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Eurasian OC—Western Obshchak

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Ethanol    170

The Western Obshchak (Roughly translated to "collective fund") is the financial system used by most Eurasian criminals in Los Santos. The inner workings of the system are very simple from an outside look: every Eurasian criminal in the city who is linked to a known organization pays fees which go to a joint group of criminal leadership figures which then decide how to divide the money together during weekly meetings.


While decisions are made as a group, the fund only has one person directly in-charge of it - usually the most respected criminal in the group. The Obshchak "holder's" role is usually limited to financial matters, however, having control over everyone's money gives him control over other groups and their matters to a certain extend, turning him into a leadership figure which operates outside of the common criminal organizations in the city.


Unlike other nationality based organized crime groups, Eurasians don't operate alone. Eurasians are split into several different organizations with different rules and people - the only thing holding these groups together is the Obshchak and the person in-charge of it. Each group's leader decides what happens in the city during the weekly meetings mentioned above.


Only certain people may attend these meetings and make decisions. Unlike other organized crime groups - Eurasians don't care what your status is within your organization. You're either respected enough to attend the meetings (usually reserved for organization leaders but not mandatory) or you aren't as far as everyone's concerned.


Moving up the ladder almost purely depends on your reputation within the city rather then what position you hold or what you do. Two people may have the same position within different organizations but only one of them is going to be respected enough to attend leadership meetings. You raise and fall purely on who you are and what you do, at-least if the people on top aren't 'corrupt'.



4 people found dead at local gas station

Linda Mills +3 more  12 hours ago


LOS SANTOS - four men were found dead at a local gas station in East Vinewood. A local witness states all four men were executed shortly after arriving at the gas station. Each man was found with several gunshot wounds not far from one of the victims' cars.

Los Santos police say two of the victims were known criminal figures operating under recently convicted felon - Artyom Kostomarov.

Kostomarov was formally known as the leader of several Eurasian criminal groups within the city, operating from his strip-club in Downtown Vinewood.

Kostomarov's recent arrest left a power vacuum which resulted in a series of events which can only be defined as criminal retaliation.

Police Captain Harold West said his officers are doing everything they can to stop the violence which recently plagued this "normally non-violent neighborhood".

No arrests have yet been made and no weapon has been recovered.



The thread will display RP between Eurasian organized crime leaders and other respected figures within the city. It will not reflect RP between ordinary faction members and should not be considered as a traditional faction. Please refrain from posting on this thread unless you take part in the meetings or have any sort of involvement with the 'leader' himself. Individual faction threads will be created for each group (if needed).

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Froge    39


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Hani    336

Privet patsanõ!

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Maca    114

A breath of fresh air, praise to you all.

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