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Game Changelog

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CodenameTim    41

Update #108:

  • Fixed a bug in the drunken system.
  • Set a waiting time of 10 seconds when you refill your vehicle.
  • Fixed a bug in the headshot system, you will now be able to headshot a player with all weapons and not only handguns
  • Activated the door lock/unlock for the police doors again.
  • Added more badge images to the /badge command from LEO's.
  • Reworked the economy system in order to prepare the economy for a comeback of the government roleplay:
    • The paycheck asset taxes we added back, with 0.0002% of your assets taxed If you have more than $400.000, per paycheck
    • The government is now receiving the money from all taxes, dealerships
    • The government is now responsible for paying legal businesses, and the money is taken from their bank
    • The government is now responsible for paying official legal factions each months for their monthly budget
  • Increased store-robbery money to $5000.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing death when using cocaine or marijuana
Edited by Nervous

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Nervous    3353

Update #108.1:

  • You will now properly receive your paycheck If you're unemployed or with a job.
  • Decreased fuel price by 150%.
  • You will now get back 100% of your house price instead of 80% when using /sellhouse.
  • Added lot of server side optimization on player connections.
  • Added lot of server side optimization on faction, vehicle and property saving.
  • Vehicles will not lock anymore after you lockpick'd it and its owner disconnects.

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Nervous    3353

Update #108.2:

  • /bad can now be used inside your business: It'll place the icon (blip) on the exterior entrance!
  • Vehicles will now spawn with the correct rotation
  • Added multiple server optimizations
  • Modified alcohol system to balance it and make it more realistic
  • Added new alcohol items:
    • Cider
    • Wine
    • Tequila
    • Rum
    • Whiskey
  • Added El Burro Heights FD icon, with /mduty and /equipment
Edited by Nervous

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Nervous    3353

Update #109:

  • The server is now using the new GTMP Open Beta version! 
  • Duty factions will now only receive paychecks while on duty (police, FD)
  • Fixed a bug preventing players from deleting their tattoos
  • Fixed a bug due to new GTMP version where the spawn menu would appear multiple times
  • Added /suicide when you have a gun to CK your character
  • Fixed the boombox / music (will require a new restart)
  • Added new vehicles at the Mirror Park dealership:
    • e34de654e78d623454e0e66ad09b13a3f6fb3eed
    • b163627c27fdfd4aa26f6477761a1ffbb3ee9157
    • 26ab3994bfb0745636257dc4d7920a21bc998fec
    • d734459cab2f043a9e783a31d3d2956db1d13371
    • 908be611e89f3abb42b9bb5ed9d0e9694c3c1bc4
    • aa301b64e34a37afdbdc82ef5cd930bffcb9ad04
    • 5f4d210a78156727894f2dda51631a8a4e7b5bf3
    • e9998c361b145b91a687be0c8c8dcc42f486beae
    • Retinue
    • Issi Classic
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CodenameTim    41

Update #1.0.10:

  • Added Vehicle indicators (Left Arrow / Right Arrow)
  • Added Weapon safety switch (F4 key)
  • Added Weapon fire mode switch (M key)
  • Payment for legal factions is now paid by the government instead of the faction bank.
  • Optimized the /damage command and fixed an issue with wrong bones.
  • The /low command will be shown in the range, regardless of in a vehicle or not.
  • Added a quantity option to the /treatmentitems command.
  • Fixed an issue with the character customization menus.
  • You will now spawn when all your data is loaded (short delay by login).
  • Fixed a bug in the /refill that only PD/FD vehicles are paid by the government.
  • Fixed a bug with the paychecks that some people didn't get a paycheck.
  • Added a delay of 20 seconds for the police trace command.
  • Added the newest version of the GT-MP Server (open beta version update)
  • Fixed a bug due to the new GTMP update where you would sometimes be out of the vehicle when trying to buy a new vehicle at the dealership
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Nervous    3353

Update #1.0.11:

  • Weapon safety switch is now X 
  • Spawn options will now be available after you crash instead of forcing you to wait 60 minutes
  • Fixed a bug where you would sometimes pay twice for your driving license
  • Added your character name on your discord activity
  • Added /fixr to stop the XM Radio for your client only
  • Sheriff vehicles will now be equipped with LED sirens
  • /trace delay is now 10 seconds instead of 60 seconds
Edited by Nervous

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Nervous    3353

Update #1.0.12:

  • Added xTV to the facebrowser store: you can now buy a TV and place it temporary outside for everyone to use!
  • Your TV furnitures can now be used and players can watch synchronized channels together: If you want to add a custom channel (livestream etc...) you can send a request to @JoeWarner who will add it!
  • You will now only pay taxes on new houses only If you already own 2 houses. If some of your businesses are considered as house, please contact property management which will change it to a real business.
  • Factions can now own up to 3 faction garages, with /fgarage id
  • Police radars will now only check vehicles speed
  • Fixed a bug where all objects in properties would be listed as "Unknown"
  • Fixed a bug where the phone was not working anymore after using /changechar
  • Fixed a bug where /pickup was not working anymore for picking up the phone
  • Added /clearchat
  • Added the musket in legal ammunations
  • Added an icon for SD in Paleto Bay
  • Added Sheriff default customization in /uniform for males and females
  • Added SD equipment shop in Paleto Bay
  • You will now be automatically teleported out of Grove Street upon spawn to avoid crashes with GTMP
Edited by Nervous
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Nervous    3353

