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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Pitch Auctions

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Atiku    120


Pitch auctions is a new system for distributing certain assets in a way where you don’t necessarily need the thickest wallet to win. Regular auctions come with their own advantages, but it comes as no surprise they’re flawed, especially on a roleplay server. We’ve tried vehicle and business auctions, and while most of them have gone through without issues, we’ve had plenty of issues, especially with “high-value properties”. The biggest issue with regular auctions stems from the very nature of auctions, highest bidder wins. On a roleplay server, especially on a server like GTAW we’ve often held back with auctions, postponed them or simply cancelled them, purely due to that. With traditional auctions we have no way to control or manage the asset, to make sure it’s being utilized to its fullest extent and to make sure the asset actually ends up fueling and creating roleplay. We want to focus on the RP, and make sure the RP comes first. Which is why we are very excited to introduce our new, experimental auction system.


So, what is a pitch auction?

A pitch auction is an alternative option to regular auctions, with a much higher focus on the roleplay aspect. Instead of solely bidding in cash, you'll be bidding with an in-depth reasoning explaining in detail why your character is the best choice for the asset.


Your job as a bidder is essentially to convince us you’re the best person to win the auction. You’ll need to explain what your plans/ideas are with the asset, how often you’re planning to use it, why your character fits the asset and prove to us that your roleplay standards are high.

If you’ve ever filled out a general request, you’ll get the idea. The difference here is you’ll be competing against other players, so we expect a higher effort and a flair for details. The entire purpose of the system is to strengthen the roleplay, we want to see ideal characters for the asset, we want to match characters with an asset that fits said character perfectly. This is not an "alternative general request", the system is meant as a way to acquire businesses that are normally off-limits, property types you can't request through a general request or locked/ high-value properties. We will have very high expectations for the pitches, so make sure you bring your A-game.


You’ll still be bidding in $ as well, so you’ll need a good bid along with a good reasoning. We’ll be mostly focusing on the RP reasoning, but you’ll still need to put a reasonable amount of cash on the table as well.


What sort of assets will be auctioned through this system?

The system can, in theory, handle everything from housing and businesses to supercars and garages, and most excitingly, fully scripted businesses(clothing stores, 24/7’s, mechanic garages, gas stations etc)!  We will however mostly use it for properties that already exist on the server. Properties where the owner has gone inactive, businesses with an owner that’s banned, properties forcibly removed by the administration team, or properties we feel we could more of on the server. The  General requests, regular auctions and plain old “sold back to the market” will still exist. General requests will remain as our main focus.


This means there are now six ways to acquire properties:

  • Property leases
  • Player-to-player sales
  • General requests
  • map.gta.world / direct purchase
  • Regular auctions
  • Pitch auctions!


Pitch auctions will be posted in the regular auction section, they will, however, be clearly marked as a “pitch auction”. The format may vary between the auctions, as some will come with a fixed location, and others will not. You can only send a pitch for assets we've posted in this section.

The pitches will be sent privately through a forum pm to the Head of Properties (currently @norrig) and will then be shared with the whole property team. The entire staff team will be invited to drop their thoughts/inputs as well. All pitches except the winning pitch will remain private.



Auctions, but with a strong focus on the RP.


This is experimental, and while we feel like we’re ready for this, there may be some things we need to iron out or change. So everything here is subject to change.

Do you think this is a good idea? A terrible idea? Or do you have suggestions or ideas we could implement into the system? Let us know.

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Atiku    120

This system was implemented at the end of August, however, due to the recent forum rollback, the information in this thread has made reposting it necessary. So far we have ran multiple pitch auctions and are pleased with the community response and support for the system. We're hoping to be able to create some new pitch auctions in the coming weeks, to find out about ongoing pitch auctions, make sure to keep checking the pitch auction section. In addition to this, we post about ongoing pitch auctions in the Property Management Discord and they may also be seen in #announcements on the GTA World Discord.


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