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Cobra    91

Short description:

Introduce Clinics and Medical Centers as businesses to provide healthcare to Los Santos, the same as any other business such as a clothes store or 24/7.  


This suggestion was made with Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and Gun Shot Wound (GSWs) in mind which are scripted to be recognised by the server. 

We could also provide frequent updates to treat for a variety of other medical conditions such as Asthma, Cardiac Arrest...etc. by using a guide of common medical conditions to role-play in GTA World. Check out 'Medical conditions and how to role-play them' by clicking HERE


Detailed description:

Clinics and small Medical Centers would be available to players hoping to run a healthcare business. For the time being there should probably only be one or two on the map to encourage customers to use the same business and allow it to grow. 


Healthcare services

The Clinics and Medical Centers would provide the following scripted services:

  • Diagnostics for medical conditions (Such as STDs)
  • Treatment for medical conditions (Such as STDs)
    • Drugs
    • Surgery
    • Dressings and antiseptic
    • Others (This is set by the business owner with help from GTA World staff.)
    • And more... (suggest below)
  • Health insurance


Buying a healthcare service

If you suspect you have an illness or you've been injured, you can make your own way to the Clinic/Medical Center or call an ambulance from FD (in life threatening emergencies). 


You must enter a marker inside the medical center to purchase a service from the front desk (other markers will be placed in several Doctor's rooms so that the same services can be purchased there also). The following options on a menu will pop-up:


  1. See a Doctor for diagnostics
  2. Treatment for your illness
  3. Purchase health insurance


See a Doctor for diagnostics

The script will come back to you after a moment telling you what medical complication you have. If a Doctor's present, you must roleplay going to the Doctor's room for diagnostics. If you are for example on a gurney brought in by an ambulance, the ambulance staff will take you there to be diagnosed and treated already, bypassing front desk. 

More than one condition could be diagnosed. 


For example:

  • You have the following Sexually Transmitted Disease: Chlamydia, this must be treated with antibiotics
  • You have sustained the following Gun Shot Wounds to your; left leg and left arm, these must be treated immediately by going into surgery.  
  • You have sustained the following Laceration to your; right arm, this should be treated with dressings and antiseptic to avoid infections. 
  • And more... (suggest below)


You will then pay a small fee for being diagnosed. If you choose to be treated you will have to purchase treatment. You can also refuse treatment by leaving but you must role-play the consequences if your condition is severe. 


At any time you can type /diagnosis to see a list of your conditions and their status. (Untreated, treated, cured...etc.)


  1. Chlamydia - Untreated
  2. Gun Shot Wound - Treated


Treatment for your condition

If a Doctor's present, you must roleplay going to the Doctor's room for treatment. If you are for example on a gurney brought in by an ambulance, the ambulance staff will take you there to be treated already, bypassing front desk. 


You will then select the treatment that's been suggested to you for your condition.


For example:

  • Antibotics (E.g. Azithromycin) for your; Chlamydia. Take 4 over a period of 2 days to become cured. 
  • Surgery for your; Gun Shot Wounds (GSWs). 
  • Dressings and antiseptic for your; Laceration (caused by being stabbed/cut)
  • Other (The business owner would choose what other treatments you can buy with the help of GTA World Staff.)
  • And more... (suggest below)



  • You can purchase drugs for your inventory that you will have to take in order to cure yourself
  • There's a chance that the drugs may fail and you will have to come back to the medical center to purchase more or different ones
  • The drugs will come in different forms such as tablets, injection...etc. Some are stronger than others.  



  • If you purchase surgery, your controls/commands will be disabled for a few minutes and your camera will be teleported to the surgery room (like the tutorial) with your character in a laying animation, while you undergo treatment.
  • You're able to see the chat during this time so you can see a Doctor's /me and /do, before they then /release you.
  • If no Doctor is present (e.g. they had to quit the game) then it will automatically end after 1 minute.   
  • Once released you will be able to move around freely again, with full HP. 


Dressings and antiseptic

  • You can purchase dressings and antiseptic for your inventory that you can apply by accessing your inventory (you could also roleplay having a Nurse do this).
  • You can stock pile them to have at home so you don't need to visit a Clinic/Medical Center. 


You will be charged per item of drug you purchase, or for one session of surgery, or for dressings and antiseptic, or for what ever treatment you choose. Prices will vary (dressing/antiseptic for example will be cheap, surgery quite expensive). 


Purchase health insurance

You can also purchase a health insurance package. You will pay health insurance weekly, meaning when you are diagnosed and treated you do not have to pay for the service on the spot (which will cost considerably more than several weeks of insurance payments.) but it will merely be covered for by your insurance. 



In order for a healthcare service to be bought, customers must go to a Clinic or Medical Center. These can be purchased as businesses.


Businesses that choose to purchase a property should roleplay it properly. Large medical centers should be able to provide a variety of services (most will be roleplayed until scripts for further conditions come along), as opposed to small clinics that can only provide limited services. 


