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The Vault - The Premium Nightclub

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Arteh    21



The Vault, launched in 2013 is a premium nightclub based in the heart of Los Santos. The main entrance is on Strawberry Avenue and the building occupies the western half of the block bordered by Adam's Apple Boulevard and Vespucci Boulevard on the south-eastern corner of Legion Square in Los Santos. It is based on the Old Bank building in Downtown Los Angeles. Like its counterpart, it's an early 20th century building, probably a bank, converted into nightclub use. By day, the building is unremarkable but when the club is open the building is floodlit by yellow lights and this contrasts with the blue light emitting from the windows and doorways.


The Vault aims to offer a unique, premium experience for its patrons, from catered booths to a state of the art dance floor, The Vault is designed to appease most tastes of nightlife - whether you're looking for a relaxing environment to speak to your friends, or a dance floor to let yourself loose. The Vault has you covered. The Vault also has a strict security policy with highly trained security guards on the premises at all times during opening hours. This ensures the safety of our patrons and safeguards their experience against those who'd look to spoil it.



We offer a range of services, whether you're looking for a private party, a booth with running alcohol - we offer it all. Contact us at the following details to discuss rates and services:


Contact Details

Email: [email protected] (Forum PM)

Number: #3333





The Vault is always looking for experienced security guards, we pay $2,000 per opening to our security guards, which is also subject to increase as experience and service term increases with time.



We always want to have a wide roster of bartenders to cover busy hours and shifts, sometimes we may even need two bartenders to manage the demand. Bartenders are given a small core wage - however our bartenders typically make $2000-3000 per night on top through tips alone. 



For our premium customers who wish to book a booth, we offer a catered service for drinks and other amenities. We require waiters to bring drinks, and regularly chauffeur the experience of a singular booth to offer a tailored experience. The pay is again a small core wage - however the typical tips per opening can exceed $2,000 on top of the core salary.















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LykosEmyr    13

One of the best clubs so far. Great love!

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Franelli    146

(( Locked & archived due to inactivity. Let me know if you ever want this back. ))

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