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Goodbye, you're banned.

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Haylee134    10

Banned for being an admin 

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Ruthless    6

Banned for being in a Fiery state with a troll Character Name.

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DLimit    258
Posted (edited)

Yoak has been banned for: Failure to add a "period" to the end of his sentence. Grammar and punctuation is not up to the standards of the server. Re-appeal in seven days.

EDIT: On second thought, your record is horrendous. I don't think you are taking this server, seriously. For that reason, you will be permanently banned. You may appeal on 10/04/2021.

Report concluded.

Edited by DLimit

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icarusfeather has been banned by KingTomatohead for horrible grammar and trying to impersonate an administrator saying: "Banned for creating a forum report and settling it without cursing, or name calling back and forth Obviously not fit for server" for 7 days.

Edited by KingTomatoHead

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TyJ    41

KingTomatoHead has been banned by TyJ for consistently simping on a daily basis. Player has been deemed unfit for the server, take some time to re-evaluate your life decisions, for 7 days.

Edited by TyJ

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