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  2. Lance

    I've seen it open like 3 times and it's for sale already..
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    Still sought after
  6. Wild9645

    Thomas Getting Full Patched
  7. Radical

    this one goes out to all my greenstas let me take you to the east side where the green rags bang let me take you to the killer side where they let skraps hang mv^^
  8. Spider-Mayne

    El traidor de Michoacán
  9. Bistek

    WTFman and SZR (secret zombie room), back in 2006
  10. hotboy

    when you flag on late night
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  14. Rheotic

    Exquisite, high-class, and a fine dining restaurant is now up for sale. The business is located right at the heart of Los Santos, Rockford Hills. A pretty populated area with a lot of business flow, an area with great potential. The restaurant comes with a stunning rooftop, also a dining area with a view down Los Santos and our lovely Rockford Hills. (pictures will be posted soon) The business generates around $30,000 to $40,000 a night if the clientele traffic is good, and if it's average you make at least $20,000. It's a great business to run but it is too much for me at the moment as my schedule is getting pretty busy these days and I'd rather pass it on to somebody's capable of squeezing out every bit of potential from the place, so. Good luck to everybody and myself. CONTACT: 7654321 — [email protected] STARTING BID: $600,000 BID STEP: $15,000 BUYOUT: $900,000
  15. Benny Black

    Who the fuck named themselves Budd Dwyer AKA the Pennsylvania treasurer who blew his brains out on live TV?
  16. Fenrir

    Animal 9/10
  17. Zweepuh

  18. peeping tom

    Where's Barry man?
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  20. Syrike

    I'm not for adding any additional rules in this, the original scene that Borhoi described in his original Post clearly falls under the current DM rules and should be reported so that people RPing in such a manner can be brought to the attention of Staff. Trying to impose rules on these things only serves to limit roleplay because people will be worried that someone will think it is just deathmatching or against the rules and what would otherwise be a normal situation would now become a /b fest that simply does not need to happen. As for Haitian's suggestion, whilst I see the merit of it. This would not work as intended and would instead cause these people who would be at risk of CK to find a way that the person they wished to kill could not fight back, thus leading to unrealistic and poor RP. As it stands, report people who are guilty of poor RP and deathmatching to the staff team and they will be dealt with appropriately. There is an entire team dedicated to this called Player Management.
  21. Updated relationship and updated alliances.
  22. Stoops

    Personally favorite faction. Much love from Kurt!
  23. liew

    The pizza place looks fab, guys. Love it.
  24. A Blast Into The Future, Not The Past Section I: Value Entry was perhaps the most expensive of the venues we've visited, at $499, although we then paid only $500 for three drinks, two rum and cokes and a Swimming Pool (( No items? Disappointing! )) Which is a very livable price, decent even, estimating that the drinks cost probably about the average that you'd expect from a nightclub. Overall, however, 1965 remains one of the more expensive nightclubs that we've been to, and it was unclear whether they had any drinks offers or anything to motivate people to spend more on alcohol, overall, my advice to 1965 is to encourage more drinking, you're a nightclub, drunks are the biggest spenders! Big prices put those that are still sober off of it, after all. Early bird specials are a prime example of a good way to hook people in to buy more drinks. The entry fee and the total overall cost for drinks can be excused, however, due to the substantial amount of investment the venue has obviously had poured into it. With such a unique and beautiful building, it's obvious that 1965 is meant for the elite, and the section is on value, not price, and with a few more adjustments, I'd say 1965 could have the best value in the city. Value Score: 4/5 Section II: Music The way 1965 handled the music itself was up to the quality that you'd expect from a nightclub with so much investment. Clean, smooth transitions, similar music tone between the songs in the playlist, with very similar patterns, making it feel very fluid to dance to. Despite the fact that the flow of the music was good, and the transitions and the general theme being both fluid and easy to dance to, there was nothing about the music that really stood out that the club was an exclusive, classy place. While nobody was expecting Classical FM, the actual music itself can only be described as generic, top hits. As a patron described the music, "Meh." Music Score: 3/5 Section III: Staff 1965 did one thing right with their staffing - security. Kudos to the security staff! It's perhaps an unusual one to point out, however tonight the security staff were friendly, efficient and kept things moving. Through the radios you heard that they communicated well, there weren't any queues at the door despite ID checks, it really gave merit to their organisation and showed how efficient security can be in numbers. The bar staff, however, for a high-end establishment, seemed lacking. While they were indeed polite enough, the question remained if they were skilled enough. While they were more than capable to make the drinks, you expect a little more flair from a higher end venue, and unfortunately, they did not reach the mark, especially the one that perhaps the owner would have hoped for on THE opening night. Overall, the bar staff, absolutely fine, but really could use some more experience and training! Staff Score: 3/5 Section IV: Experience 1965 is truly one of a kind and, I promise you, you'll never see a venue like 1965 ever again, an absolutely astonishing interior hallmarked with one of the greatest light displays in any nightclub, one thing that is absolutely undeniable is that 1965 is one of the most beautiful places that we have visited in the city. A true stand out, 1965 shows itself to be a very classy, well maintained and expensive place to run, making you feel like you're in the presence of luxury. From the overabundance of security to the beautiful lights, there's truly nowhere as beautiful or with as much class as 1965. Experience Score: 5/5 Overall Score: 3.75/5 High Class, High Score. We spoke to the owner, Jimmy Braxton after the review had concluded to get some perspective on the venue. Jimmy told us that the investment into the nightclub to be slightly north of $350,000, which to us, helps clarify the initial pricing concerns that we had on the venue. Jimmy continued on saying that the venue was extremely unique, being a piece of art itself. Describing himself as a visionary, Mr Braxton continued on in saying that he wishes to raise the bar... To other bars (read that a few times to understand it). Braxton describes the club as an underground, yet classy nightclub, describing his above average prices as following that statement. On the name, Braxton gained his motivation from the year of the first large executive nightclub in Algonquin. stating that he wishes to see 1965 become the most exclusive club in Los Santos. "it also gave me quite a good reason to put my name with big ass numbers everywhere." Saints News #ForSaintsBySaints Have FaceBrowser? Get Involved and Give Us A Like. Read Our City Guide!
  25. iGhoul

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