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  2. Is that the correct address for the property?
  3. Corne

    I love the feature to work in businesses. I think it's a pretty amazing idea I've never thought about as a developer before. But I would also absolutely hate the idea of forcing this on everybody. I mean, if I want to talk to a cashier or become one I could very easily do that IRL. Isn't the entire point of roleplay to be able to do things that you wouldn't immediately be able to do IRL? I sure love using my fantasy in order to come up with things I wouldn't or couldn't ever do IRL but I enjoy roleplaying ingame. Sure, if some people want to live in a world that feels like The Sims, they should be able to, and it's good that features are implemented to allow that, but it shouldn't be forced on everyone. I'd even say that with the time I've spent on the server I already found it rather hard to realize my character ideas because it can sometimes feel like a lot is forced onto you already.
  4. Since today I can't connect to the server; Connection lost, reconnecting all the time. I see that there are players in the server so the server is not down.
  5. Smonk

    server crashes fucked my logs rip
  6. HunterCohen

    This is for @Nervous I think we should be able to donate our own world points to other players. When I get my new card after the tragedy, I'm going to buy 5000 world points, and I want to be able to give some of these world points to a friend of mine who is starting a faction with me. There have been times in the past where I've had to donate $15+ just to give someone 100 world points and I've had 100 world points that I'm not using myself. I understand that it may be an issue because you guys make less, which is fair enough because you deserve as much money as you can get due to the amount of effort you put into the server, but it gets annoying because I'm not made of money lmfao.
  7. Bek

  8. Today
  9. Still valid. Ownership has changed, however.
  10. Chucky

  11. Hal

    Well done, screens looking great.
  12. Underwood

    Thinks his dad sum mafia or shit 😂
  13. cracked

    anyway, my opinion very very important example; i see this alot at gas stations. they tend to RP saying for example that my 10 donuts im buying will be 8$, even though its 800$. i think we should just stick to the prices that exist even though they don't make sense. try to ignore it.
  14. fucking mom walked in on me but i said fuck it
  15. Gryffin

    Job offer still up.
  16. Memozzy

    Back from absence - Still available.
  17. Memozzy

    It also looks stupid to ask for one price while you actually want another. If it's such a huge deal that rustles your jimmies too much then RP it as a debit card you pay with or use wire transfers more. I'd much rather deal with massive inflation and high prices than the mixing of IC / OOC eyesore. It's not perfect but it's the way it is. And if you're such an economic crusader who wants it to mirror RL so much then go on and suggest something on the suggestion board or add to already suggested post. It would appear this can be just as polarizing subject as the whole CK / PK debate.
  18. Captain

  19. Captain

  20. cryybabyycryy

    Looks great, so clean.
  21. Captain

  22. Captain

  23. Captain

  24. Westen

    The apprehension of Charlotte Mayfair after she murdered a police officer. To the right is Carlos Cantu, deceased. Cantu was shot and killed by police after ramming through an armed barricade to try and help Mayfair escape.
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