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Official Status - information and application form

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Nervous    3243

As many of you may know, there are currently two types of factions out there in terms of features: official and unofficial. So what does that mean? 

Unofficial factions are most of the factions you encounter - basic factions who were not given any special perks by faction management. This usually happens because A. we believe they aren't ready for them or B. they simply didn't apply for official and that's absolutely fine. You can recognize unofficial factions in an instance because unlike official factions, their threads won't be sticky. 

Official factions are factions who applies for the status, went through a long road of constructive criticism and constant changes - both ICly and OOCly and were eventually given the status by us. These factions usually receive perks such as drug and gun access, a sticky thread, etc... So basically, they are rewarded both ICly and OOCly in a way. 

At this point most of you are probably asking yourselves - how do you become official?

Well, the first step is submitting an application to either Dirk or me (The format can be found below). 

You'll receive a PM after up to 7 days which will either state that we've forwarded your faction to a faction handler (A FM member who'll be supervising your faction) or that we feel you aren't ready to move on at this stage, asking you to re-apply in a certain amount of time.

Now, this doesn't mean your faction is official... this simply means you're a candidate - and here's the hard part. You'll have to prove that you're ready both in OOC and IC terms over a long course of time. We won't hold you back if your faction hasn't existed for at-least a year or something like that but do keep in mind that you won't get official after a couple of months either - we have to be sure we chose the best candidate for official and that'll take a lot of time. 

If you feel like you're ready for official status, please fill the format below and forward it to either Dirk or me with the title being "Official Status [Faction Name]" as mentioned above: 

Faction name: 

Link to the faction: 

Faction type: 

List of faction leaders (including forum accounts): 

List of faction insiders: 

Short explanation about how the faction works and what it does: 

Faction goals (both IC and OOC): 

Why should your faction recieve official status over other candidates: 



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