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Roger Hanley commonly known as HanleyTV, is an American interviewer, journalist. He is the CEO of video and news website www.hanleytv.com

Roger Hanley commonly interviews and posts news about current events in urban communities all over San Andreas, especially those based in Los Santos.

HanleyTV may collect non-personally identifiable information regarding your visit to the Website. HanleyTV may utilize third party software to collect this information and reserves the right to change its data collection methods, providers and/or software, at any time in its sole discretion.

What Personal Information We Collect. HanleyTV may also collect Personal Information about you. By “Personal Information”, we mean information that can be used to identify a specific individual. This may include “cookies”.  Cookies are collected through our “Tracking Technologies” described below.  Other Personal Information is what you provide to us when registering for a service or purchasing a product.

By using the Website and providing any information to us, you are acknowledging that the Website is not a secure site and that data transmissions via email, upload through a network or on Website forms are inherently insecure. We will not intentionally disclose your Personal Information, but we cannot control and will not be liable interference by third-parties.  You agree not to provide any information through the Website or email that you would not want shared with others.

How We Use Personal Information.

Cookie data use is addressed below under “Tracking Technologies”.

We will use your Personal Information to enable us to provide the service or product indicated when you provided the information.  We may also use your Personal Information to identify you when you visit our Website, to improve the operation and usefulness of our Website, to enable us to improve our services and products, and comply with applicable laws and law enforcement. 


Looking to contact HanleyTV for an interview? Simply send an email to [email protected] ((Forum PM)) with you inquiry.

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MCB666    119




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