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Property Pitch Auction #2 - Airsoft/Paintball Arena

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Atiku    134

Airsoft/Paintball Arena

Property Pitch Auction #2


This pitch auction will run for 7 days, please pay extra attention to the details below.


We're happy to announce the pitching of a new airsoft arena! This was property type introduced in the 1.3 update that has not yet received much love, two have so far been handed out; however, one has been removed for inactivity. We're now looking for a dedicated players with a well suited character to own and open a new arena for the whole server to be able to enjoy. The business will come with a script that allows for IC airsoft or paintball matches to be played as well as an arena for them to take place in. Games that occur within the business are entirely IC and are to be set up and played ICly, for example, while the script may alert you to when a character has been hit, the player will not respawn and instead how this is handled is up to the organizer of the game and for the player to follow their rules ICly.


In order to win this auction: we'll need you to submit a pitch about what your plans are for this business and why a business like this suits your character well. Most of all, we want to see effort being put it into the pitch - highest bid isn't the most important, reasoning and effort is, too. You really need to justify why it makes sense for your character to own this sort of business, and what exactly you plan to do with the business for openings + in the long run. The choice of how you want to roleplay this business type is completely up to you: it may be an airsoft arena, a paintball arena, some form of training facility, or any other fitting concept you can imagine!


Upon winning the auction, you will be asked to choose a location you want for your paintball arena (ideally some form of warehouse/large building). Property Management will then approve + setup the business if the location is appropriate, or offer a list of suggestions for locations if you need some ideas of where to have the business. Successful 'airsoft' businesses will also be able to expand in the future - if your business is successful, you will be able to include multiple interiors, allowing you to host more than 1 game at once.


There will be some special rules for this request:

  • You may not sell or transfer this property in any form before contacting Property Management for approval.
  • If you wish to namechange the character with this property, you must contact Property Management for approval.
  • The minimum bid will be $150,000.




Bidding Format:


Current character name:


Past character names:


UCP/login nickname:


Discord name:


Are you a solo player, or do you play with a group/faction? (If so, what is your faction name + thread?):


Reason/ your pitch: (Explain why your character is the right choice for the property, how it matches with your character background/portrayal and what your plans are for the business)

Go in detail:


In-game hours on all of your characters, combined?:


How much are you willing to pay for this property (minimum $150,000)?:


Fill out the above form and PM to the current Head of Properties. If you win the pitch auction, your pitch and your bid will be made public.

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