Short description: Deathrow penalty, and Condemned row prisons. Detailed description:    Hello, I'd like to say few things about this, we shall implement this just how it works IRL: you kill a police officer, do few civilian killings (which is mass DM anyway, but in some scenes it can change) you'll get the death penalty, especially because I see a lot of people pull out their guns against cops, that is so unrealistic you wouldn't risk life sentence, or being put in death row just because some player ordered you to kill an officer because he was about to jail the guy, I believe with this rule we would wipe out all the non rp behaviour stuff   Commands to add: -   Items to add: Condemned row prisons, and an execution room.   How would your suggestion improve the server? I fully believe this will clear all the non rp behaviour.   Additional information: 3 strikes, is rip character.