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Mecovy    190

One of the best tactical immersive games out there, nothing beats being surrounded with your squad and having to try call in support etc. The levels of teamwork and tactics which can be used to win are just insane. I love the game.

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Baconlove96    76

I haven't played it for a good while, I got bored when my squad stopped playing and I was left by myself ;( 


Great game though. Always loved it.

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Rocky    54

I had it but for some reason it wouldn't launch so I refunded it. Looking to buy this game again in the nearest future if I find out a fix. 

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Lionhearted    96

Amazing fucking game, love it, add me on steam!




My semi-out-of-date review:


On a serious note, Squad is basically what ArmA was meant to be. The intense levels of communication and
tactics within a squad allows you to essentially create your own war stories, and the community is great.
There's easily far more pros than cons.


Beginning with the pros:
• Large scaled maps with both vehicular and infantry warfare.
• Community is great, nobody is afraid to ask stupid questions and there's always someone willing to help.
• People in squads typically work together to achieve their objectives and aren't toxic.
• Once you figure out how to play, it becomes a simple game of varying your tactics within squads.
• It has a large selection of roles with independant duties within squads.
• There's a large variety of maps already, considering the game is in alpha stages.
• The combat in the game is rather realistic and can be sometimes rather extreme.


Yet to be added! All previously listed cons were removed as of 30/11/2017.


All in all, the only cons of the game for me, are the things that don't work properly as I personally love the game so far and plan to put plenty of hours into it. My first experience of the game was during a free weekend and I was absolutely clueless on what to do however I simply went along with what the squad told me to do and ended up having a great time, creating our war stories as we proceeded through a woodland and engaged multiple militia forces to occupy a storage site. It's amazingly entertaining seeing a grenade land in front of you and yelling "GET DOWN GRENADE" over squad chat and seeing nobody react in time to blow up both the medics in your squad.


Well, today I was playing on Basrah on the US side. Myself and a few other squads pushed for village and were really struggling to capture it, however after a long battle we managed to pull our weight and capture the village (whilst using the entire team...) and then started to ALL move to outskirts. We can literally see a whole field of US soldiers running East towards the Outskirts, however we then notice an MTVR (transport truck) and decide "hey, it'll be a great idea to load 15 of us into the truck!". I get into the driver seat and everyone else embarks the truck. I drive straight towards the Outskirts thinking "what's the worst that could happen? Probably an RPG at most..." and we instantly begin to take fire from Outskirts. I drift the truck sideways in order to provide cover to disembark and return fire from behind the truck, but as I come to a stop... I see a lone militant soldier standing in front, about 50 meters forwards. He's slowly pulling out his RPG and I think to myself "well fuck, too late now." - He fires the RPG and kills all 15 of us.


Edited by Lionhearted

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Marshall    6

Started to play it again last week, great game if you like teamplay.

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Matthew    16

just started playing Squad and I'm pretty shit at it although I met @Mecovy my second game of it which was interesting, deffo a good game if you're into tactics like I am

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Portz    90

lmao. i played squad around the time it came out. my first session will always be etched into my memory. there i was, never stepped foot so far away from the motherland. we were the russians. squad 2 which had been renamed to ozki's as it was filled with aussies and kiwis. squad leader was an aussie with ya typical facken ozzy oi oi oi voice. he was taking the leadership role very seriously. making sure his squad members didn't grill each other too hard. we were deep in the forrest. i didn't know what the fuck i was doing. a fellow kiwi was busy telling me what buttons did what and what to call out and all that good stuff. all of a sudden i heard "oi cunt" followed by the crackles of gun shots. the noise lit up my earphones. "get down cunts" yelled one of the aussie's through his mic. i pressed whatever fucking button it was to lay flat on my pixel stomach. "fackin shoot them ya cunts" yelled another aussie. "i'm down g i'm down" said a kiwi calmly. i pressed down on the left mouse button. emptied my whole pixel magazine. a minute had passed. the squad was already wondering if anyone had survived the ambush. i got up into standing position and noticed i was the only one still alive. the enemy squad had already dispersed. i logged out. had enough of that game.


i've played it since and it's a great game lmao. great when you're with a good squad and the other squads are good. even better when both sides are just full of great squads and people aren't worrying about their k/d.

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medz    4

In a clan on this game, I fucking /love/ it. On a very large community, which is branched off to other communities, we have tournaments as well, so it's really competitive.

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BlueX    0

I gotta agree with Mecovy, I've played two times when it was free on the weekend and I must say that the community is awesome and very helpful, I may buy this one day, but I sure recommend this game to anyone interested in a more immersive warfare scenario.

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Mecovy    190

My favorite moment was being attacked by Russians as insurgents.  There's a small compound with a few walls, some breaches and 2 buildings. A tunnel network connecting both. And just 4 squads being held inside this building as its the objective they need to cap before all else. A Fob inside one as its far enough away from the obj.


And literally nothing but the sounds of rifles going off constantly. It was what I wanted in a game. That feeling of oh shit we're surrounded, we need to fight out of an impossible situation. It stayed this way for near on 30 minutes.

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