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In-game advertisements

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FlowN    4

I think that the freedom of using the /ad command should be restrained. Players should have to follow certain rules when posting an advertisement and repercussions should be introduced for those who don't follow said rules.


A lot of people are misusing the IC advertisement system, most of them use it as a global IC chat. I've seen too many /ad's containing text like "Need someone to pick me up from the beach" or "Who wants to meet up and have a good time?", but also ones that advertised illegal goods like "Selling/Buying personal protection".


This is not realistic, as such advertisement system would be highly moderated in a realistic situation. Besides that, such advertisements would take some time to post and it should be considered that in a realistic environment they would be spread through a specific mean, like newspapers, TV, radio. I have personally never heard a radio or newspaper promoting people needing rides or selling guns and I think something should be done about it.

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Franelli    146

Advertising illegal items / activities should (if not already) be against the server rules. That also includes selling / purchasing illegal items whilst suggesting they are something else - for instance "Looking to purchase toy guns" or "Looking for some heat".

This type of advertisement represent extremely low roleplay standards and should not be allowed by all means - same goes for the "Pick me up" type of ads.

On the other hand, I don't believe there is something wrong with posting an ad suggesting you're looking to make new friends or asking for people to hang out for a specific activity. With that being said, these types of advertisements need to be in good taste and not poorly written. It's all about common sense really.

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