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Economy system - Government finances

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Feature Showcase:
Economy system - Government finances




This showcase is an introduction to the government finances and how they interact with the server as a whole.


City of Los Santos, first and foremost, are its’ people. Whether you roleplay a cab driver, a gangster, a miner or a bartender, we all create the living, breathing organism that we call Los Santos.


Currently, there is a single orthodox method for the money to enter the server – and that is through the interaction of the players with the script using the network of script jobs.


Back in the day, a server would also have methods of removing the money from the server – most often called “moneysinks”. GTA:W does away with this idea, instead focusing on having the money that entered the server move between the players, and – if need be – freezing it to cool down the economy as a whole. Government is the most important tool used to achieve this goal.


In general, most of what you do on the server is taxed. Most purchases, your paychecks, even your bank account. More often than not, the tax isn’t designed to be a method of creating extra revenue for the government, but an attempt to regulate the market. Take the road tax as an example – the idea behind it is to discourage spending every penny you have on a vehicle by it carrying a continuous cost with it instead of being a burden-free asset. There are arguments both for and against that tax, but that’s not what we’d like to discuss today.


Back to the taxes: every paycheck you can see the very visible hand of the government reaching into your pocket. I reckon there aren’t many players that truly know all of the places into which the money goes afterwards.


Let’s begin with the mandatory, script payments. For example, do you remember the $5,000 an hour basic income each of you have received at the start? It’s been taken (and still is being taken) directly from the government faction bank account. Effectively, the new players receive a lifeline from the old players – the government is only the conduit.


Up until recently, the LSPD and LSFD wages were deduced directly from the GOV account. Thankfully, we managed to put a stop to that. Right now, we discuss the faction budgets on a monthly (soon to be quarterly) basis. Everything from paygrades of a Police Officer III to an unit cost of a baton, the fuel and maintenance costs of the vehicles – all of the factors that we can reasonably account for are considered into the budget requests, reviewed and addressed in a commensurate manner by the City Government. It’s a solution we feel helps with the immersion for all parties involved – being wasteful /matters/ now.


Finally, there are the actual IC initiatives of the City Government. To give you an example – the government funded a construction of 12 new apartments in Hawick just this last week. All of which will be available to the players to rent, and eventually, buy out. Your tax money is used to support businesses through subsidizing the salaries of roleplay employees that don’t bring much value otherwise, to allow people to purchase the vehicles essential for their business operation (keyword, essential. The government doesn’t tend to approve a fleet of 7 Volatuses for a skydiving school) or to simply give them a little bit of cash to cover the first few months of their office lease.


We would like to take a moment here and remind everyone that you can tap into a plethora of funds through the government Business Stimulus Package – just head to http://gov.gta.world/ and register. 


And we can assure you, that all of this is just a start. We’re determined to funnel the tax funds towards active and fruitful roleplay initiatives of all shapes and sizes – don’t be afraid to reach out to the government and our current mayor for more information!


Example of vehicle budgets for the LSFD


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