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Apache    0

The Turf Map



The turf map is available at https://map.gta.world/ then click the option on the left labelled "Turf Map".

To get your faction on the turf map, take a screen of the map and use a program like paint or photoshop to outline the area clearly of where you would like to select your turf. There are also a few things that you need to check off before being allowed to apply for this:


  • Faction must be active for a minimum of 1 month. 
  • Must be active both in game and on the faction thread.
  • Must own at least 1 business, or 3 houses in the area. (Not mandatory - This can be discussed If this is your main RP hub, especially with no business/houses are available.)
  • You can't claim a turf just because you have a business or house in the area. This must be your main RP hub for your faction and you must show an active presence.


If all these rules are followed then you may apply to get your faction's turf. Message @Ethanol to head to the next step.





Turf Size





Turf size and expansion will be up to FM and dependent on a few things, if the following applies to you then you may apply to expand:


  • Faction Size
  • Activity in the area
  • Properties in the area
  • How long your faction has been in the area




Turf Wars



During a turf war the RoE still applies to you. If you do not follow them then you will be punished accordingly.

RoE can be found here: 



Before the war starts over the turf, you must send in a screen of the area you are going to war over to FM. You must have a valid RP reason for trying to grab the turf. A gang just coming into the area cannot just go to war, they have to be established. If you broke off from a gang and want to fight for the piece of land that is a fair reason. If you are a bordering faction and want to fight for it, that is another reason. If a gang holds a large piece of turf, you are not allowed to fight for the whole thing at once. 


During the cooldown time if you are killed, you are PK'd from the situation and should stay away from the turf. You are not allowed to be killed or kill for the 24 hour time period. It is up to you to notify your faction of the kills.


After the allotted time that FM deems your war necessary, a decision will be made on who gains the turf. Another war over turf will not be allowed for 2 weeks between the two factions(from the final day), if you have another war with a separate faction then this does not apply. 


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Nervous    3243

Turfs are being terminated. We will not have OOC barriers protecting factions anymore. The map will be removed shortly. 


The main question factions might have is: "How do I handle other people moving into my turf?" The answer is you handle it ICly. If you like them then associate with them if not then make it clear ICly. 

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