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Who is the new GTMP owner and why you must uninstall GTMP now

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Nervous    2963

This is with shaking hands that I am writing this post. During 2 days now I had my doubts and collected evidence showing that my fears might become true. I tried to think about how to announce it, how I will handle it. The real answer is that there is no easy way to answer such news.


Julice became the new owner of GTMP after buying it for more than 30,000€ (last offer that DurtyFree accepted us to outbid). Greed was DurtyFree's priority.


Greed could also be my priority, I could tell you that GTAW will keep running on GTMP and start developing for RageMP while we keep the server online on GTMP. But this will not happen. If you keep installed the GTMP client you are exposed to potential compromise of your computer. I have strong reasons to believe that GTMP client might be use in a near future to expand Julice's botnet of more than 25,000 computers.


Why? Because Julice is a known hacker/scammer for year. He is especially known in SAMP spanish communities as he attacks all servers or buy them, before trying to monetize them and emptying them from the fleeing players.

This is last year report when Julice was part of GTMP support team and already attacking spanish communities:



As for DurtyFree, he accepted our bid of 8000€, claiming that the project surviving is more important and that it would die with Julice. However it seems that Julice won in the end, you can see our full discussions with Durty here, and more evidence of who is Julice:





I will not let the server be a part of a big monetization scheme and potential security threats, and main GTMP developers are also leaving. The server will close this evening from GTMP and I will start a port to Rage immediately in order to reduce the downtime to a minimum. However do not expect any opening before a month or two, unless another solution I have goes through, which I will update you soon.


I love you all. Uninstall GTMP as soon as possible please.

I will also credit c0nnex, the main GTMP developer for all his amazing work these last months and all the help he provided to the communities. I wish all developers would have his mindset. It will be sad to not work with you anymore c0nnex.

Edited by Nervous
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Pascal    278

Durty has shown his true face today. No backbone.

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2Frsh    53

Had to happen.


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Late    40

Oh my lord. I thought this was some kind of joke when I saw announcement. Guess I’ve got to play pubg and ETS2 for the next months now.

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-Andreas    73

It's unbelievable.. No words to describe this. I honestly thought you'd come out as the new owner eventually. To see Julice popping up out of nowhere it's just .. Sad.

22 May 2018, the day GT-MP died for 50.000 €.

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Atiku    138

Hopefully we'll be able to make some community game nights or something to pass the time and keep the community together for the next month or so?

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uwu    50

what the fuck am i going to do now

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Ikechukwu    174
Just now, Atiku said:

Hopefully we'll be able to make some community game nights or something to pass the time and keep the community together for the next month or so?


Let's do it. Taunky and myself have been hosting a lot of various games with people in the discord already over the last few weeks, I'd be more than willing to make this happen. Heads up everybody, let's keep moving forward.

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