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FaceBrowser account is Pro but I cannot boost my posts..

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1 hour ago, Havana said:

I also have this issue. It said I had 2/3 boosted posts but I had none. At the time, I had boosted 2 posts from a page I have admin permissions on. However, they spontaneously un-boosted themselves.

Well im just going to say it, we are most likely stuck like this as its been 3 days and i've heard nothing but the words "1 tag is enough"

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@St3fan[NL] im sorry to kep tagging you.. but I paid for a PRO membership I cannot even use... this is day 3 now and still no fix... so can I please get an update on this? Also we have another user experiencing the same issue I am as they previously commented.. can we please get a status update or something? Im trying to make my FaceBrowser stick out more hense why I bought PRO so I can boost my posts.. but its already 3 days down the drain and not able to use.. I paid for a month, and by the way its looking, its a waste of money... not trying to be "sassy" but please fix this.. we paid for it..

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Everett    91



Certain issues may take some time to investigate and to resolve, sorry for the inconvenience!


If you were not able to boost your posts during your PRO period due to the issue, even if it ran out, we will let you utilize the perks of the PRO feature to do the boosts that you didn't get to make.


We have still not identified the cause for this issue.



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