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The Weazel Corporation

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Moonsong    158





















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Rocky    54

Been waiting for this, take it far!

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Tritega    51
2 hours ago, Mecovy said:


Copyright material delete delete :D Nice screen <3

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Froge    39

I hope you take this farther than I did. GL :D

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Mecovy    202
On 21/02/2018 at 2:02 AM, Mecovy said:

Recently we posted a story announcing the Los Santos Police Department were upping resources to help fight the growing low level petty crime within Los Santos. Following this story we got a lot of backlash from the public when it comes to endangering our Police Force. We would like to take this introduction to issue a wholehearted apology to anyone who feels our actions hurt any of their loved ones or those who were endangered by it.


However today we were sent a video from an unknown group in Los Santos enforcing their demands to the Police Department, demanding an anarchist state be formed. Further enforcing this demand they showed a video highlighting a political captive from the remains of the Los Santos Government. The individual will not be named as to not risk their family members.


The video later panned to a scene of the political captive being held hostage in a cage crying for his life and what we believe to be blood stains on his clothes. Unfortunately the video ended in what appears to be the death of this captive. We are truly horrified at Weazel to be reporting on this story but for the interests in public safety it has to be done.


We urge members of the public to report ANY suspicious activity they may find, to protect their lives and bring an end to this horrific group. This has been General Manager of Weazel news reporting on a type of story I wish to be my last on this subject. 





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