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Jamestown Mafia

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Dashing    546


Jamestown Mafia (JTM) is a greenlit Latino street gang, claiming Rancho in South LS. The fiercely protective gang is deeply rooted in this low-income neighborhood, known for its Sureno heritage and gang history dating back to the 1960s. Infamously, it is one of the most recent Sureno gangs from Rancho to be greenlit by the Mexican Mafia, making it an outlaw among outlaws.


The gang is a family for those without one, valuing community and the protection of Rancho. Un-inked locals who respect JTM are treated with respect in turn and looked after. They support local businesses, as it's in their interest to bring traffic to the area.


Some are forced into the gang lifestyle because they have no other option, or they're born into it, whereas other locals seek to prove themselves to the gang for money, so they can feel safe, or because they want to be part of something. Jamestown Mafia's main source of income is drug dealing, however, members have been linked to armed robberies, arms dealing, assault, burglary, prostitution, larceny, and motor vehicle theft and in some cases homicide. 


Jamestown Mafia 41


After a collapse of Sureno power, a group of Rancho teenagers was left to fend for themselves with no guidance from older generations. The group started as a clique of small-time hustlers, claiming 'Jamestown Mafia 41' for Jamestown Street and the number 41 Rancho housing project. They wanted to make a quick buck, at first not caring about race or tradition. Soon locals started repping JTM 41 in ink to make a name for themselves and step out of the shadows of previous sets.




Jamestown Mafia X3


As profits and police attention increased dramatically, the gang decided to organize itself under a single shot-caller and integrate nearby cliques, becoming the uncontested power in Rancho. After defending their turf from rivals and surviving a prolonged conflict with white gangs, JTM re-established Rancho's relationship with the Mexican Mafia prison gang, becoming one of the most prominent Sureno powers in Los Santos for it's time. Many locals celebrated this return to tradition, remembering how older family members (many now incarcerated) had proudly repped the 13 and the Southside. Tattoos and tags were changed to reflect this, tax was kicked up to "La Eme" in return for protection in prison, and JTM's membership was restricted to Latinos. A few members who weren't Latino stayed, but never received "X3" ink nor the benefits of protection within prison.


When JTM's shot-caller was incarcerated, the Mexican Mafia sent a replacement with roots in the community, ensuring profits continued and taxes flowed upstate. This interim shot-caller took the gang in a more efficient and ruthless direction until his assassination by a disaffected member. But thanks to his reorganization, the set stayed strong until the release of the original shot-caller.




Luz Verde Rancho

By the summer of 2019, JTM X3 was proud to be the oldest active Sureno gangs in Los Santos, steadily kicking up their dues to the Mexican Mafia, proving to be a stable and prime source of la Eme's illicit tax revenue. JTM stayed while other gangs formed and crumbled. But something changed upstate and Rancho's tax collector disappeared. La Eme sent new representatives with a new approach.


One night, during an assassination attempt and massive police operation, the new Mexican Mafia representatives made a series of appearances in Rancho. Rumors around South LS say JTM members felt these visits were dangerous and disrespectful, because la Eme was trying to conduct business in full view of enemies, police, and seemed unaware of their taxpayer (JTM's shot-caller) falling into a bloody coma on the sidewalk nearby.


Regardless of what really happened that night, the Mexican Mafia gave other Surenos the "green light" to attack JTM in the streets and in prison. After a series of massacres, Rancho came together in church pews and on the streets. In this Rancho, community, and family meant more than the cold practicality of surrender, so JTM dropped the 13 from its name and prepared for life as the largest green light gang in the city.


NOTE: The faction's history is 100% IC, everything from the gang's formation to the present green light status has been RPed in GTAW.





Jamestown Mafia is the current gang that stakes claim to the Rancho housing projects and Jamestown Street. While our key focus is development, we aim to portray many aspects of life in and around the lower-income area of Los Santos, from locals portraying the day to day struggles of living in the hood, to gang affiliates hustling and everything in between, and our latest development, the struggles of a green light gang in South LS. Not all members of the faction are gang members, some are simply just locals from the area. Our main goal is to provide illegal roleplay, neighborhood roleplay, and bring activity to South LS, mainly in Rancho. Jamestown Mafia is a fictional gang which is not based on any specific real-world gang, however, we take a lot of inspiration from various predominantly Latino, and west coast gangs and their culture.


If you wish to post RP screenshots, then please PM me for permission.


Recruitment is done entirely in-character.


If you're interested in joining the faction and you're unsure where or how to get started, then I recommend PMing me here on the forums or on discord (Dashing#6097), and give a brief rundown of the character concept you intend to play just so we can make sure they'll fit in right with the faction and possibly offer tips on the concept.


Members of the faction are held to a high standard throughout their time roleplaying with us, so it's important to get your character right from the start. If you wish to join the gang and get more involved with illegal activities then your best approach would be to roleplay as an upcoming Latino from the neighborhood, somewhere between 14-16 would be the ideal age and you may age up your character in time as you develop. Other types of characters are welcome but don't expect to be getting involved with any of the illegal activities if you're RPing as an older person.


Feel free to hit me up via forum PM, or Discord PM if you need any help or just want to give a heads up that you’re gonna swing by on a character. You can also send a PM with any concerns, criticism or suggestions about the faction.

CK agreement:

Faction leaders hold the right to character kill your character if they see fit.

Upon joining the faction you hand over the right for your character to be character killed if the situation arises.

Faction character kills can only be decided upon by the faction leaders.


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Dashing    546



RP development table of contents






Old Sureno tags


From three heads to one: Jumper becomes the shotcaller


Beginning of the ‘Nazi Wars’








Rancho rejoins the Sureno world




The shotcaller is incarcerated



La Eme sends Oso to hold it down



Sitting down with the Los Santos Crime Family



Rancho style gardening



Oso is murdered



The shotcaller returns: Jumper is released on parole



La Eme sends new tax collectors



The assassination attempt: relations with la Eme break down











Rancho is green lit



Rehab: Jumper avoids the Surenos in prison


Rancho in mourning: aftermath of the green light attacks



Preparing for prison: lawyers & segregation



Tax Free: Jumper returns to Rancho



Crossing out the 13, part 1



Crossing out the 13, part 2


Police acknowledging & documenting tax free Rancho





Edited by Dashing

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Sexymofo    428
Just now, external said:

but how long will you be based out of the projects...

We don't plan on expanding or going anywhere... 

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