Update #1.0.13:

  • Added more server side mechanisms to avoid you from crashing upon spawning in the world
  • Added weapons in SD vehicles
  • Players connecting into a GTA online interior will now properly load the interior
  • Fixed a rare bug where some cars could not be chop'd whereas they were in the chop list
  • FD paychecks were drastically increased
Edited by Nervous
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Nervous    3353

Update #1.0.14:

  • Weapons will once again be visible: large weapons cannot be hidden, and small weapons can be hidden using /hideweapon and /showweapon
  • Added /showlicenses to show all your licenses to a player
  • Increased the performance of the GTX Dominator
  • Fixed /toggle news that was not properly hiding news texts
  • /fgarage will no longer take your money without creating a garage If you use a number higher than 3
  • Added 6 new interiors
  • Added 6 new animations for alcohol and drinks
  • Fixed a bug with robberies: players were getting an error and a robbery confirmation message at the same time, but the robbery wasn't starting
  • Fixed /ad price check & print error
  • The GPS will now properly save in your car
  • Added /calculator to make some calculus
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Nervous    3353

Welcome to Paleto Bay




The city of Paleto Bay is looking for new community members! It's time to leave the city and join the county, where you will be able to explore a world of new activities and people. 

Paleto Bay is now one of the new main areas, with the following content added:

  • Housing
  • Businesses
  • Sheriff Department HQ
  • Meat Factory


While some of you might not be fans of removing some players from the city, we're now starting to reach our highest peaks of players (100+ before the open beta) and we plan to host up to 180 players with the new optimizations. Splitting some players in the county will definitely help on optimizing the server, but will also allow players affected by performance issues to roleplay where their FPS will be better. We still want to see hubs of activity like mirror park, just replicated across the map. If these works expect to see other hotspots open up as we continue to grow!


New activity





You'll now be able to hunt animals in the county, and sell their carcass at Paleto Bay meat factory! Buy a Musket at the ammunition and go find animals while enjoying the sun on the northern side of San Andreas.


This is a unique feature on GTMP involving very advanced custom-made synchronization in order to update the animals positions, states, scenarios and deaths so we hope you'll appreciate the feature which will be improved over time.


New faction

Los Santos County Sheriff




The Los Santos County Sheriff will officially be available at the release of the update 1.1, and players will be able to join it in order to become a law officer in the county.


The faction will be a new take of Law Enforcement, by opening their first office in the Paleto Bay area. The Sheriff's will work closely with DoJ and LSPD to ensure the continued Law enforcement presence both in the county and the city. People will most likely see the new white Sheriff cruisers as they drive through the city to deliver suspects to the LSPD jail cells.


You can already apply today to be ready for the 21/04 LSCS grand opening: https://lscs.gta.world/viewtopic.php?f=560&t=2490&sid=2b127a9512adb469ef5ceb32fa27a162


New player owned business





An official cinema business will now be available for purchase! Some of you have already tried our current system that was imagined by one of our players, using a TV object. The system will be improved with a full cinema script, allowing you to:

  • Host a video stream to share with visitors If you own the cinema or rent it
  • Watch the video stream (movie, TV shows, youtube...) inside the cinema
  • Roleplay while watching the movie, as the CEF for the cinema will allow you to use the chat


Online Job Offers




Each player will now be able to register a job offer through their personal menu. These offers are permanent until the recruiter decides to remove them.

As a job applicant, you'll see the amount of job offers through your personal menu and will be able to subscribe to the different tasks or jobs available. Only connected recruiters offer will be visible in the system.

After you subscribe to a job, the recruiter will receive a notification with your contact information and call you back to recruit you for the job.

This feature will bring more interactions between players that are unknown to each other but both looking for roleplay opportunities and will help new players focus on roleplay jobs instead of the regular scripted jobs.


Dynamic doors system




The dynamic door system allows players to press L next to a door in order to unlock it. It was added for PD HQ doors a few weeks ago and will be added to all doors in your properties and businesses with the 1.1 update. This adds many more possibilities for custom interiors, we've seen some great ones already!


New bag feature!




The three bags are now the following:

  • Backpack (5kg)
  • Dufflebag (10kg)
  • Large dufflebag (15kg)


All bags will now be visible upon purchase on your character!


Visible weapons




All weapons are now visible on your character.

You can use /hideweapon or /showweapon to hide small pistols, but rifles and shotguns will always be visible on your character.


New vehicles for sale




The following vehicles have been added to the dealerships:

  • Declasse Yosemite
  • Street Blazer
  • Bus 1
  • Coach
  • Tug

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