willing to pay you the sum that she stole if you keep this business away from me, and keep whatever your retaliation is private. I don't need that kind of publicity. I'm sure neither do you. However you deal with her, you won't get a retaliation from me. I promise you. If anything, you'll be doing me a favor. Family Life The Pink Swan and the Heist Los Santos/The Present
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  8. So here is a short list of some 1-word emotions, facial expressions or "direct facial action verbs" to help with better expressing your character through single-word /me's and /ame's. The more variation and uniqueness we can get in, the better roleplay for all of us. Especially useful for non native-speakers, like myself. All of these can be expressed through a /me. Such as "/me smiles", but things such as "/me reveals a wide smile" can be used too with great results. You can even combine words, such as “/me cocks his eyebrows before bursting into laughter” Happy mood: smiles winks giggles chuckles cackles laughs chortles grins smirks blushes Sad mood: cries sniffs weeps sobs sighs flaunts bawls inhales sniffles Angry/pain/embarrassed mood: screams/yells/shouts snarled groans grunts winces growls scowls glares gnarls juts frowns sulks sneers Other/non assorted: sniffs stares ogles gazes peeps nods squints sneezes peeks pouts Obviously way more exists, so please help expand the list. Words such as "jogs", "runs", "punches" and such are not emotions/facial expressions, but rather just actions. They must work standalone/independent from other words, otherwise they don't count on this list ;)
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  9. I personally use Photoshop CS6 for my screenshots. 1. Use /blindfold and take a screenshot using either the GT-MP bind or using Fraps (whatever program you prefer). Afterwards, open up your Photoshop program and drag the screenshots you want to edit into PS. (I already cropped out a screenshot with the overlay turned off). You want to drag the /blindfold screenshot in aswell in a separate tab. You also want to crop down and zoom in on the text you've captured in the /blindfold screenshot just to have a clear overview of what you're doing. 2. Next, unlock the Background by clicking on the lock icon - Right click on the unlocked Layer (0) and click on Blending Options. A menu should appear with a bunch of stuff. Head over to the sliders in the bottom and drag them both to the right. The ideal values for both settings are between 5 and 15. 3. After you've set the blending options, go to the little section on the right and create a new Layer (by clicking on the "New Layer" icon). Right-click on the new Layer and click on "Merge Down" (Do not click on the thumbnail of the Layer or the option won't come up!) Then, you want to Double Click on Layer 0 or click on the "FX" button in the bottom right tab. A menu should pop up and you want to click on "Stroke". Make sure the stroke is set to "1" and the position on "Outside". 4. After you've set the blending options & stroke, you can start pasting the text on your screenshot(s). Firstly, you want to head to the left column and select the Rectangular Marquee Tool. Select either the entire part of the text or parts of it. Be careful, you might cut out parts of the letters Either use the "Image - Copy" option or simply press "CTRL + C" to copy the selected part of the text. 5. Lastly, paste (CTRL +V) the selection you copied onto your other screenshot. You'll need to Double Click and check the "Stroke" option once again after you've copied it onto your screenshot. You can move the selection around using either your mouse or the arrow keys on your keyboard. Play around with the settings & positioning to create unique screenshots. That's all! I hope this guide helped Y'all out in some way! The final product should look something like this:
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