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Baby Renegade

N/S Bayside Bulldogs

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Our aim is to portray a realistic Bulldogs set based within Paleto Bay which consists of members lingering around Los Santos, If you have any questions in regards to joining about the faction or even have any tips or would like to get to know anything about the faction, feel free to private-message @Baby Renegade or  @springie also upon joining the faction you grant automatic Character Kill permission to the leaders. Along-side this there is a faction discord currently set up, if you wish to be invited then feel free to drop myself a private-message for an invite to the server. All members must abide by the rules, if broken punishment will be handed out by leadership.

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Aggi    1

Had a few run-ins with this faction, skilled RP going up there in Paleto Bay, that's for sure!

Keep it up!

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oced    18

only direction this going is straight to the top

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