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Staff Applications - [OPENED]

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Dominykas.    42



Recruitment Status: OPENED


Applying to join the staff team is an exciting process for most that choose to embark on this journey, one that will certainly be demanding and ultimately requires professionalism of a high calibre. Applying for this role requires an understanding of how the server functions, how the community should be engaged with: needing both passion and dedication as a vital part of your personality.


The strategic aims of the staff team are to proactively sift through game applications to ensure the basic qualities of the community members we seek are displayed, forum board cleansing; supporting community members with their queries, monitoring bug reports and filing them away accordingly; moderating the suggestions section, engaging with the community to gain a rapport with them; and contributing to staff projects that may be set out for you in the future.*


If the above is what interests you and you believe you have the qualities we are looking for, please see below for our list of requirements:



  • Collaborating and lone working — The staff team you are joining requires communication and collaboration to function. You will be required to work alongside the team to effectively make decisions and perform your duties as a staff member. Most times you will be working alone but teamwork is a must.

  • Approachable and community focused — Our server is nothing without a community. They should be your number one focus thus you being approachable for them to come to with their queries or support needs will be essential.

  • Forum, Discord & in-game activity — You are expected to have a basic understanding of our forum’s functions, be actively engaging in discussions and conversations on Discord and have a decent level of game activity to assess your suitability for this role. 3 to 6 months of server-wide existence is expected.

  • Clean or minimal administration record — Being a staff member requires professional standards to be adhered to. Please do not bother applying if you have recently had an administrative punishment handed out to you or if you are a repeat offender. Your application will not be considered and if submitted: will be discarded of.

  • Attention to detail — An eye for the rules, regulations and quality is needed in this role. You must be able to put your skills in this field into practice when quality checking applications, handling bug reports; responding to queries from players, communicating with the player-base; and cleansing the forum boards.

  • Ability to show motivation & efforts in the application — We want to see If you'll be able to take the time it needs to fill a proper application to join us. Make sure the format is looking good, that you have answered all questions with as much details as you could without writing useless stories.


Please Direct Message all applications to @Dominykas. with the title: [Staff Application] — Forum Name. Incorrectly formatting your message subject may be liable for disqualification from the submission phase.


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask myself or any other member of staff. We are here to help when we are available.



Personal Details
1. Forename: 
2. Country of origin: 
3. Timezone: 
4. Age: 
5. Discord name (including tag): 
6. List of all forum names: 



Additional Details

1. UCP Username: 

2. List of all characters: 
3. Planned activity per day:
4. What is your timezone and when are you typically active?:
5. Have you ever had trouble with any of our staff members? If so, please explain:
6. List of factions you were in on other communities + positions (optional): 



General Questions
1. Do you have previous experience in a similar position? If so, please elaborate: 

2. What would you do if an angry player wasn't coming to terms with the decision you've made regarding their case?: 

3. Give us an example of a situation in which you went an extra mile for another community member (not necessarily on GTA World): 

4. Please explain why you want to be part of this team and what would be your first steps in contributing to the community as a staff member:

Edited by Dominykas.
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