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Devil's Bastards Motorcycle Club

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plekke    59




I - The Beginning


The ‘Devil’s Bastards Motorcycle Club’ is an outlaw motorcycle club based in San Andreas. The club was believed to have been founded by a group of four men. Semaj Hamilton, Ivan Petrovic, Victor Defurie and Bill Laslow.  The ‘Devil’s Bastards Motorcycle Club’ began as an un-affiliated group of Harley Davidson riders of all races until it became an official motorcycle club in 2018. The story goes that after coming out of six years of imprisonment, Bill Laslow met up with old friends Semaj Hamilton, Victor Defurie and Ivan Petrovic who soon bonded together and started riding together, eventually turning their hobby into a lifestyle and their friendship into a motorcycle club.


Being a multiracial group of riders in San Andreas was a controversy as most, if not all motorcycle clubs in the state had been either Caucasian-only, African American-only or Latino-only. A struggle that seemed to tighten the bonds within the group. The men themselves were generally poor and from poverty. Most of them had been raised without cash and been living without cash for a while. Criminal activities were not acted out in a group but individuals, including the founding members had criminal pasts and were on police watch lists.  After months of riding as a group of nomads, the group of four became the ‘Devil’s Bastards Motorcycle Club’, roaming the roads of San Andreas.





II - Lost Information


Due to the huge forum rollback, our faction’s entire backstory was removed in terms of the IC aspect. The faction and the motorcycle club was formed entirely based on in-game events and was portrayed thoroughly through the screenshots we had posted, sadly about ninety percent of our progress was removed as a consequence of the rollback. The reason we want to explain what went missing due to the rollback is because we believe in portraying the faction through screenshots and in-game roleplay rather than a fictional backstory.


The story that we portrayed through the screenshots that went missing goes like this;


"Bill Laslow and Ivan Petrovic had serving time in prison together, building a strong friendship which transferred onto the streets when both of them were released. Laslow had a friend in Semaj Hamilton whom he knew from way back. Hamilton, in his turn, knew Victor Defurie from his childhood in Philadelphia and all four of them eventually met up on different occasions and turned into a group of tight friends with the same interest, to ride motorcycles and party.


The group of four frequented the bar The Mojito Inn, which at that time was owned and ran by Bone Knights Motorcycle Club. The club wanted all four men to become affiliated while they had other ideas. The group broke loose from the club and eventually started to grow into what could be defined as their own motorcycle club, calling themselves Devil’s Bastards Motorcycle Club. Having become an independent motorcycle club, they started to progress into various business ventures throughout the state of San Andreas. As Bone Knights Motorcycle Club disbanded and disappeared from the face of earth, the guys in Devil’s Bastards laid their hands on The Mojito Inn which created their very first real business opportunity.


A strong friendship was formed between Devil’s Bastards Motorcycle club and the city club Pagans Misery Motorcycle Club, which was a club on downfall. Laslow, Petrovic, Hamilton and Defurie patched over the remnants of Pagans Misery which put them in a bigger power position with more members and more business ventures across the state. As the time goes by, the club played a neutral part in the war that had been occuring in the city between Mongols Motorcycle Club and Gravedwellers Motorcycle Club, having both sides of the conflict coming to them for friendship. Devil’s Bastards decided to stay out of the war which eventually culminated in Gravedwellers coming out on top. Devil’s Bastards eventually picked up their very first prospect, Leonard Carson, and that is where the story continues." (2018-09-01 - 2018-10-10)





III - Patches




IV - OOC Information


The ‘Devil’s Bastards Motorcycle Club’ is a faction under constant development. We are looking to portray a group of multiracial independent motorcycle enthusiasts. The faction has, after a while of role playing together as a group of friends, developed into a one percenter motorcycle club and we are looking to keep it as realistic as possible in every aspect.


Our main focus is character development. If you plan on joining the faction we expect a high level of roleplay to be maintained and we expect you to flesh out your character, giving them a personality will increase your chances of being accepted into the faction. That includes both a personal life for your character and a life within the club.


Before beginning roleplay around the faction, it is suggested that you do personal research on how modern outlaw motorcycle clubs work. A motorcycle club is very different from other criminal organizations. If you need help with any kind of information, don’t hesitate to ask. There are plenty of resources on the internet, it’s up to you to show interest. The faction reserves the right to character kill members.



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plekke    59

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the faction as well as how to get in touch with us, feel free to send me a private message. 

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Bill_Butcher    92

Sarge duty at the first opening









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