Examples are seen below:


Central Los Santos Medical Center


A healthcare business will be able to purchase, for example, Central Los Santos Medical Center. This property is extremely expensive but it has the opportunity to provide a huge variety of services and a larger income than other centers. It also has parking for customers, ambulances, helicopters, an emergency room and more. 


The Bay Care Center


A healthcare business could also purchase the much smaller clinic, The Bay Care Center. By comparison this property is cheap, providing limited services. It does have a small area for parking and for ambulances but not much more. While it can provide drugs, dressings/antiseptic and some diagnostics, it can't provide surgery. 


A full list of varying Medical Centers and Clinics, such as the one seen below, can be found here.



The Los Santos Fire Department, Ambulances and Vehicles

Businesses will be able to purchase vehicles like any other business, including non-emergency patient transport ambulances.

  • For example, to transport a patient home after receiving treatment or a regular patient who's undergoing treatment such as someone who's roleplaying having treatment for cancer. 


In an emergency patients must call the Fire Department on 911 to be taken to a Medical Center for further diagnostics and treatment.

  • For example, if a patient is ejecting blood due to having an STD, they must call an emergency ambulance.
  • The LSFD will be able to provide treatment for such conditions like STDs, but they'd still need to visit a Clinic/Medical Center for further evaluation, treatment and hopefully a cure. 


The LSFD will always be able to provide a preliminary diagnosis and a range of treatment (BLS, ILS...etc.) on scene through their roleplay, but they will most likely transport the patient to the hospital for scripted diagnosis and treatment.

They can also dismiss a patient on scene if their condition isn't transport worthy and give advice (such as to buy some dressings or antiseptic to apply later), allowing ambulances to be freed up for other emergencies.


An example of the process:

A simplified example of a process for treating STD. 


  1. Someone has contracted an STD during sex
  2. They're unaware of their condition until one day they begin to eject fluids from their genitalia
  3. At first they decide to call a Taxi to visit the Medical Center, but they collapse and bleed (Losing HP)
  4. Someone else calls the LSFD on 911
  5. The LSFD show up with an ambulance
  6. The LSFD provide treatment by stopping the bleeding and giving drugs to fight the symptoms and stabilise them
  7. They're transported in the LSFD ambulance to the Medical Center
  8. At the Medical Center they're taken to a Doctor's room, handing over care from the LSFD to the Medical Center
  9. The Doctor will /me Performs a diagnosis of the patient. What does she find? 
  10. The patient selects diagnosis in the menu, before then showing the results and replying with /me is suffering from an STD.
  11. The Doctor will then /me begins to setup and administer Drugname through an injection
  12. The patient then selects that drug in the marker. For now this is simplified to categories such as antibiotics, antidotes...etc. so the player can understand. 
  13. The Doctor will then /me Finishes administering Drugname through injection
  14. They will then carry on their roleplay until the patient has received treatment for the STD
  15. They are released
  16. After a few days they will receive a message telling them if they are cured or not of their condition. If they are not, they will have to go back to the medical center to repeat the process or try something different. At any point they can check the status of their condition with /diagnosis


Items and commands to add:

  • A menu to purchase services
  • /release
  • /diagnosis 


How would your suggestion improve the server?

  • A complete process for medical conditions; Cause, symptoms, transport, diagnosis, treatment, cure. Currently we only have cause, symptoms and transport, leaving medical roleplay unfinished. 
  • Provide roleplay at hospitals and medical centers; Currently these buildings are mostly abandoned, with the exception of when an ambulance shows up and drops someone off - only for them to then run off and carry on as if nothing happened. 
  • Character development; This will encourage people to roleplay medical conditions over a period of time, and have something that will affect their future role-play. E.g. being cautious of unsafe sex or travelling in areas where shootings are common.
  • A proper treatment process for STDs.
  • More user-friendly roleplay for the LSFD and patients. Currently what happens is purely roleplay imagination and most people zone-out or become bored with complex medical roleplay (patients and LSFD members). 
  • More excuse to have a variety of medical conditions. Currently most people only have Gun Shot Wounds or wounds caused by Traffic Collisions, both must be roleplayed - whereas an Asthma attack for someone who has Ashtma is merely optionable (and believe me, we rarely get this roleplay in the LSFD.) 


Additional information:

  • This suggestion is limited as a full-scale healthcare system isn't sustainable at this stage
  • As will all my suggestions there's a lot of detailed information here, but I am open to different ideas and input so please comment below!
  • What I would ultimately like to see; a way we can make medical roleplay VARIED and FUN for EVERYBODY (whether it be this suggestion or something else.) 
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I just really want to stop getting NPC'ed every time I get in a car crash and need a minor checkup on my character. Like getting injured in character feels like a chore OOC. 

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Nervous    1399

Excellent suggestion, this is an example for all the others that want to put efforts into them. I'm keeping it pinned so I remember it first when I'll need to do that system. Thank you.

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