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Computer Aided Dispatch [FD]

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St3fan[NL]    318
Feature Showcase: Computer Aided Dispatch



The Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) will assist the Fire Department in obtaining realtime data regarding their units. The Fire Department works with a dispatch system which this system will greatly enhance. On-duty FD personnel will have the option to sign in with a callsign, form a unit and update their status throughout their shift through the in-game commands or on the web panel.


The web-panel will feature a system to sign yourself on duty, manually change your status and to update your callsign. You have a small list of recent 911 with the option to respond to them. A responding call has a few shortcut buttons to easily update your status.


The dispatch feature is our main focus, there is a list present of all units that are signed on duty along with their callsign, status and potential call / incident they are responding to, this, combined with in-game commands, creates realtime data of the availability of units. The dispatcher is able to manually assign units to calls, update their status or callsign.


We also introduced a new incident feature, anything that is not related to a 911 call is able to be featured as a custom incident and shown on the emergency map as shown in the screenshots.


Big credits for @Mike for creating this advanced web based system.




/mduty [callsign] - This will set the current character on duty as a paramedic/firefighter, the callsign is optional to sign in with.

/mcallsign [callsign] - This updates the current character's callsign to the new one.

/mstatus - This will open a list of available statuses to choose from.

/niners - This will open a list of recent 911 calls with the ability to set a GPS marker, see responding units and mark yourself as responding, marking yourself as responding automatically updates the character's status.

/clearcall - This clears the unit from their responding call, resetting their status.

/fcad - This opens the CEF browser containing the website.

/mincident [title/location/situation] [text] - This allows for a quick in-game creation of a custom incident, coordinates are automatically copied and added.














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