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Ribsey    164


By @Ribsey 




The scuba suits were added to GTA Online with the Doomsday Heist DLC and finally gave us a chance to explore the ocean depths with our friends. Because GTA World offers the online character models for your own RP character, it is possible to piece together a set of functional scuba gear.


But how? While this is common knowledge among several players, those unfamiliar with the system on this server will be left frustrated and scratching their heads on how to keep the tank on. 




To begin you need at least $100 to purchase a single outfit. I suggest $1,000 to cover any mistakes/adjustments you may make to the outfit.


Head to a clothes store. The most convenient are the three dotted around the Vespucci canals: 




- Vespucci Flip Flops (1)

- Sub Urban in Del Perro (2)

- Binco in Little Seoul (3)


Vespucci Flip Flops is the best option. The marker takes you to an interior dimension (sharing the location with the Sub Urban) that lets you preview the clothing in the water without interruption. If you face any issues in this dimension, use /dim to reset. Bear in mind this drops you back into the main game world EXACTLY where you are when you type /dim.


To start, find the following in "Shirts": 

Male ID: 243

Female ID: 251

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Next, find these in "Pants":

Male ID: 94

Female ID: 97

  Hide contents



Now for the fins under "Shoes":

Male ID: 67

Female ID: 70

  Hide contents



Diving mask - "Glasses":

Male ID: 26

Female ID: 28

  Hide contents



As with all glasses your preview will not show live.


  Reveal hidden contents


To see the change you would have to save the outfit, but to save money you can refer to XanX's guide HERE: 





Purchase the outfit.


The tank is the object that gives you the ability to breathe underwater indefinitely. However if you try to preview it on land your character will take it off, as the tank is coded to be removed whenever a player emerges from the water.


  Hide contents



To get around this you need to head to the nearest body of water deep enough to trigger the swimming animation. Keeping the menu up, head over to the canals (DO NOT exit the store at the front door with Y if you are in Vespucci Flip Flops, you want to stay in that interior dimension). 


Once in the water, select the tank and color:


Tank in "Undershirts"

Male ID: 123

Female ID:  153

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When your character hits land, they will automatically lose both goggles and the tank and an undershirt will clip through. You can put them back on with /glasses on or /hat on or /outfit at an unlocked boat. If you're planning to take screenshots or videos in 1st person (IC underwater camera for example) you can safely /glasses off underwater and retain the tank. 


Once done, purchase the outfit again (you won't be charged another $100). Switch to a different outfit and then switch back to the scuba outfit while inside the water to confirm everything spawns correctly. 


The undershirt bug as seen on land:

  Hide contents








Here's an example I created:

  Hide contents











And here's my character wearing their current suit (as previewed in the barber shop):

  Hide contents





Underwater (note the lack of an oxygen bar):

  Hide contents


Optional extra - Mask from Vespucci Movie Masks (costs $5,000 for a new mask or $2,000 to change one you're carrying.) Buy the mask, head back to a clothes store for the menu, head into the water, spawn the scuba equipment, /mask and then save the outfit. This allows you to have a mask without it hiding your name. 

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Note: While you see your character without a tank and with a bugged undershirt on land, others won't. This is from my point of view of Keane's character.

  Hide contents






Now for the same from Keane's point of view:

  Hide contents









What's next? Perhaps in 0.4 the correct swimming animation will become available to us. Compare these pictures:

  Hide contents









Credits: @Keane for the male IDs and his POV screenshots, @XanX for his permission to use the diving mask pictures from his guide.


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Jax    62

Good and easy to follow guide 👏

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