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[MUST READ] Information On Creating a Faction

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Nervous    3233



How to create a faction!


New Faction Projects are now closed until the 10th of July, please take some time to join existing factions or make sure your future project is realistic. We will review pending factions in the meantime. 



1) In order to create a faction thread, you must create your faction thread here https://forum.gta.world/en/index.php?/forum/722-submit-your-faction/  with the full and completed version of your thread (only you will be able to see your threads, other players are not able to). In addition to that, it's important that you include the goals you have for the faction, where you would like to see it a few months from now, along with any other information about the concept you want to share. Make sure to include all the members of your faction with forum names, discord names and character names.


2) Faction Management will contact you on the thread, with questions or changes to make to your thread/faction. If these changes are not made within 1 week after our request, the faction will be denied. If your thread quality and/or concept is judged too low by FM, it will be denied outright.


3) Faction Management will permanently accept or deny your faction. If you started roleplaying and your faction got denied, you may be forced to disband it ICly.


4) Your faction will be scripted in-game once accepted, contact an admin level 3+ to do so.


A faction review may take up to 2 weeks.


Please ensure you read the requirements/regulations set out by Faction Management as below:



These requirements are mandatory to maintain a high standard of roleplay in a faction setting on the server. If you feel like you need some guidance prior to submitting your thread to Faction Management, you can simply message a member within the group and we'll have an informal chat, helping you as best we can.



Points of Contact


Illegal Faction Management

General questions & concerns: @Bospy, @Shanks

Head of Illegal Factions: @Knoxville


Legal Faction Management

General questions & concerns: @Selena, @Cheeezy

Head of Legal Factions (Interim): @Notbond

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