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[Asset Transfer Request] Silverio De Luca --> Bong Bon-hwa

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Theyss    2

UCP name: Theyss

Source character name: Silverio De Luca

Destination character name: Bong Bon-hwa

Amount of money: 0$

Assets to transfer (vehicles, houses): Dinka Akuma


What is the current roleplay of your source character? Current roleplay of my source character is a Firefighter within the Fire Department


What is the current roleplay of your destination character? A young Korean who will hopefully become a part of a neighborhood hang


Why do you need these assets on your destination character? [200 words minimum]

The most basic reason, first and foremost, is convenience of play. A moving vehicle. One could say "hey you can buy a faggio for 5k or a BMX for 1,something", well, that would not be in character at all, nor befitting the character itself. The aforementioned vehicle is a more fitting representation of the mindset and way of life of the destination character. Fast, unsafe and reckless, whereas the source character had purchased this as an impulse-buy. I need the assets on the destination character in order to basically have a vehicle representative of the character to move around in and not be limited to locations within the city which I can reach on foot within an hour. It's also a way for him to start becoming independent (I personally tend to stay away from money-grinds from jobs) and just have him roll around getting into roleplay situations which may provide some further and natural character growth. The nature of the bike also accommodates his Asian background which is fitting in and of itself and will allow him to perhaps fit in more when it comes to coming into his own within a group of people.

Thank you for the consideration.


Why do you think It would be realistic for you to receive these assets on your destination character? 

As mentioned above, the character has a background before coming into existence within the server. The bike would have probably been stolen, chopped, rebuilt and paperworked with fresh papers to begin with so he could acquire it. It's the main reason I'm not asking for any money from my source character. The young man probably spent all his money on doing the abovementioned actions anyway. For show, for "kicks". What comes next, well, remains to be seen in-character.

Edited by Theyss

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Ethanol    98

Accepted for x1 Dinka Akuma.


Get an admin to watch over the transaction IG whenever you decide to transfer it. 

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Franelli    111

Archived due to the age of this request and lack of response from the thread's author regarding its relevance. It is only fair to assume this has already been handled in-game.


Feel free to get in touch in any case.

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