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Staff Update - October 2020

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Canadian    165



Hello everyone!


Welcome back to another Staff Update. This month has been a very busy time for the entire team, especially with certain Administrators returning to school. We'd like to apologize for any recent delayed response times you may have experienced. We will be continuing to build and improve as a team in order to increase our efficiency. Do note though, our staff members work very hard nonetheless and deserve some appreciation, make sure to keep that in mind when dealing with any member of the staff team.


Very notably, this month we had the server's first political elections! This was our first time running these elections and we will continue to build on the system and improve it. We thank everyone who participated and has provided us with feedback. It was great to see the engagement from the community and we hope to see the engagement only improve as the system further develops. Make sure to thank @Static and Legal FM for their hard work to get these elections up and running.

Election Results:

Central District - Alex Flynn - (R)
Western District - Tanya Sun (D)
Northern District - Jonathan Spencer (R)
Eastern District - George Valencia (D)
Southern District - Wallace Abbasi (D)
Blaine District - Joseph Hoffman (R)

LSNN Article: 



We look forward to the upcoming month with our brand new staff members and wish everyone returning to school the best of luck.




Admin Promotions

Game Administrator Level 3 to Game Administrator Level 4

@Bombie (Head of Property Management)


Game Administrator Level 2 to Game Administrator Level 3

@Frezemis (Head of Leasing)


Game Administrator Level 1 to Game Administrator Level 2


Trial Administrator to Game Administrator Level 1





Senior Support to Trial Administrator





Support to Senior Support




Junior Developer to Gamemode Developer





New Junior Developer




New Support Team Members








With our new staff application system, if you were not given support you can check your application to see if it was marked as denied or reserved, accompanied with the reasoning and required improvement. Please allow us with 48 hours to update the status of your application. Any denied applicants this month may not reapply until the staff applications open again in December for January 2021's staff update.

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Notbond    251

Congratulations everyone, thanks for the great month and as Candian said big thanks to all of those who worked on the elections in legal FM, the game dev & web dev teams.  

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spawn.    74

congrats all and welcome to the newbies

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Pillsbury    49

Congratz everyone!!


Welcome to the team to the new support!

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